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Favorite Pokemon from Each Type!

Published March 4, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget


Hey guys! So my friend found this meme (is it a meme?) where you can fill in your favorite Pokemon from each type in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Pokemon has impacted my life greatly. I’ve been playing it for about 11 years and it is one of my favorite franchises. It is timeless and I’ve played at least one game from every generation as well as almost everyone of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I started off with FireRed and chose Charmander as my starter Pokemon. Ever since then I’ve been predominantly a fire trainer. These Pokemon are my favorite and I’ve had them all on my team at least once (except Purugly, we’ll get to that later). I thought I’d expand a bit on why I love these guys so much. Hope you enjoy.

Bug: Volcarona

I’ve never liked Bug pokemon, ever. I don’t even like bugs in real life. But when Volcarona came out I was really excited and a little scared because it’s sprite was so big. It looked interesting and I really liked it’s Bug/Fire typing. Seeing it in Relic Castle was a bit of a shock and also something cool. It felt almost as intense as a legendary battle because there was only one and leveling up a Larvesta (in later games) takes forever! Now I’m not one to get technical with stats, battling, IV/EV training, etc because I believe it takes the fun out of Pokemon, so my choices are based on aesthetics and my own personal gameplay. I love having duel types on my teams especially ones where they are weak to their second type. I think it makes a Pokemon really special. At the time it was like getting a Lucario or a Zoroark. There was only one (per main game) and having such a high level pokemon that was also a dual type really set it in stone with my BW team.

Dark: Absol

My love of Absol came from playing Emerald as well as the first Mystery Dungeon game. Absol was cool, mysterious, and elusive. It was always difficult for me to find out and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I loved the sleek design and how it was a bringer of destruction. When I got PMD: BRT (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team) I kind of put a personality to Absols. The Absol in game was misunderstood and wanted to help your team. Being able to play as Absol was also really fun. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. I wasn’t a fan of the Mega evolution that got introduced and since Pokemon Emerald I haven’t really had an Absol on my team but I remember my fondness for it well.

Dragon: Giratina

Oh man, if you knew me in life you would know that Giratina is my favorite legendary (Suicune comes in as close second). It was so scary and tricky to get in Diamond and Pearl and when it got it’s own entire world in Platinium I lost my mind! Platinum became my favorite game because of this as well. The lore, creepyness, and relation to Satan herself, has my love for Giratina going strong. As yes, I know almost all legendaries are genderless but I like associating Giratina as a strong, powerful evil lady, who will crush you in her six arms. Giratina’s entire being and secrecy was my favorite thing. I even stumbled upon Turnback Cave after I had defeated the Elite 4 and had to violently look up how to solve the room puzzles. Seeing Giratina for the 1st time scared me and I loved it. Again, lore takes over how much I love this Pokemon and I think until this day I have about 3 Giratina’s.

Electric: Ampharos

Ampharos is the most boss electric pokemon ever and no one can tell me other wise. I got this baby in Pokemon Silver and whenever it has been available I’ve caught it and kept it on my team. I always try to get the basic fire, water, grass, electric types on my team to keep balance. Ampharos will be my first pick for electric anytime. I like how you can easily get a Mareep and evolve it. It grows with you and has always helped me kick butt within game. I think the Mega Evolution was cool since it became a dual type (not cool that the first time I used the Ampharos mega evolution was against a dragon pokemonXD). It’s cute and cuddily but also deadly-like me!

Fairy: Gardevoir

Let me start by saying when they announced Gardevoir to have a Fairy type I was really pissed. I hate Fairy pokemon. I don’t care how great their moves are against dragons, I hate them. I like Gardevoir being a psychic type-a strong psychic type at that. But besides that I fell in love with Gardevoir after ferociously trying to find a Ralts in the wilds of Pokemon Emerald and raising my graceful little nugget to become the strong beautiful creature she is. Like Absol, I also gave Gardevoir a personality when I played PMD:BRT. Finding out that you had to reconnect with your Gardevoir and she was trying to help you the entire time, just to protect you made me love her even more. Gardevoirs are gorgeous and strong as well as loyal. Having a Pokemon stand by your side no matter what makes me love it even more! Not to mention that its Mega Evolution is even more beautiful and ever more awesome in its shiny form! Again, whenever Gardevoir is available in certain generations I will raise one and take it to the Elite 4 no doubt about that. The reason I chose it for Fairy is because, like I said earlier, I hate Fairy types so it was really hard to choose one. In the end I was able to squeeze another fire dual type in for psychic;)

Fighting: Blaziken

The first ever Fire/Fighting pokemon, the Torchic line was new and amazing. Being a chicken didn’t look cool at first but Blaziken took the cake being a powerful kicking badass. I liked that extra level of power-it adds on another move set pool and gives you more options. I love the design and power that comes with my little kung-fu chicken and I think it’s way better than Emboar.

Fire: Typlosion

Typlosion is purely sentimental for me. It was the first ever pokemon I ever raised to level 100. And I almost lost it. I had leveled it up to 100 after my billionth level grinding battle with Red and I was in the kitchen. My grandma had a sinkful of water and dirty dishes and somehow I managed to drop my Gameboy SP in there. I thought both my Gameboy and Pokemon Silver was lost. But thankfully after drying them both and repeating the battle, my level 100 Typlosion was still intact. He’s a warrior that’s for sure.

