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My SD Boy Doll Journey

Published February 5, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

I say journey because it’s definitely felt like one. It all started with following a few doll collectors and people in the BJD hobby on Instagram. One of them was selling a Little Rebel Seven head for around $190-ish. I don’t know why I wanted to buy this floating head but one thing lead to another and I put my first layaway on a doll (she was gracious enough to do a layaway with me). Now I know there are people who buy heads with the intent of getting bodies for them eventually. I don’t like eventuallys, If I was going to get a head I was also going to get a boy body. She recommended an Fdoll V2 body, which is available on The skin tone I needed however was out of stock. So I got one that I thought would be the next best thing, which was pink (the head is Light Normal). I was impatient and didn’t want to wait for the Light Normal body to be in stock, so I went ahead with the Pink body and put it on layaway. I had two layaways and about $400 or so dollars to pay off. It was fairly easy as the payments weren’t synced up and there was enough time apart where I wouldn’t get slammed with 2 payments at once.

The head did come first, I never got a picture of the original faceup. It was good, better than what I could do, a little bit too heavy black shadow around the eyes and not too much details. I decided to look into doing my second faceup, my first full face up (the first attempt was building off the original faceup of my Mystic Kids Natalia, adding eyeshadows and lipstick basically). After purchasing some essentials for faceup removal on VOLKS USA website, i scrubbed him clean.

I had seen a lot of people with fem boy dolls. I had seen so much of it that I really began to hate the idea. It’s really not my cup of tea. I decided that my doll was going to be manly. I wanted to give him a bit of a hipster style too. So I added a beard.



A frontal view

Eventually I think I’ll redo the eyes but it do like most of the faceup. I think the harsh edges on the eye shading is whats bother me. And i’d like it to be a bit more realistic. Other than that I love the beard and his little beauty mark ūüôā So the head was done, time to pay off the body.

I got the body January 2016 a few days after my last payment. The head is more yellow than the body (naturally with the resin color not really due to yellowing). So the resin doesn’t match but there’s hardly a difference. You can see in the picture that for the most part the resins match it’s just a matter of the undertones, one is pink and the other is yellow. But i figured with wearing clothes, you wouldn’t really be able to tell.

So i had the body, I had the head, did the faceup, now it was time for clothes and mods. This doll was going to be my experiment doll. I wanted to put piercings and tattoos on him. As you can see , he already has a nose ring a lip piercing. I had some earrings on him but they kept falling off. I’ve also created gauges for him but I haven’t gotten around to putting them on him yet. I did get all his tattoos done. He has a sleeve, a chest piece, one on the back of his neck, back, thighs, and ankles.

The piercings were done by cutting a jump ring in half with some nail clippers, taking the shape in a bit by squeezing the ends closer together and to create a more rounded shape. Then I used tacky glue to stick it on. For the tattoos, I used printable tattoo paper that I got at JoAnn Fabrics. Each pack only comes with one sheet, but when you think about the size of your doll compared to a human, one sheet is all you need. I fit a lot of the tattoos I wanted on a single sheet. You simply find the image you want, print it, add a layer of sealant to the area when the tattoo is going to be on your doll, apply the tattoo with water as you normally would, then add a final layer of sealant. Apply the tattoos away from joints as the tattoos will gunk them up. You also want to make sure that water doesn’t fall into the joints and get on the string used to keep the body together. Apply the tattoo with circular motions as well as up and down strokes. Sometimes air bubbles can appear, so trying to smooth everything out before hand will help to prevent that. I had a few air bubble myself and had to reprint and reapply the tattoo again.



He has a horror movie themed sleeve

After a while and not really having money to buy him clothes (i’m really bad at making clothes myself) I went to Ohayocon. There were a few people I was able to buy some clothes from, so he’s finally clothed! Here is just one of his outfits.


Later on I was able to get him some other stuff online.

The next battle was the wig. I got a wig on ebay for $12. It had a few layers of split pink and blue hair then the rest was an auburn-ish color. I first cut the pink and blue layer down to the length I wanted then the auburn I tried leaving longer. I’m no hairstylist. I usually hack my way through a wig even though I try to go layer by layer, none of it turns out even or looks right. Like I said, the hair wouldn’t hold for a bun in a hair tie so I cut it shorter. Eventually I kept cutting and cutting until I got the hair you see on the doll. It looks alright with the beanie on but if you take it off the wig just looks like a mess (because it is). I don’t know what really possessed me to buy this wig. I think it was probably because I was looking for something cheap that I could get easy. I had good intentions for it but in the end I ended up hating it. I have now ordered a black fur wig which i hope is easier to style and not really have bangs. I think the wig he has on now makes him look too feminine, especially with the color, bangs, and style. It also doesn’t match his facial hair so that’s a problem.

