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Well My Life is Complete

Published July 9, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Not only did Lockdown finally get a release date (Sept. 11) But wwe featured Dean on their “Body Series”.

So I can look at Dean gorg body as he exercises. There is truly a god.

That Butt<3

This is going to be my new phone background

His arms are so beautiful

He’s such a hot little shit

best part is Lana is the next one<3.<3!!


Raw 7-6-15

Published July 8, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Starting with brock….again. This is going to last 20 minutes. 20 minutes that I don’t want to deal with. At keast Brock actually smiled at his fans chanting, showing that maybe he actually enjoys them. Oh and good that it only took 10 mins! I’m happy. Didn’t have to skip ahead that much. What is with those shitty photoshopped pictures of kane in Hawaii? I kind of feel bad since Big Show is getting stale. The same could be said for Dolph but I don’t want him to go just yet. I’m hoping the wwe will create some great opportunities for him that will make him want to stay. For some reason I think i’d like to see Bray vs Ryback. Don’t know why but it would be something different than just big guy vs big guy like what’s happening with him and Big Show. The Miz doesn’t count. No one pays attention to the Miz. The Miz is providing annoying commentary that no one wants to hear. Crowds chant Cleveland sucks much to the dismay of the Miz who says he’s from Hollywood. Miz interrupts the match, how wonderful. Next match please. Well at least I get to see Miz get the shit kicked out of him.

Cena has another open challenge. Great. But for now Brie is going against Paige. Which Brie isn’t even that good. I hate that they’re making Paige job for her. Paige has really grown on me, shes a little less annoying now. I wish she would get better clipin blue extensions though. They kind of look ratty. And i also don’t think it’s anything to celebrate having the title for almost a year when the competitions are the same and the women’s division doesn’t get the attention they deserve/don’t let the girls actually fight like they were taught. The way they throw each other looks so delicate and I know they can really whip a person into the ringpost. The Bellas pick up another win. I’m really wondering who will help Paige. I think they might be setting up for some NXT girls to come into the main roster, or maybe someone coming back. But they also didn’t make a big deal about Tamina coming back, which she deserves.

I’m also glad that Roman is adding a few new moves into his set. He’s been doing those powerbombs too! It’s nice to see him improving. But the way he hypes himself up in the ring is ridiculous. He makes such dumb faces. I love him so much. But please tell me why i wasn’t really expecting Bray. Like I’m not surprised but also I thought maybe they would finish the match… I mean he didn’t sneak into the ring this time, he did his own entrance. But i absolutely loved how Roman was like I’m tired of this shit and ran and punched bray in the face. Bray didn’t even get to blow out his damn lantern. God that was great. And did the ref really do a countout??? What kind of stupid shit is that. Wait…Randal what are you doing here? What’s going on?? Did Roman leave?

Well at least this feud will be a it interesting and maybe Randy will be WHC again. Also Summer Rae is the absolute worst. She’s destined to be a valet forever. She sucks in the ring and hell she even sucks as a valet. I don’t know know what her dynamic is with Rusev. it’s so weird. It’s like guess who likes abuse, Summer. But poor Dolph, he’s never been that great on the mic, he tries so hard but it’s really not that greatXD I like Dolph and Lana but I’m also getting tired of seeing them kiss. I’m hoping maybe Lana will be training for a match against Summer Rae though. OHHHHH SHIT THE SHOES CAME OFF OHHH SHIT IT’S GETTING REAL. OHHH SHIT. That crutch bent real quick so I can bet there is some real damage done to Zigs. Has it really been like 6 weeks since he fractured his ankle? It didn’t really seem that long. Or maybe he had been faking it? I’m not really sure. This is strange. I also wonder if they’re trying to send Dolph on his way out with this attack since his contract is almost up.

Something with Bo Dallas, poor Bo. He’s like the Matt Hardy of the Rotundo brothers. Wait wrong. He’s like the Ted Dibiase in the DiBiase/Rhodes faction. and WAit they made Dean waste a match on him???? What kind of shit is that. Also go check out the WWE Shop, they have an extra 50% off sale going on for 2 days only! I just got a Roman Shirt, Dean Beanie, and a Shield Dog Tag! I’m so freaking excited.

Fun fact though, Bo looks really nice with his hair dry.

