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Favorite Pokemon from Each Type!

Published March 4, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget


Hey guys! So my friend found this meme (is it a meme?) where you can fill in your favorite Pokemon from each type in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Pokemon has impacted my life greatly. I’ve been playing it for about 11 years and it is one of my favorite franchises. It is timeless and I’ve played at least one game from every generation as well as almost everyone of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I started off with FireRed and chose Charmander as my starter Pokemon. Ever since then I’ve been predominantly a fire trainer. These Pokemon are my favorite and I’ve had them all on my team at least once (except Purugly, we’ll get to that later). I thought I’d expand a bit on why I love these guys so much. Hope you enjoy.

Bug: Volcarona

I’ve never liked Bug pokemon, ever. I don’t even like bugs in real life. But when Volcarona came out I was really excited and a little scared because it’s sprite was so big. It looked interesting and I really liked it’s Bug/Fire typing. Seeing it in Relic Castle was a bit of a shock and also something cool. It felt almost as intense as a legendary battle because there was only one and leveling up a Larvesta (in later games) takes forever! Now I’m not one to get technical with stats, battling, IV/EV training, etc because I believe it takes the fun out of Pokemon, so my choices are based on aesthetics and my own personal gameplay. I love having duel types on my teams especially ones where they are weak to their second type. I think it makes a Pokemon really special. At the time it was like getting a Lucario or a Zoroark. There was only one (per main game) and having such a high level pokemon that was also a dual type really set it in stone with my BW team.

Dark: Absol

My love of Absol came from playing Emerald as well as the first Mystery Dungeon game. Absol was cool, mysterious, and elusive. It was always difficult for me to find out and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I loved the sleek design and how it was a bringer of destruction. When I got PMD: BRT (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team) I kind of put a personality to Absols. The Absol in game was misunderstood and wanted to help your team. Being able to play as Absol was also really fun. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. I wasn’t a fan of the Mega evolution that got introduced and since Pokemon Emerald I haven’t really had an Absol on my team but I remember my fondness for it well.

Dragon: Giratina

Oh man, if you knew me in life you would know that Giratina is my favorite legendary (Suicune comes in as close second). It was so scary and tricky to get in Diamond and Pearl and when it got it’s own entire world in Platinium I lost my mind! Platinum became my favorite game because of this as well. The lore, creepyness, and relation to Satan herself, has my love for Giratina going strong. As yes, I know almost all legendaries are genderless but I like associating Giratina as a strong, powerful evil lady, who will crush you in her six arms. Giratina’s entire being and secrecy was my favorite thing. I even stumbled upon Turnback Cave after I had defeated the Elite 4 and had to violently look up how to solve the room puzzles. Seeing Giratina for the 1st time scared me and I loved it. Again, lore takes over how much I love this Pokemon and I think until this day I have about 3 Giratina’s.

Electric: Ampharos

Ampharos is the most boss electric pokemon ever and no one can tell me other wise. I got this baby in Pokemon Silver and whenever it has been available I’ve caught it and kept it on my team. I always try to get the basic fire, water, grass, electric types on my team to keep balance. Ampharos will be my first pick for electric anytime. I like how you can easily get a Mareep and evolve it. It grows with you and has always helped me kick butt within game. I think the Mega Evolution was cool since it became a dual type (not cool that the first time I used the Ampharos mega evolution was against a dragon pokemonXD). It’s cute and cuddily but also deadly-like me!

Fairy: Gardevoir

Let me start by saying when they announced Gardevoir to have a Fairy type I was really pissed. I hate Fairy pokemon. I don’t care how great their moves are against dragons, I hate them. I like Gardevoir being a psychic type-a strong psychic type at that. But besides that I fell in love with Gardevoir after ferociously trying to find a Ralts in the wilds of Pokemon Emerald and raising my graceful little nugget to become the strong beautiful creature she is. Like Absol, I also gave Gardevoir a personality when I played PMD:BRT. Finding out that you had to reconnect with your Gardevoir and she was trying to help you the entire time, just to protect you made me love her even more. Gardevoirs are gorgeous and strong as well as loyal. Having a Pokemon stand by your side no matter what makes me love it even more! Not to mention that its Mega Evolution is even more beautiful and ever more awesome in its shiny form! Again, whenever Gardevoir is available in certain generations I will raise one and take it to the Elite 4 no doubt about that. The reason I chose it for Fairy is because, like I said earlier, I hate Fairy types so it was really hard to choose one. In the end I was able to squeeze another fire dual type in for psychic;)

Fighting: Blaziken

The first ever Fire/Fighting pokemon, the Torchic line was new and amazing. Being a chicken didn’t look cool at first but Blaziken took the cake being a powerful kicking badass. I liked that extra level of power-it adds on another move set pool and gives you more options. I love the design and power that comes with my little kung-fu chicken and I think it’s way better than Emboar.

Fire: Typlosion

Typlosion is purely sentimental for me. It was the first ever pokemon I ever raised to level 100. And I almost lost it. I had leveled it up to 100 after my billionth level grinding battle with Red and I was in the kitchen. My grandma had a sinkful of water and dirty dishes and somehow I managed to drop my Gameboy SP in there. I thought both my Gameboy and Pokemon Silver was lost. But thankfully after drying them both and repeating the battle, my level 100 Typlosion was still intact. He’s a warrior that’s for sure.

Flying: Charizard

Again, I got to cheat thanks to dual types haha! Charmander, like many other people, was the first pokemon I chose. I’ve loved that little fire lizard ever since. Charizard was even my favorite pokemon on Ash’s team because it was sassy and lazy just like me. Mega Charizard X made it even cooler while the Mega Charizard Y (the one I got) was a let down. Charizard X let Charizard be the cool badass dragon it deserved to be and because dragons are my favorite mythical creature I loved it even more.

