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Favorite Pokemon from Each Type!

Published March 4, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget


Hey guys! So my friend found this meme (is it a meme?) where you can fill in your favorite Pokemon from each type in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Pokemon has impacted my life greatly. I’ve been playing it for about 11 years and it is one of my favorite franchises. It is timeless and I’ve played at least one game from every generation as well as almost everyone of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I started off with FireRed and chose Charmander as my starter Pokemon. Ever since then I’ve been predominantly a fire trainer. These Pokemon are my favorite and I’ve had them all on my team at least once (except Purugly, we’ll get to that later). I thought I’d expand a bit on why I love these guys so much. Hope you enjoy.

Bug: Volcarona

I’ve never liked Bug pokemon, ever. I don’t even like bugs in real life. But when Volcarona came out I was really excited and a little scared because it’s sprite was so big. It looked interesting and I really liked it’s Bug/Fire typing. Seeing it in Relic Castle was a bit of a shock and also something cool. It felt almost as intense as a legendary battle because there was only one and leveling up a Larvesta (in later games) takes forever! Now I’m not one to get technical with stats, battling, IV/EV training, etc because I believe it takes the fun out of Pokemon, so my choices are based on aesthetics and my own personal gameplay. I love having duel types on my teams especially ones where they are weak to their second type. I think it makes a Pokemon really special. At the time it was like getting a Lucario or a Zoroark. There was only one (per main game) and having such a high level pokemon that was also a dual type really set it in stone with my BW team.

Dark: Absol

My love of Absol came from playing Emerald as well as the first Mystery Dungeon game. Absol was cool, mysterious, and elusive. It was always difficult for me to find out and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I loved the sleek design and how it was a bringer of destruction. When I got PMD: BRT (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team) I kind of put a personality to Absols. The Absol in game was misunderstood and wanted to help your team. Being able to play as Absol was also really fun. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. I wasn’t a fan of the Mega evolution that got introduced and since Pokemon Emerald I haven’t really had an Absol on my team but I remember my fondness for it well.

Dragon: Giratina

Oh man, if you knew me in life you would know that Giratina is my favorite legendary (Suicune comes in as close second). It was so scary and tricky to get in Diamond and Pearl and when it got it’s own entire world in Platinium I lost my mind! Platinum became my favorite game because of this as well. The lore, creepyness, and relation to Satan herself, has my love for Giratina going strong. As yes, I know almost all legendaries are genderless but I like associating Giratina as a strong, powerful evil lady, who will crush you in her six arms. Giratina’s entire being and secrecy was my favorite thing. I even stumbled upon Turnback Cave after I had defeated the Elite 4 and had to violently look up how to solve the room puzzles. Seeing Giratina for the 1st time scared me and I loved it. Again, lore takes over how much I love this Pokemon and I think until this day I have about 3 Giratina’s.

Electric: Ampharos

Ampharos is the most boss electric pokemon ever and no one can tell me other wise. I got this baby in Pokemon Silver and whenever it has been available I’ve caught it and kept it on my team. I always try to get the basic fire, water, grass, electric types on my team to keep balance. Ampharos will be my first pick for electric anytime. I like how you can easily get a Mareep and evolve it. It grows with you and has always helped me kick butt within game. I think the Mega Evolution was cool since it became a dual type (not cool that the first time I used the Ampharos mega evolution was against a dragon pokemonXD). It’s cute and cuddily but also deadly-like me!