I also have no idea whats going on with this wad barett/r-truth feud. BNB is really good and R-truth has been in the business a long time but they have no dynamic together. It’s like that the actual hell is going in. Its just weird. I’m not a fan of it and find it rather boring. So i skipped it.

Also I totally thought Seth was going to come out with a sledge hammer but instead he’s got a piece of wood??? Not what i was expecting at all. Their little wood things look like toothpicks compared to Brock. They really should’ve thought that threw more. Biggest OH SHIT moment though was when Seth called Brock Paul Heyman’s bitch. Whoa man. This is serious. Phewwww, everyone was like OOOHHHHHHHHHH. So bring on the Hulk Smash. Thanks to instagram and facebook i’ve already seen the damage to the car. Oohh he ripped the door off…. I don’t really think he should’ve like possibly broken jamie’s arm. Like he literally has no respect for people. I understand the gimmick of destroying the car but they honestly should ban the moves he used in the octagon. Those are completely different and worse on people. I wouldn’t fucking want my day ruined because some douchebag who wont even get punished or fined for it, break my arm. I hope that something ends up disqualifying the match. I don’t think Brock deserves the title. He’s such an asshole.

Totally skipped the tag much, as much as I love the Lucha Dragons and how great they are I wasn’t in the mood to watch them vs the New Day.

At least Cesaro is making a comeback while TJ is recovering from his surgery. Cesaro’s a great fighter though. He’s got amazing moves and he’s giving Cena a run for his money. Cena fucked up that Springboard Stunner real bad though, haha! There were some great close calls too. But I could’ve sworn that Cena put his leg up after the Neutralizer so Cesaro could “pin” him properly. The crowd really got Behind Cesaro too. I’m hoping he gets the title but I wouldn’t be surprised if the poster child kept his toy. Cesaro trying for the Neutralizer from the second rope looked so awkward. It just looked like Cesaro was grabbing Cena’s ass really awkwardly. And of course Cena’s retains, big deal.

Raw 6-22-15

Published June 24, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Blegh, we upon up with the fucking thumb thumb. I CANT FUCKING STAND BROCK LESNAR. I have always hated him and always will. I really fucking cant stand him. I don’t know why people like him so much. Like i understand he’s good, he’s strong and he’s a heel but he’s disrespectful to his opponents and he’s a part timer. he’s stupid. But i guess maybe he’s going to be full time or just “i’m going to show up to look cool occasionally and have Heyman talk for 8 hours straight.”

So here we go, Seth has to fight Thumb Thumb and I might skip over all the talk that Heyman’s going to do because I am not in the damn mood. I’m never in the mood for Heyman. Heyman is great and an AMAZING talker but i get tired of hearing him, you know. Especially when he’s just talking about Lesnar. It’s like double the shit I DON’T want to hear. Also still salty about him beating the Undertaker, just saying. Skipped ahead a little but they were talking about how Stephanie suspended him. Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Why ISN’T HE STILL FUCKING SUSPENDED JESUS. He still needs to be gone. I mean JBL actually had to have surgery. and the reason they let him back is if he “apologized” to JBL, Cole and BT? That’s some fucking dumb 5th grade bullshit I swear. Oh kids please makeup by giving a hug and everything is magically fixed. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. I don’t know why they’re making him som fucking special snowflake. And Brock is pretty much actin’ like a child, being all like BUT DAD I DONT WANT TO. And Heyman has to say, now son this is the only way they’ll let you back in school. JBL shakes his hand and Cole is still scared shitless. I wouldn’t blame him. Brock gives JBL a noogie like a damn younger brother. He’s such a fucking dick. I can’t stand him.

I’m still on Seth’s side though I’m sure he wont’ retain the title. I’m thinking maybe Sheamus will cash in at battleground, maybe? it seems a little too early but people have cashed in the next day so it’s not impossible. I feel like Roman would be the one to interrupt though. He has the most motive after all. I’m done with Suplex City. I’m tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, 15 times in a row. Heyman talked for 15 minutes too long.

Roman’s supposed to go against Sheamus tonight but of course something is gonna fucking’ happen with Bray Wyatt interrupting.