Overall he needs more clothes. He needs basic and non patterned pants and a few non patterned t shirts. All his pants are checkered patterns and all his tshirts are stripped, i don’t know how that happened. He does have a white shirt and plain grey cardigan though. I would just need to get some jeans or black (non harem style) pants.

As for poseablility, he can’t stand on his own and his body flops around all over the place. It’s so frustrating. And somehow his ass always pops out more than needed and it makes him look like he has scoliosis. It’s difficult to stand him up on his own and do things but sitting poses are ok. He can slouch as well. The arms don’t stay in more natural poses either. They snap back into a place that’s comfortable for them, which is frustrating for me. I really hate it. I don’t think I’d get and FDoll boy body again. I might try to get floating bodies from different companies and hope that it works better. My other doll can stand on her own more. I’ve thought about sueding the joints but I don’t know how to do that and I’m too afraid I’ll mess something up. I might do it eventually.

I don’t think that SD’s are my doll size of choice. I think they’re too big and clunky. I see a lot more clothes for MSD and MNF, and I really like my MSD doll more. I think I might sell the boy doll one day but as for now I do like him and he is really cute. I think once I get everything situated with him he will appeal to me a bit more. I think i’d feel guilty for selling him though. Right now he’s kind of just boy with normal boy fashion. And Luna is like kawaii, lolita, pastel fashion which I think can offer me more creativity. I still do want a badass boy character though. He’s like dark, mysterious, a giant nerd. It’s perfect. AS you can see I’m on the fence about it haha. I do love him though and can imagine myself cuddling this chunk of plastic and going to bed. Plus putting Luna beside him makes him look like a big brother and that’s cute too. I think I can punk up his style too.

Sighs….I’m a hot mess, just like him.


Feminist Friday: Defend all Disney Princesses [Part 1]

Published June 26, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Here is something that I will do until the day I die. I may not like every Disney Princess (COUGH COUGH ELSA COUGH COUGH) but I will defend them and how each one is a good example of feminism and women taking hold of their own lives. Note I didn’t say that they were shining examples of feminism but each Disney Princess has her own way of shining, being outstanding and pretty much kicking ass in their own way. There are a few princess I will be avoiding which are Snow White (because I really don’t remember the movie that well. I know the basic plot and all but really not enough to discuss it), Aurora (because I’ve actually never seen Sleeping Beauty, and possibly Elsa….maybe. We’ll see. For sure the first two though.

Let’s start with Cinderella, aka the Miss America of the Disney World. Cinderella is basically seen as the one that started it all or at least began the whole snowball effect. Cinderella faces all kinds of abuse, especially emotionally and mentally. All she truly wanted to do was escape the hell that was living with her evil step family. That’s all she wanted. She wanted to be happy and away from them. She didn’t want to do chores anymore. And because she was barely let outside her idea of being happy and free was going to the biggest ball of the year and getting turnt as all hell. That is pretty much all she wanted. What happened is that when her fairy Godmother did show up and she went to the ball she met a cute boy. This was the first boy that had ever showed interest in her and gave her an awesome time by treating her like a person, not like a slave like the rest of her family did. Cinderella was happy that she got to go out, have fun, party, and meet someone cute. But people always through in the whole, she barely knew him and they got married thing as if it was a bad thing. Here’s the thing, The Prince was the one that wanted to find her. Cinderella couldn’t stop thinking about him but she had to return to her shitty life and stay locked up.

When they got married it was like a breath of relief for cinderella. She got out the house, she could have fun whenever she wanted and be with someone who truly appreciated her. In short Cinderella dealt with the cards that were given to her. She had to obey her abusive family or else they would abuse her more. And when she was given an opportunity to escape and be happy she took it. She did what was best for her and what would make her happy. I don’t blame Cindy one bit. We also have to realize that the time from the usual princess/prince encounter there is a time skip. So while it looks like the pair are getting the married the next day we don’t know exactly how long they spent together before actually getting together. It’s an hour and a half movie, they can’t put months of planning and falling in love in there. On top of that, all the princesses have extravagant weddings and that shit cannot be done in a day. it just can’t. So while it looks like The Prince and Cindy just went off and got hitched, it probably didn’t end that way.