Flying: Charizard

Again, I got to cheat thanks to dual types haha! Charmander, like many other people, was the first pokemon I chose. I’ve loved that little fire lizard ever since. Charizard was even my favorite pokemon on Ash’s team because it was sassy and lazy just like me. Mega Charizard X made it even cooler while the Mega Charizard Y (the one I got) was a let down. Charizard X let Charizard be the cool badass dragon it deserved to be and because dragons are my favorite mythical creature I loved it even more.

Ghost: Misdreavus

Move over Ghastly and Gengar, my favorite ghost Pokemon is the cute and adorable little shit known as Misdreavus. I love ghost pokemon mostly for aesthetic reasons as I’m not very good with them in battle. I’ve had Misdreavus on my team before, for a short while, when I encountered it in Silver. Misdreavus’s Pokedex entries state that it’s a prankster and likes to scare people by screaming. Gengar is good for strength but I never got a chance to have one since you always had to trade it for it to evolve. At least with Misdreavus, she was by my side easily with her cute hair and necklace ready to help me kick some butt every once in awhile.

Grass: Torterra

Now as a fire trainer, grass isn’t my forte. I’ve rarely picked a grass starter over a fire or water. But there was once a rare time where I chose a Turtwig. Why? You guessed it, dual type. My love of Torterra is similar to that of my love for Gastrodon. Earthquake is an amazingly powerful move and that fat turtle will take down plenty of enemies and since grass and ground are both not effected by electricity it makes taking out any electric gym leaders as easy as 1,2,3. If we had Torterra’s around when we had to fight Lt. Surge you better believe that would’ve been the easiest battle of our lives. Raichu’s got nothing on this guy. I also chose it to fill the grass slot so my Roserade can cover Poison as I’m not good with Poison types either. Filling this out was hard!

Ground: Flygon

I love Flygon. You wouldn’t think much of it, especially when you first encounter a Trapinch but once it levels up and turns into the majestic and lovable Flygon you’ve got a great pokemon on your hands. With Trapinch’s typing and selective habitats it can be kind of hard to get one and level it up. Flygon was there for my first run of Emerald and has traveled though my Pokemon games since. It’s been awhile since I used one on my team so maybe I’ll let it make a comeback.

Ice: Froslass

I don’t really mess with ice types that much unless my water type ends up evolving into a dual type water/ice. However when Froslass first came out I wanted one instantly. Not only is Froslass beautiful, I really like that it was based on the legend of the Yuki-Onna. It helps up the creepyness factor while keeping a deadly beautiful exterior. I think it also gave some use to Snowrunt, especially since I really hated Glalie. They aren’t nearly as nice to look at as Froslass. She can also learn some cool moves and to be honest I love any pokemon who can learn Shadow Ball and Ice Beam.

Normal: Purugly

I hate normal types. I picked Purugly because it’s a fat grumpy cat, simple as that.

Poison: Roserade

Roserade is by far my favorite dual type grass pokemon. I’ve had one ever since Dawn stones became available and I think I even had one in Alpha Sapphire. Like I mentioned before I always like having elemental balance on my team. Though grass and poison aren’t effective to many types it works for some things. The downfall is that there aren’t many powerful grass type moves so I always have to teach Roserade TM moves. It is also usually the one that learns Cut on my team. So it’s helpful, good for fighting in caves, and really pretty. I don’t know why I keep going back to Roserade but it’s just become my favorite grass type and a staple on my team. I liked it way better than just sticking with a Roselia.

Psychic: Victini

Before GameFreak traded¬†my beloved Gardevoir over to the Fairy side, she was my favorite Psychic type. Now I get to pick another dual type and one of my favorites. I was actually lucky enough to get BW in the time frame that Wal-Mart was giving out codes for a Victini. Victini was special to me because it was the first event Pokemon I ever owned. I loved it and I carried it on my team all the way until the Elite 4 (which is funny because it helped me be victorious! Good job, Victini!). Though the leveling up was slow I still felt like it was worth it. I’ve traded it over to my Alpha Sapphire game and haven’t used it since I’ve finished the game but again I’m a sucker for fire types.

Rock: Tyranitar

Tyranitar was a tank and a staple on my Silver team. A lot of care went into leveling up this bastard. I hate 3 stage dragon types (technically Tyranitar is Rock/Dark but it’s around the same as a Dragonite) since they take forever to evolve but I think my Tyranitar was worth it. It’s pre-evolutionary stages are a little worthless (mostly Pupitar) but once you get your pseudo-legendary, it’s a good one to have on your team. Tyranitar was my second strongest on my silver team behind Typlosion!

Steel: Lucario

Lucario was like like the OG Zoroark where you thought you were getting a special Pokemon and it turns out it only had the aura of a legendary Pokemon. Lucario is great with speed and would’ve been so helpful if it was available when you had to fight Norman in Pokemon Emerald. I think it’s one of the best fighting types out there and more flexible than most of its kind. And on top of that Riley was one of my Pokemon crushes, right after Steven. Getting a Riolu from him was a gift of our love. Well at least that’s what I told my 12 year old self.