I love Dean<3 He means the world to me, ugh! He’s such a big dumb idiot but he’s going up against Kane. And i love Kane, I’ve loved him ever since the Brothers of Destruction but Corporate Kane is like watered down, diet Kane. It sucks. And as much as I love them, I’ve seen this match too many times to be entertained. Dean still looks really good in those tight jeans though. it’s one of my favorite things he wears. The wifebeater comes in second but that never gets ripped off enough.

Random thought but what the hell happened to Mizdow and Axel? They had their own shitty little thing going on but we haven’t seen them in awhile.

Anyway Dean is starting to get control of the match again. I wish he would disqualify himself and like hit Kane with 87 chairs or something. He’s starting to have his repetoire of moves that he uses over and over again. I wish they would let him be more extreme like how he was with his Moxley character. That seems truer to the potential that Dean has. I wish WWE would let him pull a Mick Foley and just let him be super extreme. Seth walks down the ramp to interrupt the match and Kane was going to give Dean a chokeslam but Dean gets out of it and throws himself through the ropes onto Seth. Seth is having a shitty time distracting Dean but Kane gives him a shitty like off the top rope, sloppily executed chokeslam and pins Dean. I guess Seth is trying to get Kane back on his side so he can help him deal with Lesnar. I mean Seth is trying to kiss some major ass but he’s not gonna get anywhere. He’s such a little shit i love him so much.

Still don’t know how Prime Time Players are the champs but here we are. At least they’re getting some work now. It was cute how Titus got Mega Dad of the year though. It’s pretty adorable. They came up to hug him too when he was giving his speech. And Darren is so proud. It is pretty cool. PTP are going against the Ascension and I swear the WWE dropped the ball with them. I didn’t really watch them in NXT but them seem to be super lack luster now that theyre on the main roster. The tag team division in of itself is getting pretty shitty. I miss the Uso’s a lot but a the same time other teams are getting the opportunity to shine. Not that they’re shining that much to match the popularity of the Usos but you know. I wonder when…whichever one is injured is coming back. I’ve seen him on Instagram doing physical therapy and rehab so it has to be soon. I think it was Jey. I mean Darran and Titus were showing their skills which were pretty impressive. I was really impressive by Darren since I actually haven’t seen that much of him. His finishing move is pretty cool too. It takes a lot to throw some one up in the air long enough for you to lay down and put your knees up. It has to be so quick.

But Sheamus came out for the next match so they didn’t even give PTP time ti celebrate. They were still in the ring and didn’t know what the hell was going on. Pretty rude to just scoot them out the ring like that. It might be part of Sheamus’ heel character now since WWE is pretty god about the time in between matches to shift to the new ones. At least I get to see my hot dad now. They’re still ghosting by and not letting Roman have anything big. He gets big opportunities but he’s never able to like complete them. He was close to the championship, he was close to MITB but I think because the Universe doesn’t want him to succeed WWE is listening to them. I understand that Roman may not be ready for WHC stuff, which is fine. But i still think he should’ve wone MITB even if it was predictable. Like it was good that Sheamus one because I don’t think anyone was expecting that but I don’t think Sheamus deserved it either. I’m still at a toss up. I want Roman to have some more nice opportunities and see him with a title again.

I do wish Roman would make it less obvious that he’s hitting his thigh to create more sound impact and sell the move. He’s still not that good at it. Some people can do it really well but he cant:P he’s also getting really cocky in the ring, maybe cocky isn’t the right word but like he gets himself pumped up, shakes the ropes a la Ultimate Warrior and he even did a little shimmy dance during this match. It’s cool because maybe his own personality is showing though and he can be more likeable. I mean I’ve liked him since I first saw him so that hasn’t changed haha. Roman also has been adding a few new moves too so at least he’s shaking it up a bit. He’s learning a bit more which I think is awesomeeeeee! There’s always room for improvement. I do wish that Roman would do something illegal like hit Sheamus with the MITB briefcase. I know it’s not in his style but he’s always such a goody goody. I think he’d be a hot bad boy;)

Sheamus managed to get a clothesline in before Roman could do his rope dropkick. I thought that was cool. Usually people just move out the way instead of doing an actual counterattack. Sheamus did managed to throw Roman right into the corner of the barricade which must’ve hurt like all hell. Sheamus continues those irish Curse backbreakers and working on Ro’s back.He tries to get the Clover Leaf but Ro get out of it with some punches. He finally gets the Clover Leaf on though but not for long. Ro wiggles out of it. he keeps targeting the lower back. I’m laughing ’cause Sheamus’ mohawk is starting to get all droopy and flop to the side.