In order to be a strong woman or a person in general you have to make sure you put your ¬†happiness, emotional/physical/mental health above all else. Cindy did just that and went on to live her own happily ever after. She might be “girly” and “too feminine” but we all have to remember that bravery and feminism comes in different shapes and sizes. You don’t have to be super tough and beefy to be strong or a feminist. You just have to be you and do whats best for you. So stop knocking down Cindy and acting like she isn’t important. She is. In her own special way.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 7]

Published June 19, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Where we last left off our trio was headed through a gated pipe away from the soldiers that were following them, still hot on their trail after finding the 2 dead soldiers. I think they might have passed through a giant sewer of some kind. Tess asks Ellie what’s the plan now that they have found out she’s infected. The Firefly groups they’re supposed to deliver Ellie to has their own quarantine zone, for the infected I guess.Doctors are still trying to find a “cure”. Marlene believes that because Ellie has survives the bite? infection? for over three weeks now that she’s the key to finding the cure, which is why Ellie is so important

Joel thinks it’s a load of bull and still doesn’t belive Ellie. Tess believes her though. She wants to take a chance on Ellie. Most of this game is like slight open world exploring and just getting to places. The trip hears something weird, something almost like a growl or a scream or something. It wasn’t really clear. A lot of the cars are all rusty and decrepit and they’re all over the streets. They get close to the capitol building downtown but there a huge drop where I suppose a bridge or something fell through. SO there’s a gape and they can’t get from one side to another. They have to find a way around to get to the capitol building.

Joel find a building (another surprise!) that they go into. There is just so much exploring to do in this game, it’s almost like bioshock but bioshock had a lot more action ebcause of the spilcers that you would have to fight. it was more fast past then this game. I’m still waiting for more things to happen. There are a few dead bodies laying around which could mean the area is infected. Still not sure how it spreads. Apparently you can last years with the infection and it just corrodes your body. Joel moves a body that he calls a “clicker” which Tess then makes the comment about the “years of infection” so they are surviving somewhat, whatever these infected people are. It looked like some damn fungus grew out of him too. Clickers are blind because of the i guess the disfigurement caused by the infection. They see using sound. They’re called Clickers because they make some kind of Clicking noise when they’re hunting.

The Clickers remind me of the monster guys that were in the movie¬†The Descent. The building that they’re in is literally falling apart, I know I saw that about every building but this one is literally on the verge of collapsing at any moment. Joel and Tess find a door that takes a bit of force to get open and when they do a freakin’ clicker attacks Joel. This scared the hell out of me!! I wasn’t expecting that at all. The game is definitely playing off the whole it’s quiet for the most part thing so when something big happens it scares the shit out of you.

I mean look at their faces. It’s so weird and creepy. It’s like a tree/fungus/weird bark looking….thingy. It’s weird. It’s gross. ¬†But this might be because of the “spores” so maybe it’s a combination of plant poison and typical zombie symptoms. It’s so weird. I want to find out more but I don’t want to read the wiki page and spoil myself!!

ANyway Tess shoots the clicker in the face and everything seems to be all fine and dandy now for the most part. Joel made a health kit out of a rag and alcohol. I guess you have to take what you can get during the apocalypse. Ohhh painkillers, not sure if that helps healing or just slows down like bleeding if you’re hurt or something like that. More creepy sounds which only adds to the vibe. The building that they were in seemed to be a big office building. There are lots of rolling chairs, cubicles and even a lobby area. MORE CLICKERS. They make weird…well clicking noises, I’m trying to think of something to compare it to but nothing is really coming to mind right now. It’s like a weird insect almost. and i fucking hate insects. But also like a monkey sound too? I have no idea, they’re really weird. I guess they don’t smell very well either. I don’t think they have their nose anymore since the fungus-y stuff covers their entire face.

The trip gets on this rickety window washing scaffold thing and it is just terrifying. I’m waiting for this shit to just fall but they made it to the outside for a bit because the stair way was blocked off. They didn’t fall so that’s good. Joel got a new gun- a revolver and Brad might be able to pick up more ammo now, if there’s different types and stuff. We can hear another clicker near by but we can’t really see it since it’s so damn dark. The clickers make such ¬†gross sounds I really hate it. They creep me out. I hope there’s not anything worse in here but I have a feeling that I’m going to be dead wrong.