Fairy: Gardevoir

Let me start by saying when they announced Gardevoir to have a Fairy type I was really pissed. I hate Fairy pokemon. I don’t care how great their moves are against dragons, I hate them. I like Gardevoir being a psychic type-a strong psychic type at that. But besides that I fell in love with Gardevoir after ferociously trying to find a Ralts in the wilds of Pokemon Emerald and raising my graceful little nugget to become the strong beautiful creature she is. Like Absol, I also gave Gardevoir a personality when I played PMD:BRT. Finding out that you had to reconnect with your Gardevoir and she was trying to help you the entire time, just to protect you made me love her even more. Gardevoirs are gorgeous and strong as well as loyal. Having a Pokemon stand by your side no matter what makes me love it even more! Not to mention that its Mega Evolution is even more beautiful and ever more awesome in its shiny form! Again, whenever Gardevoir is available in certain generations I will raise one and take it to the Elite 4 no doubt about that. The reason I chose it for Fairy is because, like I said earlier, I hate Fairy types so it was really hard to choose one. In the end I was able to squeeze another fire dual type in for psychic;)

Fighting: Blaziken

The first ever Fire/Fighting pokemon, the Torchic line was new and amazing. Being a chicken didn’t look cool at first but Blaziken took the cake being a powerful kicking badass. I liked that extra level of power-it adds on another move set pool and gives you more options. I love the design and power that comes with my little kung-fu chicken and I think it’s way better than Emboar.

Fire: Typlosion

Typlosion is purely sentimental for me. It was the first ever pokemon I ever raised to level 100. And I almost lost it. I had leveled it up to 100 after my billionth level grinding battle with Red and I was in the kitchen. My grandma had a sinkful of water and dirty dishes and somehow I managed to drop my Gameboy SP in there. I thought both my Gameboy and Pokemon Silver was lost. But thankfully after drying them both and repeating the battle, my level 100 Typlosion was still intact. He’s a warrior that’s for sure.

Flying: Charizard

Again, I got to cheat thanks to dual types haha! Charmander, like many other people, was the first pokemon I chose. I’ve loved that little fire lizard ever since. Charizard was even my favorite pokemon on Ash’s team because it was sassy and lazy just like me. Mega Charizard X made it even cooler while the Mega Charizard Y (the one I got) was a let down. Charizard X let Charizard be the cool badass dragon it deserved to be and because dragons are my favorite mythical creature I loved it even more.

Ghost: Misdreavus

Move over Ghastly and Gengar, my favorite ghost Pokemon is the cute and adorable little shit known as Misdreavus. I love ghost pokemon mostly for aesthetic reasons as I’m not very good with them in battle. I’ve had Misdreavus on my team before, for a short while, when I encountered it in Silver. Misdreavus’s Pokedex entries state that it’s a prankster and likes to scare people by screaming. Gengar is good for strength but I never got a chance to have one since you always had to trade it for it to evolve. At least with Misdreavus, she was by my side easily with her cute hair and necklace ready to help me kick some butt every once in awhile.

Grass: Torterra

Now as a fire trainer, grass isn’t my forte. I’ve rarely picked a grass starter over a fire or water. But there was once a rare time where I chose a Turtwig. Why? You guessed it, dual type. My love of Torterra is similar to that of my love for Gastrodon. Earthquake is an amazingly powerful move and that fat turtle will take down plenty of enemies and since grass and ground are both not effected by electricity it makes taking out any electric gym leaders as easy as 1,2,3. If we had Torterra’s around when we had to fight Lt. Surge you better believe that would’ve been the easiest battle of our lives. Raichu’s got nothing on this guy. I also chose it to fill the grass slot so my Roserade can cover Poison as I’m not good with Poison types either. Filling this out was hard!

Ground: Flygon

I love Flygon. You wouldn’t think much of it, especially when you first encounter a Trapinch but once it levels up and turns into the majestic and lovable Flygon you’ve got a great pokemon on your hands. With Trapinch’s typing and selective habitats it can be kind of hard to get one and level it up. Flygon was there for my first run of Emerald and has traveled though my Pokemon games since. It’s been awhile since I used one on my team so maybe I’ll let it make a comeback.