Water: Oshawott

Ok so this was technically a tie between Pinplup and Oshawott. My top 3 favorite water types are those two along with Mudkip. The reason I chose Oshawott over Pinplup is mostly because i’ve been on this otter kick lately. They’re just so damn cute and you can’t help but love how adorable Oshawott is in the anime. He’s the cutest little nugget ever. Not to mention Samurott turns into a samurai narwhall that can probably kill someone with its horn in two seconds. Oshawott was part of the few times that I chose fire over water and I was completely happy with my decision.

So sure, maybe my reasons were a little dumb but at the time of their creation and ever since these Pokemon have had a special place in my heart. I’m not a crazy battler nor do I train hardcore. I like going with the flow of the game and treating these Pokemons as true companions. They’re my babies and having them besides me in a game series that I’ve been playing for 11 years makes me happy that I got to train them. So here’s to 20 more years Pokemon!


My SD Boy Doll Journey

Published February 5, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

I say journey because it’s definitely felt like one. It all started with following a few doll collectors and people in the BJD hobby on Instagram. One of them was selling a Little Rebel Seven head for around $190-ish. I don’t know why I wanted to buy this floating head but one thing lead to another and I put my first layaway on a doll (she was gracious enough to do a layaway with me). Now I know there are people who buy heads with the intent of getting bodies for them eventually. I don’t like eventuallys, If I was going to get a head I was also going to get a boy body. She recommended an Fdoll V2 body, which is available on The skin tone I needed however was out of stock. So I got one that I thought would be the next best thing, which was pink (the head is Light Normal). I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for the Light Normal body to be in stock, so I went ahead with the Pink body and put it on layaway. I had two layaways and about $400 or so dollars to pay off. It was fairly easy as the payments weren’t synced up and there was enough time apart where I wouldn’t get slammed with 2 payments at once.

The head did come first, I never got a picture of the original faceup. It was good, better than what I could do, a little bit too heavy black shadow around the eyes and not too much details. I decided to look into doing my second faceup, my first full face up (the first attempt was building off the original faceup of my Mystic Kids Natalia, adding eyeshadows and lipstick basically). After purchasing some essentials for faceup removal on VOLKS USA website, i scrubbed him clean.

I had seen a lot of people with fem boy dolls. I had seen so much of it that I really began to hate the idea. It’s really not my cup of tea. I decided that my doll was going to be manly. I wanted to give him a bit of a hipster style too. So I added a beard.



A frontal view

Eventually I think I’ll redo the eyes but it do like most of the faceup. I think the harsh edges on the eye shading is whats bother me. And i’d like it to be a bit more realistic. Other than that I love the beard and his little beauty mark ūüôā So the head was done, time to pay off the body.

I got the body January 2016 a few days after my last payment. The head is more yellow than the body (naturally with the resin color not really due to yellowing). So the resin doesn’t match but there’s hardly a difference. You can see in the picture that for the most part the resins match it’s just a matter of the undertones, one is pink and the other is yellow. But i figured with wearing clothes, you wouldn’t really be able to tell.

So i had the body, I had the head, did the faceup, now it was time for clothes and mods. This doll was going to be my experiment doll. I wanted to put piercings and tattoos on him. As you can see , he already has a nose ring a lip piercing. I had some earrings on him but they kept falling off. I’ve also created gauges for him but I haven’t gotten around to putting them on him yet. I did get all his tattoos done. He has a sleeve, a chest piece, one on the back of his neck, back, thighs, and ankles.

The piercings were done by cutting a jump ring in half with some nail clippers, taking the shape in a bit by squeezing the ends closer together and to create a more rounded shape. Then I used tacky glue to stick it on. For the tattoos, I used printable tattoo paper that I got at JoAnn Fabrics. Each pack only comes with one sheet, but when you think about the size of your doll compared to a human, one sheet is all you need. I fit a lot of the tattoos I wanted on a single sheet. You simply find the image you want, print it, add a layer of sealant to the area when the tattoo is going to be on your doll, apply the tattoo with water as you normally would, then add a final layer of sealant. Apply the tattoos away from joints as the tattoos will gunk them up. You also want to make sure that water doesn’t fall into the joints and get on the string used to keep the body together. Apply the tattoo with circular motions as well as up and down strokes. Sometimes air bubbles can appear, so trying to smooth everything out before hand will help to prevent that. I had a few air bubble myself and had to reprint and reapply the tattoo again.



He has a horror movie themed sleeve

After a while and not really having money to buy him clothes (i’m really bad at making clothes myself) I went to Ohayocon. There were a few people I was able to buy some clothes from, so he’s finally clothed! Here is just one of his outfits.


Later on I was able to get him some other stuff online.

The next battle was the wig. I got a wig on ebay for $12. It had a few layers of split pink and blue hair then the rest was an auburn-ish color. I first cut the pink and blue layer down to the length I wanted then the auburn I tried leaving longer. I’m no hairstylist. I usually hack my way through a wig even though I try to go layer by layer, none of it turns out even or looks right. Like I said, the hair wouldn’t hold for a bun in a hair tie so I cut it shorter. Eventually I kept cutting and cutting until I got the hair you see on the doll. It looks alright with the beanie on but if you take it off the wig just looks like a mess (because it is). I don’t know what really possessed me to buy this wig. I think it was probably because I was looking for something cheap that I could get easy. I had good intentions for it but in the end I ended up hating it. I have now ordered a black fur wig which i hope is easier to style and not really have bangs. I think the wig he has on now makes him look too feminine, especially with the color, bangs, and style. It also doesn’t match his facial hair so that’s a problem.