Ghost: Misdreavus

Move over Ghastly and Gengar, my favorite ghost Pokemon is the cute and adorable little shit known as Misdreavus. I love ghost pokemon mostly for aesthetic reasons as I’m not very good with them in battle. I’ve had Misdreavus on my team before, for a short while, when I encountered it in Silver. Misdreavus’s Pokedex entries state that it’s a prankster and likes to scare people by screaming. Gengar is good for strength but I never got a chance to have one since you always had to trade it for it to evolve. At least with Misdreavus, she was by my side easily with her cute hair and necklace ready to help me kick some butt every once in awhile.

Grass: Torterra

Now as a fire trainer, grass isn’t my forte. I’ve rarely picked a grass starter over a fire or water. But there was once a rare time where I chose a Turtwig. Why? You guessed it, dual type. My love of Torterra is similar to that of my love for Gastrodon. Earthquake is an amazingly powerful move and that fat turtle will take down plenty of enemies and since grass and ground are both not effected by electricity it makes taking out any electric gym leaders as easy as 1,2,3. If we had Torterra’s around when we had to fight Lt. Surge you better believe that would’ve been the easiest battle of our lives. Raichu’s got nothing on this guy. I also chose it to fill the grass slot so my Roserade can cover Poison as I’m not good with Poison types either. Filling this out was hard!

Ground: Flygon

I love Flygon. You wouldn’t think much of it, especially when you first encounter a Trapinch but once it levels up and turns into the majestic and lovable Flygon you’ve got a great pokemon on your hands. With Trapinch’s typing and selective habitats it can be kind of hard to get one and level it up. Flygon was there for my first run of Emerald and has traveled though my Pokemon games since. It’s been awhile since I used one on my team so maybe I’ll let it make a comeback.

Ice: Froslass

I don’t really mess with ice types that much unless my water type ends up evolving into a dual type water/ice. However when Froslass first came out I wanted one instantly. Not only is Froslass beautiful, I really like that it was based on the legend of the Yuki-Onna. It helps up the creepyness factor while keeping a deadly beautiful exterior. I think it also gave some use to Snowrunt, especially since I really hated Glalie. They aren’t nearly as nice to look at as Froslass. She can also learn some cool moves and to be honest I love any pokemon who can learn Shadow Ball and Ice Beam.

Normal: Purugly

I hate normal types. I picked Purugly because it’s a fat grumpy cat, simple as that.

Poison: Roserade

Roserade is by far my favorite dual type grass pokemon. I’ve had one ever since Dawn stones became available and I think I even had one in Alpha Sapphire. Like I mentioned before I always like having elemental balance on my team. Though grass and poison aren’t effective to many types it works for some things. The downfall is that there aren’t many powerful grass type moves so I always have to teach Roserade TM moves. It is also usually the one that learns Cut on my team. So it’s helpful, good for fighting in caves, and really pretty. I don’t know why I keep going back to Roserade but it’s just become my favorite grass type and a staple on my team. I liked it way better than just sticking with a Roselia.

Psychic: Victini

Before GameFreak traded┬ámy beloved Gardevoir over to the Fairy side, she was my favorite Psychic type. Now I get to pick another dual type and one of my favorites. I was actually lucky enough to get BW in the time frame that Wal-Mart was giving out codes for a Victini. Victini was special to me because it was the first event Pokemon I ever owned. I loved it and I carried it on my team all the way until the Elite 4 (which is funny because it helped me be victorious! Good job, Victini!). Though the leveling up was slow I still felt like it was worth it. I’ve traded it over to my Alpha Sapphire game and haven’t used it since I’ve finished the game but again I’m a sucker for fire types.

Rock: Tyranitar

Tyranitar was a tank and a staple on my Silver team. A lot of care went into leveling up this bastard. I hate 3 stage dragon types (technically Tyranitar is Rock/Dark but it’s around the same as a Dragonite) since they take forever to evolve but I think my Tyranitar was worth it. It’s pre-evolutionary stages are a little worthless (mostly Pupitar) but once you get your pseudo-legendary, it’s a good one to have on your team. Tyranitar was my second strongest on my silver team behind Typlosion!

Steel: Lucario

Lucario was like like the OG Zoroark where you thought you were getting a special Pokemon and it turns out it only had the aura of a legendary Pokemon. Lucario is great with speed and would’ve been so helpful if it was available when you had to fight Norman in Pokemon Emerald. I think it’s one of the best fighting types out there and more flexible than most of its kind. And on top of that Riley was one of my Pokemon crushes, right after Steven. Getting a Riolu from him was a gift of our love. Well at least that’s what I told my 12 year old self.

Water: Oshawott

Ok so this was technically a tie between Pinplup and Oshawott. My top 3 favorite water types are those two along with Mudkip. The reason I chose Oshawott over Pinplup is mostly because i’ve been on this otter kick lately. They’re just so damn cute and you can’t help but love how adorable Oshawott is in the anime. He’s the cutest little nugget ever. Not to mention Samurott turns into a samurai narwhall that can probably kill someone with its horn in two seconds. Oshawott was part of the few times that I chose fire over water and I was completely happy with my decision.

So sure, maybe my reasons were a little dumb but at the time of their creation and ever since these Pokemon have had a special place in my heart. I’m not a crazy battler nor do I train hardcore. I like going with the flow of the game and treating these Pokemons as true companions. They’re my babies and having them besides me in a game series that I’ve been playing for 11 years makes me happy that I got to train them. So here’s to 20 more years Pokemon!