Ice: Froslass

I don’t really mess with ice types that much unless my water type ends up evolving into a dual type water/ice. However when Froslass first came out I wanted one instantly. Not only is Froslass beautiful, I really like that it was based on the legend of the Yuki-Onna. It helps up the creepyness factor while keeping a deadly beautiful exterior. I think it also gave some use to Snowrunt, especially since I really hated Glalie. They aren’t nearly as nice to look at as Froslass. She can also learn some cool moves and to be honest I love any pokemon who can learn Shadow Ball and Ice Beam.

Normal: Purugly

I hate normal types. I picked Purugly because it’s a fat grumpy cat, simple as that.

Poison: Roserade

Roserade is by far my favorite dual type grass pokemon. I’ve had one ever since Dawn stones became available and I think I even had one in Alpha Sapphire. Like I mentioned before I always like having elemental balance on my team. Though grass and poison aren’t effective to many types it works for some things. The downfall is that there aren’t many powerful grass type moves so I always have to teach Roserade TM moves. It is also usually the one that learns Cut on my team. So it’s helpful, good for fighting in caves, and really pretty. I don’t know why I keep going back to Roserade but it’s just become my favorite grass type and a staple on my team. I liked it way better than just sticking with a Roselia.

Psychic: Victini

Before GameFreak traded my beloved Gardevoir over to the Fairy side, she was my favorite Psychic type. Now I get to pick another dual type and one of my favorites. I was actually lucky enough to get BW in the time frame that Wal-Mart was giving out codes for a Victini. Victini was special to me because it was the first event Pokemon I ever owned. I loved it and I carried it on my team all the way until the Elite 4 (which is funny because it helped me be victorious! Good job, Victini!). Though the leveling up was slow I still felt like it was worth it. I’ve traded it over to my Alpha Sapphire game and haven’t used it since I’ve finished the game but again I’m a sucker for fire types.

Rock: Tyranitar

Tyranitar was a tank and a staple on my Silver team. A lot of care went into leveling up this bastard. I hate 3 stage dragon types (technically Tyranitar is Rock/Dark but it’s around the same as a Dragonite) since they take forever to evolve but I think my Tyranitar was worth it. It’s pre-evolutionary stages are a little worthless (mostly Pupitar) but once you get your pseudo-legendary, it’s a good one to have on your team. Tyranitar was my second strongest on my silver team behind Typlosion!

Steel: Lucario

Lucario was like like the OG Zoroark where you thought you were getting a special Pokemon and it turns out it only had the aura of a legendary Pokemon. Lucario is great with speed and would’ve been so helpful if it was available when you had to fight Norman in Pokemon Emerald. I think it’s one of the best fighting types out there and more flexible than most of its kind. And on top of that Riley was one of my Pokemon crushes, right after Steven. Getting a Riolu from him was a gift of our love. Well at least that’s what I told my 12 year old self.

Water: Oshawott

Ok so this was technically a tie between Pinplup and Oshawott. My top 3 favorite water types are those two along with Mudkip. The reason I chose Oshawott over Pinplup is mostly because i’ve been on this otter kick lately. They’re just so damn cute and you can’t help but love how adorable Oshawott is in the anime. He’s the cutest little nugget ever. Not to mention Samurott turns into a samurai narwhall that can probably kill someone with its horn in two seconds. Oshawott was part of the few times that I chose fire over water and I was completely happy with my decision.

So sure, maybe my reasons were a little dumb but at the time of their creation and ever since these Pokemon have had a special place in my heart. I’m not a crazy battler nor do I train hardcore. I like going with the flow of the game and treating these Pokemons as true companions. They’re my babies and having them besides me in a game series that I’ve been playing for 11 years makes me happy that I got to train them. So here’s to 20 more years Pokemon!