Overall he needs more clothes. He needs basic and non patterned pants and a few non patterned t shirts. All his pants are checkered patterns and all his tshirts are stripped, i don’t know how that happened. He does have a white shirt and plain grey cardigan though. I would just need to get some jeans or black (non harem style) pants.

As for poseablility, he can’t stand on his own and his body flops around all over the place. It’s so frustrating. And somehow his ass always pops out more than needed and it makes him look like he has scoliosis. It’s difficult to stand him up on his own and do things but sitting poses are ok. He can slouch as well. The arms don’t stay in more natural poses either. They snap back into a place that’s comfortable for them, which is frustrating for me. I really hate it. I don’t think I’d get and FDoll boy body again. I might try to get floating bodies from different companies and hope that it works better. My other doll can stand on her own more. I’ve thought about sueding the joints but I don’t know how to do that and I’m too afraid I’ll mess something up. I might do it eventually.

I don’t think that SD’s are my doll size of choice. I think they’re too big and clunky. I see a lot more clothes for MSD and MNF, and I really like my MSD doll more. I think I might sell the boy doll one day but as for now I do like him and he is really cute. I think once I get everything situated with him he will appeal to me a bit more. I think i’d feel guilty for selling him though. Right now he’s kind of just boy with normal boy fashion. And Luna is like kawaii, lolita, pastel fashion which I think can offer me more creativity. I still do want a badass boy character though. He’s like dark, mysterious, a giant nerd. It’s perfect. AS you can see I’m on the fence about it haha. I do love him though and can imagine myself cuddling this chunk of plastic and going to bed. Plus putting Luna beside him makes him look like a big brother and that’s cute too. I think I can punk up his style too.

Sighs….I’m a hot mess, just like him.

Ohayocon 2016

Published January 22, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

Last weekend I went to Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve got to say that this con was fairly disappointing when it comes to panels. Out of 3 days I only went to around 5 panels, which is really bad for a 3 day con. For two out of the three days I dressed up; Friday was Lolita day and Saturday I dress up as Super Sonico. I made a post on my makeup blog on how I did the makeup for both looks. Friday was a decent day. After much struggling and going back and forth, my sister drove me to Columbus, two hours from where I live. My ex goes to school there so I stayed with her. Every year it always seems like a big mistake because she usually makes the con horrible for me but eventually things evened out. Neither I or my sister could afford an extra badge for her (i had pre-ordered mine) and so she had to wander around the con being bored for several hours while I did stuff. I felt really bad and annoyed that my ex wouldn’t let her stay in her place to rest while we were at the con. it just seemed really stupid. To make up for it I set out to get her a bunch of Sailor Mercury stuff from the dealer’s room and a few things from Bioshock (her fave video game franchise). I also paid for the parking ticket, our food, and gas (another reason why I didn’t have money for her badge).

Friday was a pretty chill day. I went to a panel about BJD’s (ball jointed dolls). It was my first BJD panel and I was super excited to meet other people who had the same hobby/interest as me. I haven’t been in the bjd hobby for long but I still love it. I made some new friends with Maria and her wife Gabi. I got to ogle her gorgeous Mini Me doll of Bill Kaulitz, too. The BJD panel’s were my favorite as well as the Steven Universe panel.

I was super nervous about dressing in Lolita too. Not only did I wear two sports bras, two pairs of spanx, and pantyhose, but I had a heavy wig on also. I was afraid someone was going to like say I didn’t make a good lolita or something. Not that I would’ve actually cared but i’ve heard that people in both the bjd and lolita community can sometimes be assholes. But i had a few compliments here and there and even got called a “pretty lolita” in passing. I was really happy. On Friday I also went to the Girls Generation Panel, which is my 2nd time going. I love that panel because it’s always fun to dance to GG, and i love Kpop. It’s a win win situation. But let me tell you, dancing in Lolita gear is no joke! I was sweating, my spanx kept falling down (layering spanx is apparently not a good idea as the materials slide against one another) and my feet were hurting in my 3 in heeled boots. I took them off during the dance but I had been wearing them all day so my feet were pooped.

Saturday I dress as Super Sonico. I hand sewed the vest from scratch (meaning I got yards of fabric and cut things out). It was the hardest thing i’ve ever done but also the best. it actually functioned, looked cute and I was very happy with my cosplay. I even got a few people to take my picture. The best thing was that I actually got 2 Sonico figures as well. That was my goal for the dealer’s room. Get a sonico figure. It was ahead everything else and I’m really happy with my purchases. I also got a lot of things from artist alley. Like I said, I didn’t go to many panels so I spent most of my time in the dealer’s room, artist alley, avoiding furries, and sitting down to rest my feet. I wanted to keep my sister company too, so I met up with her anytime I wasn’t busy.