Steam Monster Summer Sale

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

well it’s time to empty our wallets and cry because our computers will be running slow. I caught Steam on a good day which means it’s bad for me since I just shelled out around $12 bucks on games. Honestly this isn’t that bad and I could’ve done much worse

The three games I got was Bioshock, DreadOut, and Gone Home.

Bioshock was around $6.70, Dreadout was $3.50 ish and Gone Home was $2.70?? Something like that. I got Bioshock because I had been watching a let’s play on it because it’s my sisters favorite game. I was prepping my to make her some Bioshock inspired Birthday gifts which are almost done I’m just too lazy to finish them and I finally got it today. I’m not a fan of FPS but I did really like the storyline and the atmosphere.

Dreadout I got mostly for my friend Dalton, who loves Survival horror with useless female characters. She’s got a cell phone that lights her way so I’m excited to be scared shitless and play with him.

Gone Home was purchased because i had just recently watched and made a blog post about the Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games. Gone Home was on there and It was cheap so I thought I’d play it. Why not. If i had more money i’d probably buy The Wolf Among Us and the Walking Dead, as well as the Game of Thrones game. They’re all around $13 each though. I would also buy Bioshock Infinite it’s half off as well. But i think for my first Steam Sale I did ok and controlled myself! I cant wait to play these.

Two of My Favorite Things

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Recently WatchMojo did it’s Top 10 LGBT Characters in video games which for me is honestly the best video they’ve ever made. Queer stuff and video games are two of my favorite things and I love finding video game characters that are like me. Now I didn’t know that many characters on the list, more so the franchises just by name and stuff but my favorite character got #2!!

The small problem is the WatchMojo doesn’t really say everything correctly but they mean well.

10. Erica from Catherine (Trans*)

In the true ending of Catherine we found out that Erica was determined male at birth and transitioned (seemingly having bottom surgery) since she took Tobey’s virginity. The bad thing is that Catherine’s Nightmare world still affects her since she was still “born a man” and cheats on Tobey. So they almost validated her gender….almost.

9. Gay Tony From Grand Theft Auto IV: Ballad of Gay Tony (Gay)

Since I don’t really play GTA and only have watched other people play it I can’t really speak about this character much. But Gay Tony seems cool because he’s still like an everyday mafiaoso type guy who has a boyfriend.

8. Steve Cortez from Mass Effect 3 (Gay)

Honeslty I really want to play Mass Effect because of this I’m not even going to lie, even if it is sci fi and a shooter game (which are things i’m not really into) but I would love to see how the relationships with the characters develop.

7. Poison -Final Fight and Street Fighter (Trans*)

i haven’t seen this character a lot and i really like the street fighter games. Fighting games are one of my fave genres and I would love to cosplay as poison one day. But the reason I don’t know much about her is probably because of North America’s censorship and instead of just leaving Poison in as a girl character, since there was just a bit of speculation about her gender identity she was completely replaced with a male character.¬†Street Fighter IV‚Äć‚Ää’‚Äčs producer Yoshinori Ono, when asked in an interview about the matter, stated “Let’s set the record straight: In North America, Poison is officially a post-op trans woman. But in Japan, she simply tucks her business away to look female.”[ Wiki]

6. Dorian from Dragon Age Inquistion (Gay)

Medieval gays. Nuff said. They also talk about Krem a trans* solider who really reminds me of Briane of Tarth from GoT. ¬†He should’ve taken the spot or at least shared it with Dorian.

5. Birdo from Super Mario Bros (Trans* Dinosaur)

Birdo was apparently originally stated to be a male who dressed like a girl. So Birdo is trans* but of course Birdo is chalked up to being just a girl due to censorship. In a way this is way better than the Final Fight situation as Birdo can be who she wants to be without some drastic as completely changing the character to a male. So we can have trans* dinosaurs but not trans* women. I say let Birdo and Yoshi be free in their trans* egg laying world.

4.Juhani from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (lesbian)

Lesbian aliens<3333

3. Samantha from Gone Home (lesbian)

I’ve actually never heard of this game and I think it sounds really interesting. It’s now on my list of games to play/watch. And it was only $2.40 on Steam so i purchased it:P

2.Kanji Tatsumi from Person 4 (Pansexual)

MY BABY!! Kanji is literally my favorite character. I love him so much. He’s seen as a juvenile delinquent but since his mom owns a textile shop he sews and like to make little keychains and plushies. He’s struggled with his sexuality because he wasn’t “manly” enough. Not to mention he has a crush on Naoto who stuggles with her own gender identity. This is why I say Kanji is pansexual, because his shadow self continues to say I dont care who accepts me as long as I’m accepted. Kanji just wants to be loved for who he is and not be bullied for what he likes to do or who he falls in love with. He’s a precious precious angel.