Ohayocon 2016

Published January 22, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

Last weekend I went to Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve got to say that this con was fairly disappointing when it comes to panels. Out of 3 days I only went to around 5 panels, which is really bad for a 3 day con. For two out of the three days I dressed up; Friday was Lolita day and Saturday I dress up as Super Sonico. I made a post on my makeup blog on how I did the makeup for both looks. Friday was a decent day. After much struggling and going back and forth, my sister drove me to Columbus, two hours from where I live. My ex goes to school there so I stayed with her. Every year it always seems like a big mistake because she usually makes the con horrible for me but eventually things evened out. Neither I or my sister could afford an extra badge for her (i had pre-ordered mine) and so she had to wander around the con being bored for several hours while I did stuff. I felt really bad and annoyed that my ex wouldn’t let her stay in her place to rest while we were at the con. it just seemed really stupid. To make up for it I set out to get her a bunch of Sailor Mercury stuff from the dealer’s room and a few things from Bioshock (her fave video game franchise). I also paid for the parking ticket, our food, and gas (another reason why I didn’t have money for her badge).

Friday was a pretty chill day. I went to a panel about BJD’s (ball jointed dolls). It was my first BJD panel and I was super excited to meet other people who had the same hobby/interest as me. I haven’t been in the bjd hobby for long but I still love it. I made some new friends with Maria and her wife Gabi. I got to ogle her gorgeous Mini Me doll of Bill Kaulitz, too. The BJD panel’s were my favorite as well as the Steven Universe panel.

I was super nervous about dressing in Lolita too. Not only did I wear two sports bras, two pairs of spanx, and pantyhose, but I had a heavy wig on also. I was afraid someone was going to like say I didn’t make a good lolita or something. Not that I would’ve actually cared but i’ve heard that people in both the bjd and lolita community can sometimes be assholes. But i had a few compliments here and there and even got called a “pretty lolita” in passing. I was really happy. On Friday I also went to the Girls Generation Panel, which is my 2nd time going. I love that panel because it’s always fun to dance to GG, and i love Kpop. It’s a win win situation. But let me tell you, dancing in Lolita gear is no joke! I was sweating, my spanx kept falling down (layering spanx is apparently not a good idea as the materials slide against one another) and my feet were hurting in my 3 in heeled boots. I took them off during the dance but I had been wearing them all day so my feet were pooped.

Saturday I dress as Super Sonico. I hand sewed the vest from scratch (meaning I got yards of fabric and cut things out). It was the hardest thing i’ve ever done but also the best. it actually functioned, looked cute and I was very happy with my cosplay. I even got a few people to take my picture. The best thing was that I actually got 2 Sonico figures as well. That was my goal for the dealer’s room. Get a sonico figure. It was ahead everything else and I’m really happy with my purchases. I also got a lot of things from artist alley. Like I said, I didn’t go to many panels so I spent most of my time in the dealer’s room, artist alley, avoiding furries, and sitting down to rest my feet. I wanted to keep my sister company too, so I met up with her anytime I wasn’t busy.

Sunday I was in and out of the con really quick. it started to get colder and I had to be home to help my cousin’s girlfriend dye her hair. I had commissioned the awesome Consuelo over at Cogs and Creatures to make me and SD size beanie and t-shirt for my boy doll who had been naked ever since I got his body off layaway. She was super awesome! Anyway I ran in, spent a few more in artist alley then headed off towards North Market. North Market is my favorite place to it. It has the best pizza, pierogi’s and macarons! I just had to take my sister there to taste the awesome food. The guy working the parking lot ticket both was a prick though. He gave us attitude and a hard time because we didn’t get a stamp from inside, saying that we actually parked in the lot to go to North Market. I had forgotten you had to do this as I don’t freakin’ live in Columbus or go to North Market constantly. I would usually walk there anyway. Anyway he gave us attitude about it and was a complete dick. But after all that we were on our way home.

I wish this year had been better, panel and con wise. Last year I did a lot more stuff. I’m hoping to go to Colossalcon this summer so I have no idea if i’ll be able to go to ohayocon next year but we’ll see. I made a quick slideshow of some of the pictures and videos I took at the con. Hope you enjoy!