Sunday I was in and out of the con really quick. it started to get colder and I had to be home to help my cousin’s girlfriend dye her hair. I had commissioned the awesome Consuelo over at Cogs and Creatures to make me and SD size beanie and t-shirt for my boy doll who had been naked ever since I got his body off layaway. She was super awesome! Anyway I ran in, spent a few more in artist alley then headed off towards North Market. North Market is my favorite place to it. It has the best pizza, pierogi’s and macarons! I just had to take my sister there to taste the awesome food. The guy working the parking lot ticket both was a prick though. He gave us attitude and a hard time because we didn’t get a stamp from inside, saying that we actually parked in the lot to go to North Market. I had forgotten you had to do this as I don’t freakin’ live in Columbus or go to North Market constantly. I would usually walk there anyway. Anyway he gave us attitude about it and was a complete dick. But after all that we were on our way home.

I wish this year had been better, panel and con wise. Last year I did a lot more stuff. I’m hoping to go to Colossalcon this summer so I have no idea if i’ll be able to go to ohayocon next year but we’ll see. I made a quick slideshow of some of the pictures and videos I took at the con. Hope you enjoy!

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 23/24]

Published July 9, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Sneaking around the hotel. Sneak Sneak Sneak.

Also we get a random flying body out of nowhereXD


I find it funny how health packs are literally just bandages. Still working our way through the hotel. Running around not sure where to go though so it’s a little strange. Finally got on the right track though. Going up some stairs now and we hear more Hunters. So it’s like we went to another floor of the hotel to encounter some more hunters. Choked out the first one, but tbh im ready to like skip all the hunter killing play by play. So we’ll move on for now and see if anything else happens this episode. Ok so some interesting things happened. Joel got attacked and Ellie actually stabbed the Hunter with a shiv so even though she doesn’t have weapons she can like still help you out a bit, which is good. Also there was an explosion, as if some of the Hunters threw a Molotov. Obviously we know they can use melee weapons and guns but im not sure if they can use the bomb like weapons. This is interesting. And we find out that it was a Hunter with Molotov, good to know that they can also use those.

Ok so after more running around we find a new mission-open elevator doors and climb through it. Because that seems not dangerous at all. they hope into the elevator and crawl into the shaft space then jump on another elevator. The noise the elevator makes is so scary i’m surprised it didn’t-well there we go. it just collapsed. Joel was trying to help Ellie up into the next floor and Joel fell straight down with the elevator shaft and then landed in some water (probably because the lower area/area surrounding the hotel is still flooded) The water is the only thing that saved him because that fall wouldve definitely killed him. Now Joel has to find a way back up to wear Ellie is. He’s like in a basement type area and as soon as he tries to open a door some of the ceiling collapses. Things are crumbling all over the place, doesn’t look good. There’s some ominous music happening too. So at least this is getting a it more interesting. Theres a gated door which blocks Joel’s so he has to find his way around it. Onto the next one.

Lots of diving and exploring beneath the water. Not sure where to go yet but at least we know what our mission is.Got to a place where theres more walking or like the water is so shallow that you can walk across. There was some weird noises that sounded like a hoard of bats of something but I couldn’t really tell. Joel finds a generator and all of a sudden a damn clicker comes out of nowhere. Like excuse you, no one invited you to the party you jerk. We try to get the generator started but there are a bunch of freakin’ clickers around everywhere. Geez! Like stop it! We’re trying to get this generator started. So the generator of course attracted more clickers but it had to have been useful for something, especially since it was still working.

THE WORST PART IS THAT THERE’S ANOTHER DAMN BLOATER. ugghhhh!! WTFF??!! I am panicking. there are clickers everywhere and it’s so hard to run from them. Not to mention huge freaking spores all over the place. The bloater doesnt even stop chasing you. I am scared. My nerves are so shot right not. I can’t handle this right now. There’s a door we can potentially go through but it needs a damn keycard. Wtf. Why are keycards still working at a time like this. Maybe we needed the generator to turn on the keycard swipe area because without it we couldn’t even get through that door. But GODDAMN THESE CLICKERS. I’m so scared rn. Here was the action i’ve been waiting for but jesus A CLICKER JUST SNUCK UP ON JOEL AND I PHYSICALLY JUMPED. Woooo boy. And then two of them gang up on you, it was a matter of time before Joel died.

So respawn time and Joel decided to not to on the generator. That might be for the best. Trying to search the are and find that keycard now. That area was really overwhelming but hopefullt not that the generator is off they wont come out. We found the keycard so that’s good. Now we can get to that door easily, except now i hear a damn clicker. I think you have to turn the generator on either way to again, get that keycard thing open? Maybe. Idk, more exploring. My nerves are shit. This has got to be the best part of the game so far. Ok generator’s on RUN-RUN RIGHT INTO A FUCKING BLOATER HOLY SHIT. THIS IS TOO SCARY. I can’t even. I am shitting bricks. hardcore bricks. I am screaming, my toes are curling finally got through the damn door!!! We are in the clear for a bit now. A new floor but it’s a bit more quiet.

We get to another work table which is awesome. Now we can upgrade. I keep saying we as if i’m playing but you know:P I hear a clicker nearby but i cant see it. WE get to another door that we swing open and bam end of the episode.

Phew. That was just too much for me. I need a smoke break man. -___-

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 20/21/22]

Published July 9, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Well now that we’re done (for now) with those Hunter assholes, let’s gtfo of here. There are more coming though so we’re either going to have to-well Joel used the shotgun. Good choice. Ellie was like OH FUCK and I was like…me too girl. Man they like traveled in a pack of 10.