1. Ellie From the Last of Us (lesbian???)

Tbh Ellie is the reason I started watching the Last of Us. Shes adorable and I already love her. I can’t wait to get to the DLC to actually see her relationship blossom.

Persona 5 Trailer

Published June 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

FINALLY. FINALLY. FINALLY FINALLY. We got a few 30 second trailers before about P5 but nothing was really set in stone. We got a look at the Protag mostly but we didn’t really know that much about him. I started playing Persona 4 two years ago. My friend Jasmine kept talking about it. Eventually I had another friend who let me borrow a copy and then I purchased a copy for myself. Since then I’ve played Persona Q and have learned a bit about P3. I have P3: FES on my Playstation account but I can’t download it because I don’t have enough space on my PS3 which sucks. My roommate has been bugging me to play it and ever since I got to learn about the characters from PQ I’ve been wanting to play P3 as well.

So what is Persona?

It’s a JRPG that has a lot of elements and things going on in the games. It can be really overwhelming at times. A thing Atlus also likes to do is create multiple endings for games depending on your actions as well as “true” endings which can only be achieved by doing everything perfectly and exactly the way it was intended to be completed.

From Atlus’s website:

“Persona is an RPG series set in cities and high schools in modern day Japan. It focuses on the growth of adolescents who, upon the awakening of their “Persona” abilities, overcome various trials together.¬†The heart of the Persona series is the clashing of ordinary events such as school life, friendship, and love, with the extraordinary such as urban legends, strange rumors, bizarre occurrences, and glimpses of the dark side of society. Its mysterious charm has fascinated fans all over the world.The series has expanded to various media, including anime, music concerts, stage plays, and manga. Its popularity continues to soar by the day.¬†Throughout the series, “Persona” refers to a hidden “personality” or the “other self” that lurks within oneself. Personas manifest themselves as legendary gods and demons, and hold otherworldly powers. The adolescents who awaken to the Persona ability wield their powers to confront and overcome many perils that stand in their way.”

Pretty much in about every Persona game there are monsters (Shadows) that you have to kill, epically long boss battles (it took me about 3 hours to beat the final boss for PQ and I took a break in between), and lots of emo feelings. I mean lots of emo feelings. In P3, in order to activate your Persona you have a trigger object which is literally a gun that you hold up to your head, pull the trigger and scream Persona, and your persona is summoned. That’s pretty brutal. In P4 in order to actually get and accept your Persona you have to face your “true” self, which basically means admitting to yourself those deepest darkest secrets of yours and finally accepting them as who you are. Persona will hit your ass with some seriously deep shit I’m telling you.

Now onto the game trailer.

The whole thing with this game is that the character’s are Phantom Thieves. “Beneath the veneer of typical urban high school life,¬†a group of teenagers mask their mysterious alter egos,¬†their “phantom thief” side. Who are they?¬†Why are they dressed as such? What are their motives?And… why are they being pursued? [Atlus Website]”. The Protag is a high school student (typical of persona really) “who becomes a Persona-user through an unexpected incident. Having moved to Tokyo just before the start of the school year, he finds residence at a cafe run by his parents’ friend, and is about to get his first taste of school life in the big city.The protagonist seems quiet and well-mannered at first glance, but gives a completely different impression once he has donned his “phantom thief” guise.
What is the motivation of his alter ego…? {Atlus]”

Look how cute this little shit is

He’s sooooooo adorable but you know he’s a sneaky little bastard. His Persona actually looks similar to P4’s protag’s persona, Izanagi. Like a little Bit. Arsene has a more devilish vibe to him with the wings and claws and all.

The animation is still very Persona-y. Like other than the name you would instantly recognize this game as part of the Persona franchise. The animation is nicer though and more closely resembling Catherine with a more 3D effect to it. I’m hoping there’s actual “anime” cut scenes like in PQ. I thought those were really cute. Actually there is a blonde pigtailed female character that pretty much does look like Catherine. They have very similar vibes. So far we see three characters, the protag, Catherine 2.0 and another blonde kid. Well there’s a cat too but I’m not sure if he’s part of the team, most likely though because in P3 there was Komomaru, a dog, and P4 had a fox that would help heal you and gift you things. So hurray! We get a cat!.