The Last of Us Let’s Play [ Part 12]

Published July 4, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Fuck the government. Well I mean they’re tryin’ to kill normal people in a  fungus infested society anyway. They’re pretty much dicks. Ellie and Joel are still trying to get away from the soldiers after they’ve killed Tess. Joel strangles one and uh…we’re trying to avoid the other soldiers in the area, as always. Game play is still really slow. I think were this episode started Brad was showing a little of the ending of episode 11. So there isn’t anything new yet.

We’re taking advantage of being sneaky and trying to get behind the soldiers and strangle them. It’s  really a pain in the ass! Unfortunately one of the last soldiers spotted Joel and shot at him. now Joel is forced to use his ammo which he is still running low on. Got around 6 bullets left, after wasting 5 trying to shoot at the solider. Realistically I would probably be shooting frantically too if I was playing but damn man, you’ve already got low stock of every kind of weapon! You can barely make shivs! Stop wasting so many bullets on one person. At this point brad as a full inventory of First Aid kits so he could definitely get closer to the target, suffer the wounds but get a clearer shot and waste less ammo. I kind of want to slap Brad across the head. Get you shit together Brad.

Oh so now he doesn’t have any first aid kits, so scratch my previous statement. Brad just checked his inventory. There still at least one more soldier to take down. Joel manages to grab the guy, throw him down and stomp on his head. FUCK. YEAH.

Moving on now, we’ve killed everyone in the area so now we can get this show on the road. We’re still in the Capitol building, going down some stairs to an area than again is a gaping hole. Gaping holes happen a lot in these building and we always have to get around them. Fucking apocalypse destroying everything. Most of the time you can jump down. There’s some dialogue and in this lower area more soldiers. So yay, more killing adn trying to get around these guys. COOL THING HAPPENED THOUGH. Joel had to get close enough to use hand to hand combat (he’s on 4 bullets now) and after a few punches to the solider he slammed his head into the wall. YASSSS. I love me some gore.



At least 2 more to go. Brad beat the AI with his own gun. One more down. Mostly just sneaking, crouching, and grabbing whenever the AI’s get close. Joel’s got like 8 bullets now. 2 armored guys, so of course our count is always wrong. There’s always more AI’s then we can tell. Joel and Ellie are actually really close to the exit. He manages to get one armored guy down with hand to hand, goes through the exit and the second armor guy starts shooting at him. Not good since once Joel starts shooting his ammo goes down to at least 2 and he’s taking mega hits from these bullets. Wouldn’t it be helpful if Ellie would like try to fight people too?  My sister tells me this happens later one but Joel reaaally needs the help right now, damn. No more ammo and he dies.

So starting back up again Jowl gets out of the Capitol with out any more interference and is heading down to a subway station. AI’s are still following and shooting so the pair have to traverse though the subway. There’s a dead body attached to the wall with the fungus growing from it so Joel has to get his mask on. Good thing that it’s an automatic mechanism in the game. Hiding from the AI Joel looks at Ellie and asks how she’s breathing in the spores. She responds with “I wasn’t lying to you” basically saying “Hey gray-dad I told your bitchass that I was infected and I’m here surviving.” Ellie’s pretty badass to survive all this and just walk up into the spores like “nah, not today satan. Not today.”

So now Joel has to take down more AI’s, big surprise. Grabbed and strangled both of the AI’s in the immediate area. we end with the pair going through an actually subway cart. I hate the abrupt endings so much.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 7]

Published June 19, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Where we last left off our trio was headed through a gated pipe away from the soldiers that were following them, still hot on their trail after finding the 2 dead soldiers. I think they might have passed through a giant sewer of some kind. Tess asks Ellie what’s the plan now that they have found out she’s infected. The Firefly groups they’re supposed to deliver Ellie to has their own quarantine zone, for the infected I guess.Doctors are still trying to find a “cure”. Marlene believes that because Ellie has survives the bite? infection? for over three weeks now that she’s the key to finding the cure, which is why Ellie is so important