This is making me want to write a story about a zombie apocalypse I tell you. I don’t like watching zombie movies but games like this and the Walking Dead are ok. They’re kind of calm, as in they focus more on the story than the actual dead people. And i’m fine with seeing zombies as long as there’s not 800 of them on a crowded city street, you feel?

Lying in wait, trying to get these fuckers scoped out to kill. Most of them are down so now let’s see what else we gave to do. Where are they going to go now since the car is busted. That’s the biggest questions. There’s another heavy garage door that they have to lift up. They have to put it down gently too so it doesnt make a lot of noise. We get a new weapon!


So good for other human enemies, not so much the zombies. The Hunters have a pile of people they just killed. Good job assholes. Joel says he’s been on both sides, so he as experience as a hunter himself. Ellie asks him if he’s ever killed innocent people and Joel’s just like. UGHH, so probably.

We just working through the Hunter’s hide out and we get to another upgrade station. So we get some upgrade clip capacity and other basic stuff, reload speed, etc. Finally they’re on the outside of the hideout and Joel sees a bridge which is their way out of the city. Ellie learns how to whistle! Good for her. There are some other people close by. At least 3 of them. They might be hunters but I’m not exactly sure. Oh yeah they’re hunters that worked with the highway crew that made Ellie and Joel crash. So now we got to kill these guys. Sneaking around a bunch of abandoned cars and being super stealthy. Joel decides to see what the trio of Hunters have planned. Nothing interesting really, just a bunch of banter but they might have something planned later? They don’t cause too much trouble and they leave rather quickly. This episode was pretty slow after we killed the first batch of hunters so let’s move on.

So the area is like a a pile up of cars close to the highway, probably where the Hunters dumped the rest fo the cars after they looted them. Ellie might be from Boston. ¬†They come across a station where the military set up to hand out rations, control who came in/went out, etc. She asks why the military would’nt give people their rations and Joel says that it happened a lot. Military always seem to really want to deny the people they’re supposed to be “protecting” of their supplies and needs in games like these. But anyway Ellie says that it never happened in Boston, so maybe she’s from there or at least came from that direction. It would make sense since now they are in PA, so they’re traveling in the North East side of the US.

More Hunters. They’re bragging about killing / capturing a girl they had been chasing all night. Strangled one hunter, got hit twice with a bat by another before fending him off Ellie threw a brick at one of the guys! Look at her!! She has to find a fin to defend herself and Joel. The hunters have a nice little camp, those bastards. Strangles two more guys. Shooting most of the other ones. About maybe 10-15 in this area. It’s like they don’t stop coming. Instead of a hoard of zombies it’s a hoard of douchebag. He’s wasting a lot of ammo though. I’d try to go through my melee weapons first. Especially since the Hunters have a lot of melee weapons. I think they’re in a movie theater. Like there were old movie posters as soon as they went up the stairs. But of course when they got to the upper level there were more hunters. Idk if I prefer the Hunters or the zombies. I really hate zombies but I also really hate how shitty humans are. Like it would be so much more wise to stick together instead of fighting one another but I guess nobody every thinks that through. I know the Hunters carry ammo as well since they have guns but it doesn’t seem like much.

Alright third times a charm. these last two videos have been nothing but fighting against Hunters so nothing too exciting happened. Kind of bummed out by it since I really do like the more action filled parts this game has. ¬†Half the game play is just waiting and being stealthy so I feel like it goes slower than it actually should go. Looks Like We’ve got ride of all the Hunters in the area. There’s more dialogue between Ellie and Joel so that usually means they’re in the clear for now. Also I found out that the Pills you collect along the way are used to upgrade yourself! I thought the pills were another form of like first aid or something but you actually use it to acquire better skills.


I would have definitely chosen Shiv Master and Healing Speed but that’s just me. A few craft things made, nothing too major. Oh Ellie and her jokes…

Finally went out the back exit, we learn about the people who rose up and were tired of the military’s shit and took action in their own hands. We see this in the form of 3 hung soldiers and a note on the wall.


Another small cutscene, ore Hunters. They’re doing something with a plank of wood or something? We’re still heading towards the bridge but theres another flooded area. The plank the Hunters were talking about now has to be moved so Ellie can cross the water. honestly this would be the shit I would run into during an apocalypse because I can’t swim at all. Joel finds another palet to get Ellie across and there are some weird random gun shot sounds coming from another direction. it might be Hunters fighting off clickers or runners. Hopefully they’ll get eaten. To stay safer they’re going to cut through a hotel. Ellie sets a plank up so Joel can cross from one truck onto a submerged bus. They get inside the hotel now and it’s not as pretty as it used to be. Another ladder conveniently nearby to get to higher places. Man those broken stairs are really dangerous. Ohh more hunters. Bill’s town was infected by runners and clickers, Philadelphia is infested with Hunters. There’s all these Hotel beds left and If it was me, after I cleared the area I would probably take a nap not gonna lie. But at least we’re done with this episode. Still fighting Hunters. I wonder how much longer this is going to take. I just want to get to the next area already.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 18/19]

Published July 8, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

My balls are sweating. I am dying. This is too much. i have no idea how they’re gonna get out of this one. The zombies burst through the metal doors and the trip have to run behind another set of doors. It’s not like that’s going to hold them off for long but it’s the only thing they can do right now since they don’t really have a plan. Now they have to move through the school and Bill has an idea to sneak out the back. But you can hear the zombies and clickers that are all over the place. So joel dies real quick due to clicker bite and when he gets respawned he throws a brick to try and draw the zombies attention away from them but it ends up hitting her right in the fucking head. I LOST IT.