And of course Bray interrupts Roman’s match with a video thing and he’s pretending to have a tea party with Joelle but they don’t even show Joelle in the video. When they pan out it’s just an empty rocking chair. So Roman got tricked. I mean it was obvious but for kayfabe sake, it worked. I don’t think they’ll ever actually put joelle on tv. She’s too young and Ro’s a pretty private guy so i think it’s just going to be a bunch of head games for their weird rivalry. Bray is also making a nod to the Father commercial Ro did with joelle where they had a little tea party. When Ro find the room theres all these creepy pictures of him around it, stuck to the wall. I think Bray has a crush on him.

Moving onto hour 2.

Seth is trying to make amends with J&J. Jamie Noble is such a dummy but i love him. Seth keeps saying he can take care of Brock on his own but we all know he’s still kissing ass.They literally just walk away from him. SHADE. It’s great.

Neville is up. I’m not really into Neville. He’s got some nice moves but you can see his damn ears coming down the ramp before he does!. But they’re doing a better job with pushing him then some of their other NXT people. Neville’s going against Kofi. It seems like Kofi is doing most of the single matches and let me tell you I still love the New Day. Even if they are cheesy and dumb and we have to hear Xavier’s lisp but I still love them. I think it’s because i’ve always rooted for Kofi and Big E has big chocolate titties. It’s a weakness. Also having Kofi and neville do a rivalry would be awesome. they’re both high flyers and could do some serious damage. I’d like to see them fly in the air and do cool aerial moves against one another. PTP comes out and doesn’t interrupt the match but rather like support Neville and even it up but the ref sends them back. he also sends Woods and Big E back too. I love Kofi’s little buns. But anyway Neville sets Kofi up for his finisher which i think is pretty awesome. Not everyone can twist in mid air like that.

Now BNB comes out and he’s fighting Zak Ryder, so I’m skipping this match. He wins anyway because Zak has never really don anything significant with his career anyway. Cena and Owens come out to take for like literally 20 minutes. Skipped over that too. I tired of hearing them talk, even if I do like KO. Seth goes back to Steph and Trips to talk about how they’re all family and you know all that junk. He’s pulling the Ohana means family card and Steph is like apologize to them. and Trips is just having none of his son’s shit. he’s so tired of Seth’s crap and it’s really refreshing. He’s such a great dad. Seth has to put on his big boy pants and go apologize.

More Bella crap. I don’t find them entertaining at all. Now Alicia Fox is by them which is “great” I guess. At least they’re taking on Naomi and Tamina. I love N &T so much and I hope they can kick the Bella’s ass. Like I know they can beat them but the question is will WWE let them. At least the commentators are giving the divas some better commentary and not ignoring them. Naomi had a really bad fake punch. But for the most part they’re doing things well. I hate Nikki’s dumb pointy finger thing. I don’t get it. Naomi got the rear view to Brie and accidentally does it to Tamina. Nikki get’s her Rack Attack which i thik is a good move but i know Nae and T could’ve taken them. The match also only lasted 5 minutes.

Ryback is going against Mark Henry. Have no idea why Mark Henry is having a career again. He seems to be pretty irrelevant lately. Also why the hell is the Miz in the match with Ryback and Big Show. Like I get why, because of all the things that happened on Miz Tv but also like…Miz is at such a disadvantage. he seems so out of place. Big show is on commentary and cheering on Mark henry even though they had that fight awhile ago and stopped being friends??? I think we need some more big guys, like some fresher ones. I still would like to see Ryback go against Lesnar. Ryback gets the win with a frogsplash from the top rope. Which is good, seeing big guys fly and do aerial moves is great.