Joel thinks it’s a load of bull and still doesn’t belive Ellie. Tess believes her though. She wants to take a chance on Ellie. Most of this game is like slight open world exploring and just getting to places. The trip hears something weird, something almost like a growl or a scream or something. It wasn’t really clear. A lot of the cars are all rusty and decrepit and they’re all over the streets. They get close to the capitol building downtown but there a huge drop where I suppose a bridge or something fell through. SO there’s a gape and they can’t get from one side to another. They have to find a way around to get to the capitol building.

Joel find a building (another surprise!) that they go into. There is just so much exploring to do in this game, it’s almost like bioshock but bioshock had a lot more action ebcause of the spilcers that you would have to fight. it was more fast past then this game. I’m still waiting for more things to happen. There are a few dead bodies laying around which could mean the area is infected. Still not sure how it spreads. Apparently you can last years with the infection and it just corrodes your body. Joel moves a body that he calls a “clicker” which Tess then makes the comment about the “years of infection” so they are surviving somewhat, whatever these infected people are. It looked like some damn fungus grew out of him too. Clickers are blind because of the i guess the disfigurement caused by the infection. They see using sound. They’re called Clickers because they make some kind of Clicking noise when they’re hunting.

The Clickers remind me of the monster guys that were in the movie The Descent. The building that they’re in is literally falling apart, I know I saw that about every building but this one is literally on the verge of collapsing at any moment. Joel and Tess find a door that takes a bit of force to get open and when they do a freakin’ clicker attacks Joel. This scared the hell out of me!! I wasn’t expecting that at all. The game is definitely playing off the whole it’s quiet for the most part thing so when something big happens it scares the shit out of you.

I mean look at their faces. It’s so weird and creepy. It’s like a tree/fungus/weird bark looking….thingy. It’s weird. It’s gross.  But this might be because of the “spores” so maybe it’s a combination of plant poison and typical zombie symptoms. It’s so weird. I want to find out more but I don’t want to read the wiki page and spoil myself!!

ANyway Tess shoots the clicker in the face and everything seems to be all fine and dandy now for the most part. Joel made a health kit out of a rag and alcohol. I guess you have to take what you can get during the apocalypse. Ohhh painkillers, not sure if that helps healing or just slows down like bleeding if you’re hurt or something like that. More creepy sounds which only adds to the vibe. The building that they were in seemed to be a big office building. There are lots of rolling chairs, cubicles and even a lobby area. MORE CLICKERS. They make weird…well clicking noises, I’m trying to think of something to compare it to but nothing is really coming to mind right now. It’s like a weird insect almost. and i fucking hate insects. But also like a monkey sound too? I have no idea, they’re really weird. I guess they don’t smell very well either. I don’t think they have their nose anymore since the fungus-y stuff covers their entire face.

The trip gets on this rickety window washing scaffold thing and it is just terrifying. I’m waiting for this shit to just fall but they made it to the outside for a bit because the stair way was blocked off. They didn’t fall so that’s good. Joel got a new gun- a revolver and Brad might be able to pick up more ammo now, if there’s different types and stuff. We can hear another clicker near by but we can’t really see it since it’s so damn dark. The clickers make such  gross sounds I really hate it. They creep me out. I hope there’s not anything worse in here but I have a feeling that I’m going to be dead wrong.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 6]

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

There’s a patrol ahead of Joel and Ellie so they have to wait for a bit before coming out from the tunnel. They get out of the tunnel and Ellie is surprised that she’s outside the little city area.  The trio goes up a truck when suddenly Joel is struck by some military person! There are two of them, a lady and a man. While the male officer is scanning the trio, i guess getting their ID’s Ellie yells “Sorry!” and then stabs the freakin’ guy in the leg! What the hell Ellie??? Joel tackles the guy to the ground while Tess shoots the female officer in the head. Joel shoots the male officer with his own gun. Ellie didn’t expect the people to die. She thought they were going to “hold them up or something.”