I’m sure there will be more characters later on but only showing 3 so far is pretty different. In P4 we had like 7 main characters. The worlds you have to explore look absolutely stunning!! They are so vivid and just refreshing compared to the previous persona games. It’s like they have more personality. And since the characters are phantom thieves it only makes sense that they would be robbing high profile places, therefore leading to nicer areas to explore. Im curious to what exactly is the story line and how they get their personas. At the end of the trailer it looks almost as if the Protag is¬†transforming into his persona, something that i don’t think has ever happened before.

Overall the trailer leaves a lot of questions unanswered, which is normal obviously since it just is only a trailer. But there wasn’t that much gameplay action in it. There were just a few tidbits which the menu screens and a few places that the protag was exploring. I honestly can’t wait until the end of the year. This will probably be my birthday present to myself!

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 5]

Published June 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

So we start off at the door and head on right in. We block it with an old locker. the Firefly lady’s name is Marlene. She’s still leading T&J towards where the hidden guns are. Uh-oh, curfew is now in effect so we have to be extra careful now. So Now we meet Ellie!!! She’s a spicy little bean burrito. First words we hear from her are “Get the fuck away from her!” and she attacks Tess with a knife. I like her. She’s got some ovarian fortitude to attack Tess. The thing they’re smuggling is Ellie, to another group of Fireflies. It’s what T&J have to do in order to get their guns back. Marlene says she can’t go though. Ohh!! Marlene says she was close with Tommy!! I wonder if Tommy is still alive. Did he survive? Did he become a Firefly? Still don’t know what a Firefly is exactly.

Ohhhh he was a Firefly. But they’re speaking in past tense so ¬†he might be dead already. Ellie really doesn’t want to leave Marlene but Marlene and Tess are going back to the camp to verify that Marlene and the other Fireflies have the guns.

Ellie has joined Joel and they are headed towards the tunnel, the same tunnel he and Tess went through to get to their part of town. Now they really have to sneak around because if they get caught being out past curfew they can die. This episode is actually really short too. I wish Brad would make these a little longer. But at least I can make quick posts about my opinions about the series and stuff so it’s not that bad. Brad is just heading towards the tunnel for the most part so there isn’t really anything interesting going on. He most a dumpster to an area so he and Ellie can climb up. But he can’t really climb up there even with the dumpster. It’s a bit strange since Joel could easily make himself climb up. It was really strange but it worked after a little bit. Might have just been a weird gameplay bug or something.

Ellie considers Marlene a friend. She must trust Marlene a lot if she didn’t want to separate from her and attacked Tess in order to protect Marlene. Marlene is the leader of the Fireflies and knew Ellie’s mom. Ellie, we find out is 14. Ellie doesn’t know where her parents are. There might still even be school in this world. Joel says that “instead of staying in school Ellie decided to join the Fireflies.” So again we get a little bit more insight into what this dystopia is like. it sucks that even in a zombie invested world you still have to go to fuckin’ school. Hell I’d join the Fireflies too if it meant I didn’t have to go to school. Unless school was teaching you how to survive in this world it seems pretty much useless. I doubt anyone has time to read books, although I’d try and raid a Barnes and Noble.

I feel like Joel is going to start to care about Ellie a great deal. Like his daughter was at least around the same age. he’s got to care about Ellie. This is literally like Lee and Clem all over again. Ellie’s animation is gorgeous though. She looks like a worn out 14 year old and it’s just great. I think she’s awesome. The apartment that Joel stays at is close to the outside. Still not sure what “the outside” is like exactly but I have a feeling they will have to go out there soon. Something might go wrong with Marlene and Tess and then Joel and Ellie will have to escape. Nope nevermind. Tess came back. They have to smuggle Ellie out now that everything is clear. Marlene wanted to smuggle Ellie out originally but because they lost a lot of men she had to rely on T&J.

Joel starts a generator to a small lift and they go down. Ellie is really important for whatever reason. They get to the tunnel and the episode ends here. The endings are really abrupt so I feel like I’m almost forced to end these posts quickly! Onto part 6. I really should head to be soon since I have to work tomorrow but I also want to keep watching. I want to find out more about Ellie!