Zigs is going against Adam Rose which…at least Rosa is getting some screen time. It’s weird to have them go against each other but Lana’s face said it all. She literally looked at Rosa and Adam like WTF?? Also when the hell did Adam’s hair got so long! It’s like down the middle of his back. I’m also disappointed that Lana’s bun isn’t as tight as it usually is. It was a little messy. Rusev was watching as always. I think a fractures foot should last around 6 weeks with a few more weeks for recovery. That’s about how long I lasted when I fractured my ankle. Also Lana’s makeup seems a bit softer too. Dolph is rubbing off on her. It was so cute when he let her hair down!. I want her to start wearing things other than her skirt suits. I love them a lot but I think she could wear something maybe more Americanized? Now Summer Rae is trying to get with Rusev? Good job Summer, smart decisions. the last segment was just Seth talking to J&J and Kane and trying to apologize. Brock comes in and of course they all attack him. It looks like Brock got hurt a little but I skipped over this part too. I didn’t want to listen to them go on and one. but at least they’re setting up for Battleground, am I right?!

Money In The Bank 2015

Published June 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

First of all I want to say that I’m mad that both MITB and Raw were held in Columbus and Cleveland, respectively and I couldn’t go. I really wish I would’ve thought it out more and done some reasearch so I could’ve attended, even if it did cost an arm and a leg. As for the PPv itself I really wasn’t impressed by it. It seemed very lack luster. The kickoff was boring but I mean every ppv kickoff is boring. There hasn’t been that many great matches on the kickoff show either. On this kickoff show it was R-Truth vs. Wade Barrett.

I really have no idea what they’re doing with Barrett, even though he’s become King of the Ring. KotR used to be really important, even having it’s own PPV But now it’s just featured on Raw and not as significant. R-Truth hasn’t been that important either. I mean, at least he’s getting some more air time now that he’s semi-feuding with Barrett.I didn’t really pay attention to that match either. It just wasn’t as captivating to me.

The PPV itself started with the actual MITB match, which i think should’ve been held like right before the Ambrose Vs Rollins match. The contestants were ok, I was rooting for Roman mostly but I could’ve definitely seen Randy, or hell even Kofi winning. Kofi doesn’t deserve it now that he’s in the lackluster New Day faction but when you take into account that he’s been in almost every MITB and a large chunk of Royal Rumbles and still ahsn’t won much you can’t helo but to root for the guy. I still think Kofi is a phenomenal athlete even if he doesn’t always get treated like one. But I for sure thought that Roman was going to win. Everyone knows that putting two best friends against each other, especially for something as coveted as the WWE WHC would be amazing. Shawn Micheals and Triple H did it countless numbers of times, among other (the Hardyz, Edge and Christian, etc) But perhaps the WWE Universe as well as Corporate don’t think that Roman was ready yet. Though it also could’ve been cool to have Roman turn heel as well, at some point. I would’ve probably cried if I ever saw Dean and Roman feuding though. It’s all in the business but I have grown so emotionally invested in their bromance that I was severally upset when Dean and Roman would just argue in the ring. Not to mention that I’ve watched my Destruction of the Shield DVD multiple times and still can let myself watch what happened on June 4th, 2014.

What really pissed me off if that Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere and fucked things up for Roman. Creative honestly has no idea what to do with either of the three Wyatt “brothers” and they are just leaving Bray to make really dumb promo and vignette’s calling out people for whatever reason. Even though I really have no idea what Bray is ever talking about in his promos I still know that he’s an amazing talker. He just does it with such conviction that you can’t help but to go…I have no idea what he just said but I like it. And watching the fireflies in the audience is just amazing (i know, i’ve been in oen personally) So talking and promo wise, Roman is no match for him of course. Roman has gotten better but he’s still not there yet, especially not at Wyatt’s level. Also this is almost as random as Wyatt’s feud with Dean. I mean they played off the whole Dean’s crazy, Wyatt is weird, let them fight but it really wasn’t as compelling as it should’ve been. Dean and Bray are two different levels of weird that really didn’t work well. It just seemed all out of place, much like it is for Bray to attack Roman. I would’ve made a hell of a lot more sense to have Dean come in and fuck things up for Roman. The whole thing was just dumb and really didn’t sit well with me. Sheamus ended up taking home the case which I mean, good for him, I guess. He’s got his whole heel thing going on and usually heels are MITB winners but I don’t really see him coming after ┬áSeth. I don’t mind Seth as WHC but a fed with Sheamus seems weird. They’ve barely been on screen together. Needless to say this is all hypothetical since the title can change hands and Sheamus could be coming after whoever takes away the title from Seth. But having Sheamus win was a really good curveball, as much as I hate to say it. Having Roman win would be too predictable but WWE has done predictability before. It’s still up for debate I suppose. Either way there will be a lot of new feuds coming up soon.