Tess checks the scanner and apparently it is not to check their ID’s, its to see if they are infected or not. We find out that Ellie is actually infected and Joel thinks that Marlene set them up. Ellie claims her bite is 3 weeks old and that she’s not infected. Tess can’t believe it because most people turn after 2 days. So Ellie is a pretty special snowflake right about now. Joel doesn’t believe it but the backup the officers called in has arrived so they have to move quickly. Ellie doesn’t have time to explain anymore as they’re running for their lives now. There are lights scanning the area looking for them. More officers have surrounded the place. It’s hard for Joel to pass by some guards that are scanning the place. He looks to sneak up on one of the guards to attack, all while staying out of their flashlight range.

The trio get past the soldiers and travel farther ahead. The soldiers thinks that Fireflies have killed their people. There are some abandoned buildings up ahead but that isn’t anything new. The whole scenery is abandoned and crumbling buildings. They get to a gate which Joel hauls up just enough for them to get through. More soldiers have shown up and surrounded the areas making everyone frantic and more scared. Joel throws a brick but it doesn’t seem to make the guard leave in a different direction so he sneaks up on one guard and strangles him. Another one sees him and begins to shoot. So the plan didn’t really work out so well. And there’s probably going to be more shooting but Joel doesn’t have that much ammo left. This is going to be a toughie. A few of the guards surround Joel’s immediate area and he decides t just run instead of fighting them which I think is for the best. The solider’s have some sort of armor on or something so it makes them hard to kill.

At this point Brad has run out of any weapons. He has nothing and is basically screwed. Their best bet is to continue running away from them But it’s getting really hard. Joel manages to Strangle a soldier and i think he actually had a shiv left So they got past that anxiety ridden part. They crawled into an abandoned building away from the ran. It might be another warehouse, it’s hard to tell in the darkness.

More soldiers. These guys seriously don’t give up!! it’s like every zombie game and movie is teaching you not to trust the military at all when an apocalypse happens. There’s more exploring through crumbling tunnels and buildings. Joel searches for anything they can use in the building that they’re in. He gets some ammo and now has 1 shiv and 2 bullets or 2 clips? Not sure how it’s measured. i think it’s clips though.

They go through a tunnel/pipe and there’s like a car of soldiers up over them. The trio are still trying to escape fro them and this is where the episode ends. So they’re almost out of the city and things are going fairly smoothly. I’m waiting for something to fuck up and the first person to die. I’m betting on Tess. I just feel like something is going to happen to her soon. Especially since the only other major character we’ve been introduced to is Marlene. And we all know Ellie survives to the end.

Steam Monster Summer Sale

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

well it’s time to empty our wallets and cry because our computers will be running slow. I caught Steam on a good day which means it’s bad for me since I just shelled out around $12 bucks on games. Honestly this isn’t that bad and I could’ve done much worse

The three games I got was Bioshock, DreadOut, and Gone Home.

Bioshock was around $6.70, Dreadout was $3.50 ish and Gone Home was $2.70?? Something like that. I got Bioshock because I had been watching a let’s play on it because it’s my sisters favorite game. I was prepping my to make her some Bioshock inspired Birthday gifts which are almost done I’m just too lazy to finish them and I finally got it today. I’m not a fan of FPS but I did really like the storyline and the atmosphere.

Dreadout I got mostly for my friend Dalton, who loves Survival horror with useless female characters. She’s got a cell phone that lights her way so I’m excited to be scared shitless and play with him.

Gone Home was purchased because i had just recently watched and made a blog post about the Top 10 LGBT Characters in Video Games. Gone Home was on there and It was cheap so I thought I’d play it. Why not. If i had more money i’d probably buy The Wolf Among Us and the Walking Dead, as well as the Game of Thrones game. They’re all around $13 each though. I would also buy Bioshock Infinite it’s half off as well. But i think for my first Steam Sale I did ok and controlled myself! I cant wait to play these.