(might help if you turn the brightness on the screen up)

We learn that punching a clicker is ineffective. Good to know. More zombie fighting. There were like 5 around them. Going into the science room and Joel throws a nail bomb. Took out two dude. They get to a hallway that might lead them to the back entrance but guess who’s guarding the hallway. Zombies that were really quick to see Joel and came SPRINTING at him from the end of the hallway. They find a double door that leas to a gym. Some weights are able to block ¬†that double but all a fucking sudden this bitch comes walking into the Gym acting like he fucking owns the place. OH. MY GOD.

It’s like Woody from Toy Story when he walks into a room.

The_Last_of_Us_Gameplay_Walkthrough_Part_18_Bloater (1)




This is some scary shit. My sister and i are guestimating that to become a clicker, it takes about 5- 10 years and to become a bloater it probably took the whole 20 year time skip. This is ridiculous. How the hell are we even going to begin to kill this thing. It blasts spore balls. That’s what i’m calling them. Now random regular zombies have come in and Its just so much to think about. If Bill dies also then you die and you have to keep your partners alive and well. I don’t even think you would want Bill to die because he could be good at keeping away the regular zombies while you try and blast the shit out of the bloater. The fungal armor isn’t really helping either. This is going to be one tough ass battle. I wonder if the spore blasts actually hurt you of it it just provides as a distraction because it creates a cloud of spores and then you dont see the other zombies coming towards you. Bill is getting some good shots in while most of the regular zombies are down. It’s taking a lot of ammo that they don’t really have to kill the Bloater.

One more shotgun round left. Change to I think the revolver and just in time because a lost shot from Bill kills it. THAT was some scary shit man. Ellie and Bill manage to get on top of the bleaches but three zombies comes out of nowhere and Joel HAS to kill them. Like Bill won’t extend his hand to help you up onto the bleachers until you’ve killed them. It’s just so you can pick up ammo from the dead bodies and be stocked for whatever else happens after. They finally get out the back of the school and away from most of the zombies. Well until one runs up randomly and attacks Joel. There;s still more of them trying to get to you but they manage to get over a Pickett fence and into a house. ALRIGHT ARE YOU READY FOR THE FUCKING TEARS???!!!

Bill see’s a guy hanging (as in he hung himself) and he says that it’s Frank. Frank was Bill’s partner. Bill cuts him down and sees that he has bites on him. Joel suspects that because he didn’t want to turn he hung himself to avoid it all. The tears are rolling. Oh man. Bill is on the verge of tears but he’s showing all his emotions through anger. Ellie finds Franks truck which is running on the battery that they planned to take. So now we have a plan B.

Time to get driving I suppose. They let Ellie drive as they pushed. Good idea to let the 14 year old drive. Also Bill is such a grumpy old gay i love him. MANNN TROUBLE IN PARADISE.


DAMN FRANK, LAYING DOWN SOME TRUTH TEA SHIT. This was found searching through the house for some extra stuff. Awww Joel says some cute dad things to Ellie. Daddy-Daughter time!

Ellie knows how to drive I guess. Good 14 year old. They get the car rolling out from the garage and start heading down the street when they get ambushed by zombies. big surprise. Kicking ass and taking names. Getting Killed and starting over. Back to pushing the truck. More zombies. Coming out of every house, damn. It’s like push, zombies, push, zombies, push zombies. They got the car started and are ready to get this show on the road. They both get into the truck bed and away from the zombies and Ellie floors it. I’m surprised they just let a 14 year old drive that far. They drop Bill off and Ellie and Joel are on their way by themselves again.

Cutscene, them driving in the car in the rain. Turns out Ellie stole some stuff from Bill’s place. That little shit. I love her. She even steals one of Bill’s porno magazines and looks at the guys in thereXD Omg this kid is exactly like how i am. She even chucks the magazine out the window. Now they’re on their way to Pittsburgh. They drove the whole day? It’s still light out. But they get to a blocked highway and Joel takes a detour. Goddamn the animation of these building are soooooo nice. I can’t even stand it.


But then they run into some Hunters, who are essentially bandits trying to steal you shit. Joel just runs this dude over. He is taking no fucking prisoners. It’s the As they’re escaping and trying to get away a random train??? comes and clips the end of their car. Joel looses control and they crash. So now…no car??

They grab Ellie and Joel and rough them up. They try and kill Joel but he gets this guy in the neck with some glass. Then another asshole punches Ellie and THERE GOES HOT GRAY DAD TO THE RESCUE. Don’t mess with his little girl! He beats the shit out of the guy. Man these hunters are dicks. There are always assholes in the world, even in zombie apocalypses.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 16/17]

Published July 7, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Alright, time to get this party started. There are lots of shitty cars around so I’m wondering how are they going to get the car from one place to another. You can’t push a car through hoards of zombies. Especially ones with such shitty parts that you need to fix them up. I know Bill said that what he needed was on the other side of town but I’m still wondering how this whole car thing is going to go down. he also said that there’s a lot more infected people on that part of town so we might have more hoards.