Nikki(and Brie) vs Paige was ok. i’m still not a fan of the WWE focusing on 4 divas minimum and they still need to step up their game, especially if they’re wanting all the good talent from NXT to come to the main roster in a couple of years. Nikki and Brie’s acting still sucks but I find myself really rooting for Paige now. i used to find her annoying but she’s actually becoming a breath of fresh air. Needless to say I’m mad that they just pulled another twin magic bullshit. I really could’ve seen Naomi coming for Paige and having the match end in a DQ, but it would give oppurtunity to have the Paige and Naomi feud continue instead of being dropped for whatever reason. The match was longer than msot diva matches, so that was a plus. The girls got to showcase that they do have talent but we’re all tired of seeing Nikki as champ. I’m tired of seeing Paige as champ and she hasn’t held it nearly as long as Nikki or AJ. I really want Naomi to win or even build up someone else to win. The give Diva’s a chance movement is improving but not as much as it needs too…yet.

Big Show Vs Ryback.

Big show is another person Creative doesn’t really know what to do with. Ryback is getting at the top of his game. He’s IC champ, got a good fan following, has chants, skills, he’s pretty decent on the mic too. I actually think that I’d like to see him and Lesnar go at it for the WHC. Sure, Ryback my not exactly be ready for that yet, but I think the reason they have him feuding with Big Show is because they don’t really have anyone else for him to feud with. There aren’t many big wrestler’s that could be a nice match for Ryback (this is purely going on size, which is what they seem to be doing with this Big Show thing). Hell a feud between Ryback and Roman would be more interesting if Roman had a bit more expanse to his move set. The match with Big Show and Ryback itself was ok. They also have that weird thing with the Miz going on too. Trying to make the Miz finally important…maybe??? The Miz caused the match to end in a DQ and let the Big Show win. It was pretty anticlimatic but Ryback could’ve done something really cool with his strength against big show, like he showed when he Shell Shocked him.

Owens and Cena. Owens is pretty much breathing new life into Cena. I really really really love Owens. I think he’s awesome, strong, has great skills, and a beautiful finish. he’s a tad boring on the mic but better than most people that’s for sure. it’s also fun to have someone make fun of Cena. Cena even got upset an argued with the ref about a 2-count. it isn’t usually like Cena to do such things but all this negativity from Owens could possible be spawning another heel character for Cena (if the WWE will take the plunge and break the hearts of millions of children around the world) I’m all for another Heel Cena just as long as they don’t bring back his “thuganomic days”. Ughh. I think I pretty much will like anything Owens does and this match was pretty awesome to watch. Each of them had their moment’s of close call victory but Cena won this match will help continue their back and forth streaks. Not to mention we were all impressed when Owens mockingly did the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It was a big FU (or AA for those PG era people out there) to Cena. Cena did turn to his usual babyface ways when he offered his respect to Owens after the bout and Owens pretty much just pop up powerbombed him and ran out of there.

Prime Time Players vs New Day wasn’t anything too special. the titles changed hands and honeslty I’m just waiting for the Usos to come back.

Rollins Vs Ambrose was beautiful. I personally loved when Dean tossed Seth into the ladder and it broke in half. that honeslty must’ve hurt so much. I really want to see these two in a Hell in a Cell match. i want to see them bleed and I want to see them tear each other apart. I want it to be gritty and dirty and the matches have so far not given me that. Of course, they’ve been great and had some moments where you were just like “Holy Hell, did that just happen.” But I want them to just go act it with ever weapon available. This has been done in the PG Era before most notably with the Shield vs Evolution matches. So a good all over the place match can happen. I was hoping that Dean would win though and it was a really close call. Both men landed on the mat at the same time but the title was in Seth’s hands so he was deemed the winner. Now Seth has to face Lesnar again which most people are happy about. I mean they might just be happy to be seeing Lesnar again. I honestly can’t stand lesnar at all and feel he’s a giant cop-out like when the Rock was champ. I think if you’re going to be on the roster, be on the fucking roster and fight more than once a year. I mean Fandango is getting more screen time than Lesnar. If Lesnar is going to take fucking vacations all the time then he shouldn’t be here. But maybe this thing with Seth will be his chance to be more involved. Either way the disrespectful thumb-thumb has got a job now.