Two of My Favorite Things

Published June 18, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Recently WatchMojo did it’s Top 10 LGBT Characters in video games which for me is honestly the best video they’ve ever made. Queer stuff and video games are two of my favorite things and I love finding video game characters that are like me. Now I didn’t know that many characters on the list, more so the franchises just by name and stuff but my favorite character got #2!!

The small problem is the WatchMojo doesn’t really say everything correctly but they mean well.

10. Erica from Catherine (Trans*)

In the true ending of Catherine we found out that Erica was determined male at birth and transitioned (seemingly having bottom surgery) since she took Tobey’s virginity. The bad thing is that Catherine’s Nightmare world still affects her since she was still “born a man” and cheats on Tobey. So they almost validated her gender….almost.

9. Gay Tony From Grand Theft Auto IV: Ballad of Gay Tony (Gay)

Since I don’t really play GTA and only have watched other people play it I can’t really speak about this character much. But Gay Tony seems cool because he’s still like an everyday mafiaoso type guy who has a boyfriend.

8. Steve Cortez from Mass Effect 3 (Gay)

Honeslty I really want to play Mass Effect because of this I’m not even going to lie, even if it is sci fi and a shooter game (which are things i’m not really into) but I would love to see how the relationships with the characters develop.

7. Poison -Final Fight and Street Fighter (Trans*)

i haven’t seen this character a lot and i really like the street fighter games. Fighting games are one of my fave genres and I would love to cosplay as poison one day. But the reason I don’t know much about her is probably because of North America’s censorship and instead of just leaving Poison in as a girl character, since there was just a bit of speculation about her gender identity she was completely replaced with a male character. Street Fighter IV‍ ’​s producer Yoshinori Ono, when asked in an interview about the matter, stated “Let’s set the record straight: In North America, Poison is officially a post-op trans woman. But in Japan, she simply tucks her business away to look female.”[ Wiki]

6. Dorian from Dragon Age Inquistion (Gay)

Medieval gays. Nuff said. They also talk about Krem a trans* solider who really reminds me of Briane of Tarth from GoT.  He should’ve taken the spot or at least shared it with Dorian.

5. Birdo from Super Mario Bros (Trans* Dinosaur)

Birdo was apparently originally stated to be a male who dressed like a girl. So Birdo is trans* but of course Birdo is chalked up to being just a girl due to censorship. In a way this is way better than the Final Fight situation as Birdo can be who she wants to be without some drastic as completely changing the character to a male. So we can have trans* dinosaurs but not trans* women. I say let Birdo and Yoshi be free in their trans* egg laying world.

4.Juhani from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (lesbian)

Lesbian aliens<3333

3. Samantha from Gone Home (lesbian)

I’ve actually never heard of this game and I think it sounds really interesting. It’s now on my list of games to play/watch. And it was only $2.40 on Steam so i purchased it:P

2.Kanji Tatsumi from Person 4 (Pansexual)

MY BABY!! Kanji is literally my favorite character. I love him so much. He’s seen as a juvenile delinquent but since his mom owns a textile shop he sews and like to make little keychains and plushies. He’s struggled with his sexuality because he wasn’t “manly” enough. Not to mention he has a crush on Naoto who stuggles with her own gender identity. This is why I say Kanji is pansexual, because his shadow self continues to say I dont care who accepts me as long as I’m accepted. Kanji just wants to be loved for who he is and not be bullied for what he likes to do or who he falls in love with. He’s a precious precious angel.

1. Ellie From the Last of Us (lesbian???)

Tbh Ellie is the reason I started watching the Last of Us. Shes adorable and I already love her. I can’t wait to get to the DLC to actually see her relationship blossom.