Bill and Ellie are such sarcastic little assholes to each other. I love the banter that goes on between them. it’s so funny and really gives the characters a personality. And damn they didn’t waste any time, big explosion off in the distance and some infected and clickers come out. After disposing of them quickly the gang arrives at a cathedral. it’s really big and locked up behind a bunch of gates, seems like a good place to hold up.

Cutscene time!

Ellie is asking for weapons and Joel of course keeps denying her. Bill also keeps mentioning Tess and Joel hasn’t told him that she’s dead yet. ALSO i forgot that Bill is gay. In the countdown for LGBTQ characters in video games Bill was going to but on that list until we found out Ellie was with her girlfriend. Aww man I like Bill even more now. He’s got a good attitude and is just like fuck everyone take care of myself. Which tbh might be my tactic if I was in the zombie apocalypse. Bill doesn’t like Ellie but I swear to good I love seeing them interact. Joel and Bill load up on guns and ammo so that’s good. Bill introduces a nail bomb which looks pretty badass!! It’s awesome. So Bill’s got a good stash of supplies because the military are too dumb and overlook this stuff. They roll through towns trying to find extra supplies but Bill’s got a lot more than they do. So the military’s truck got overrun by infected a few months back and Bill says that that is the battery they need for the car. He didn’t want to go to that part of town because it’s overrun by infected. Wonderful. But Joel needs a car…

They have to head towards the high school because that’s where the military truck crashed into. They’re exciting the cathedral when a clicker shows up. Bill is dumb enough to yell WATCH OUT really loudly. Like dude, you know that’s just going to draw it in closer. Fuck! another one just came out from around the corner. Two now. But at least Joel got to use the nail bomb and got one of the clickers. A shot gun was a good way to get the other clicker. One shot and it was down. Further down towards some mausoleums are two more clickers. I would try and creep around them as best as I could. But realistically why isn’t it an option to trip a clicker. If you sneak up real close (they don’t even have good balance anyway) and trip them, then they’ll fall and you’d be able to smash their heads in with your foot or maybe a melee weapon, which would cut down on the bullets you would have to use/the sound you would make to draw in more clickers. That would’ve been more simple don’t you think. There’s like about 7 of them surrounding this place. God their clicking is so annoying. It sounds like the grudge girl on a broken record.

Now there are more regular zombies but still a few clickers around. Bill was right this place is over run. You have to be super stealthy in this area. This is crazy. They were able to get inside a building at last, so sort of safe for now.

Inside a houseeeee. Sounds like either theres zombies in the house or it might be the ones outside the house making noise. Not sure yet. Theres a small shed which has an open entrance so they need to be careful. The whole front lawn is infested with these bastards. Bill is good at fighting them off and shooting. ¬†There was a little hiccup where they had to fight off some of the zombies but I mean it was inevitable. It’s all over the place. They have to traverse through some sheds and garages of the little houses around time. We’re still trying to maneuver through these buildings to get close to the high school. They get to a a garage that has a door in it that’s tied on the other side. Video game logic, the giant garage door itself is open so i have no idea why they didn’t just try and go around. Ellie suggests going through the planked doggy door and since she’s small she could fit. Ellie notices that there are more clickers inside the next house. So even more stealthy.

I mean there were like a hoard of them. But they managed to just avoid the clickers and get to the house that is right next door to the high school. Making progress. Joel gets some supplies and crafts some first aid kits, molotov cocktails, nail bombs, and a shiv. They get through the house quickly and lift up a garage door. Here we get another cutscene You can see the truck that has crashed into the school but there’s like a BUNCH of zombies in front of it. Didn’t we learn from the walking dead to avoid schools at all costs. Schools are only good for one thing-nurse’s offices. Other than that they’re horrible and always littered with zombies. Brad tried to throw a regular bottle and accidentally through a molotov cocktail which drove all these zombies towards them. So it’s melee time. Cool thing that happened! Joel smashed a zombies head into a car!!! YASSSSSS.

The regular zombies make really funny mumbling sounds. It’s so not scary at all. What’s scary is that they come swinging at you really fast but other that they’re really dumb sounding. There’s a maze of school buses that they have to move around and zombies hiding around every corner. I hate when those fuckers sneak up on you. Down to one first aid kit after that whole mess with more sneaky zombies. Ellie notices another LADDER HOW FREAKIN’ CONVENIENT THAT THERE ARE LADDERS EVERYWHERE. Ellie climbs up the bus to retrieve the ladder so I guess the guys can cross over or whatever. I realize that they call the zombies “infected” in this game but we all know this is a fuckin’ zombie game so no way try and correct me. The had to cross the bus that was ¬†crashed into a gate that had barbed wire on top. ¬†They mange to get to the military truck but zombies are hot on their trail once again. The zombies are piling a long the fence they really have to get this battery quick. They are close to being really fucking screwed. Omg.

Bill get a window open and everybody climbs in but it cuts to a cutscene where a clicker climbs on top of Joel. He gives it an elbow and Ellie tries to pull him in Bill blows its head off and they manage to close the window. The zombies are banging on the metal doors. Ellie and Joel push like some heavy shelf thing in front of it to try and keep the doors shut while Bill tries to open the hood of the truck. he opens it and IT’S FUCKING EMPTY. SOMEBODY TOOK THE BATTERY ALREADY. OH HOLY HELL. WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO.