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Places/People in NightVale Episode 2

Published July 20, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget


Louis’ Music Shop: Burned down years ago.

MissionGrove Park: Has an Eternal Animal Pyre.

Nightvale Elementary School Gym

Old Town NightVale

Public Library: Will become unknowable and people will forget it’s existence from 6am-11pm. Will be renovated.

Raydon Canyon

White Sand Ice Cream Shop: Dead lion fell on top of it. Free Dipped cone to anyone who can get the lion off.


Apache tracker: White guy, wears Indian headdress. Announced he found evidence about a incident from the NightVale Post Office. Said he used “Ancient Indian Magic”.

Boy Scouts of Nightvale: Changed their hierarchy. Cub scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout, Blood Pact Scout, Weird Scout, Dread Not Scout, Dark Scout, Fear Scout, Eternal Scout. Sign up, automatic and random.

City Council:

Hiram McDaniels: Fugitive. 5 headed dragon, 18 feet tall. mostly green eyes, 3600 lbs. Suspected for insurance fraud. Was stopped by police for speeding and gave a fake ID (Frank Chen). Escaped custody by breathing fire from his purple head. and Flew away.

Hover Cat: Not a person but you know. Hover’s in the Men’s bathroom at the radio station. Floats about 4 feet off the ground next to the sink and doesn’t seem to be able to move. Acts like a normal cat. Left water and food for it. “it becomes perfect when you learn to accept it for what it is”

Little League Administration:

Louis Blascow: Offering Bluegrass lessons in back of shop. Skipped town with insurance money. $50 per lesson, payable in advance.


Tourism Board

John Peters: Farmer, first saw the glow cloud. Reported that the Glow Cloud was over Old Town Nightvale,

Sheriff’s Secret Police: Searching for fugitive. Officer Ben. Shout questions at the Glow Cloud to find out what it wants.

Important things:

Glow Cloud: Changes colors depending on the person. Low whistling when it gets close. Caused one death(so far).Secret Police said to “Run directly at the cloud, shrieking and waving your arms, just to see what it does.”It rains small creatures like armadillos, lizards and crows, they’re all dead already. Glow Cloud doubled in size. Increase in size of dead animals being dropped. Does not need to converse with humans. All hail the might Glow Cloud. Moved on towards the East.

The Weather Music is my favorite one so far. It’s my alarm ringtone.


Places/People In NightVale Episode 1

Published July 20, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Arby’s: Fast food chain. Lights above the Arby’s.

Big Rico’s Pizza

Car Lot:

Carlos’ Lab: Is rented. Next to Big Rico’s Pizza.

Dessert Bluff: Nightvale’s rival town.

Dessert Creek: new development behind the elementary school. Doesn’t actually exsist. Between two houses.

Dessert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade Fun complex: Owned by Teddy Williams. He found a vast underground city in the pen retrival area under Lane 5. Entrance was discovered when a bowling ball fell into it.

Dog Park: Located at the Corner of Earl and Summerset, near the Ralphs. Dogs and people aren’t allowed in the dog park. Don’t approach dog park. Electric fence. Don’t look at the hooded figures.

Monitoring Station: By Route 800.

Nightvale Elementary: Has a gym. NightVale Mountain Lions (home team) rivals are the Dessert Bluffs Cacti.

Nightvale Harbor and Waterfront Recreation Area: sturdy docking areas made from eco-friendly post consumer material. Boardwalk and stands fro food vendors. Not water at teh waterfront. Boardwalk overlooks sagebrush and rocks.

Nightvale Post Office:



The Ralph’s: Place to shop.


Angels: Seen by old woman Josie in the Car lot. 10 feet tall, radiant, one of them was black. Only tell lies, don’t exsist. Must report all angel sightings to City Council for treatment.

Carlos: Scientist. Has perfect hair. Square jaw, teeth like a military cemetery. Came to study Nightvale. Cecil fell in love instantly with him.

Cecil Baldwin: Radio host.

City Council

Indian Tracker: Maybe Slavic, wears Indian Headress, claims to be able to read tracks on asphault.

Old Woman Josie: Said the angels revealed themselves to her.

NightVale Business Association:

Sheriff’s Secret Police: Rides in Blue Helicopters.