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The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 52/53/54]

Published July 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

This is it guys, the final leg. We’re gonna end this game soon. I’m not really excited for it to end. Like I’m not sure if I want it to. Though this does mean I can finally watch the DLC even though it’s kind of a prequel to the events in the story.

But they have to get away from this underground area where the bloaters were. There’s some deep water so you know the drill. Well ok this time we have to get her a ladder to climb over a truck and then theres a shallow edge where Ellie can walk. ran into another jammed gated door so we lift Ellie up so she can open the door from the inside but there was a fucking clicker in there! Shit that was scary, It happened so fast. I heard it but I didn’t know where it was. But we are close to the hospital. Super close actually. There are fishes in the water XD I love how animals survive here. And it’s also a little weird that the giraffes that we saw weren’t infected. Usually in other zombie movies the animals can get infected. There was like a few minutes of exploring just to get a palette. Goddamit. Ellie got a ladder for Joel but it broke off the wall and joel had to find another way to get up top to wherever the hell theyre trying to go. I know they’re trying to get out this weird building, factory, plant thing. This whole place is flooded though but there are like trucks and stuff to climb on so Ellie can past through easily. They walk across an old buss though and joel falls through. I’m hoping they don’t get separated but Joel always has to find a way around things and he’s always falling. He fell and got hurt, fell off a bunch of ladders, fell through stuff. Get it together Joel. Damn.

The current is too strong and the bus ends up like tipping over so now Ellie is underwater. She passes out really quick so maybe she hurt herself when the bus tipped over. So Joel tries to do CPR on her and some fucking douchebags knock him out. Like they appeared out of no where with guns, you see him trying to save this kid like what are you doing. He didn’t care about attacking your dumbass he was trying to save his almost daughter. God i fucking hate the people in this game.

Joel wakes up next to some lady. they’re at the Firefly lab finally. Ellie is ok. And they’re trying to-whoa wait, Ellie is going into surgery??? What the fuck!?! Theyre trying to get the growth inside her brain to do the vaccine but they’re gonna kill her doing the surgery!!! OMG. I CANNOT HANDLE THIS

No, she can’t fucking die. Whoa this lady knew Ellie since she was born. She was a friend of Ellie’s mother. Now this lady tells Joel-wait is this Marlene, or whatever her name is. I think so. She looked a little different so I didn’t know. I didn’t realize she was also going to travel to the Firefly place since she sent Joel and tess to do it. Woooooo Joel just shot some guy in the dick!!! God I’m dying. That was fucking great. Or wait it might’ve been his stomach but I’m going to pretend it was his dick. It was close to the crotch. Now the other people in the lab heard the gunshots and Joel has to try and get to the surgery room because he wants to find Ellie, but now the rest of the, I assume Fireflies, are trying to get Joel and kill him.

Just a bunch of shooting and evading. SO eventually we clear the area for the most part and keep on trying to head to the top floor. The flamethrower has got to be my fave weapon though.

Joel manages to get away and block off the area with a chair. He went in a stairwell with double doors, so hopefully that will hold them off. Headed towards surgery and still fighting guys, not much to comment on. Entered the pediatric wing. We see them! We’re in the room with Ellie. Ok now stuff is going down. Joel is trying to get close to Ellie but he just kind of shoot everyone lol. Maybe you were supposed to. The doctor was holding a scalpel to Joel and wouldn’t let him pass and nothing else was going down. He picks Ellie up from the operating table and is carrying her. He wants to save her so bad. God the sad music is not fucking helping. I’m already tearing up. God I hope he makes it. He’s in an elevator now. FUCK!!


The Last of Us FINALE

Published July 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

The elevator stopped and Marlene was there holding a gun to Joel. This is fucking intense. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Wait what? He’s in a car now. What happened?! Son of a bitch. SHES THERE. ELLIE’S WITH HIM!! Omg I cannot take this. I’m so nervous. He lies to her. he tells her they’ve stopped looking for a cure and that there are more like Ellie. He stole the car and shot Marlene. I don’t even know what to say. Like was it kind of a dick move to keep her, or was it good? Was it selfish? Was it a good idea? So many ideas and questions, I’m not sure what to feel. He’s so protective as a father I think his paternal instincts took over and he couldn’t bear to loose another daughter. I think they made it back to Tommy’s place. I think we’re actually playing as Ellie instead of Joel even though Joel is with us.

Aww Ellie tells Joel the story of her and Riley. Oh god. Tears forever. She knew that Joel was lying but he swears to her that he was telling the truth. She says okay and THAT’S THE FUCKING END ARE YOU KIDDING ME. DON’T ROLL THE CREDITS. WHAT THE FUCK??? THAT WAS THE MOST BULLSHIT ENDING EVER. I hated that ending. Like the very end, the part at the hospital and Marlene, that was all good but the actual conversation at the end was just…dumb! Like it leaves it open for interpretation but we know he did it to protect her, whether it be for selfish reasons, because he couldn’t save Sarah or what but still. I don’t know how I would’ve liked it to have ended but just…I’m not satisfied exactly with that last part. I’m glad Ellie and Joel didn’t die or whatever but I just…here’s a conversation roll credits. Ughhh. I’m frustrated. let’s just get on to the DLC, it’s what I’ve been waiting for.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 48/49/50/51]

Published July 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Back to playing as Ellie. She’s still getting chased by David. She doesn’t really have any weapons. I think just maybe her knife but that’s it. Telling them that she was infected saved her life once but now it’s just going to get her killed. Well not really since we’re trying to survive as Ellie but you know what I mean-she’s a bigger target now. but she does have her knife and can sneak up behind people and knife them. We did that and got a revolver. So now we have a gun.

This is a little bit hard since you have to wait for all of them to be separate to knife them. The snow is so beautiful in this game. I feel cold just watching it. And she only has like a light jacket on. But the snow is really fucking up our vision. It would be hard as hell to try and shoot a round in all this snow flurry. I mean perfect for realism but a bitch and a half for game play. It’s hard to even see where she’s going,. I’m thinking that the only good thing about the snow is that maybe they can’t see you as much as we can’t see them. There’s this dumb bell ringing too. Fuck some how they ended up seeing her and it was a damn firefight. At least theres some ammo from the dead bodies so we got some more ammo for the revolver. It’s so hard to determine where you should go. I can barely see what the hell is going on. But I think we got where we needed to go which seems to be a steakhouse. Fucking David found her!!

That bastard! I can’t wait for this guy to die. I think it’s like an actual boss fight and you have to kill him but how. we have such limited supplies. Oh we were able to sneak up and knife him  a bit but hes got a machete and is so freaking hard to kill. I  really don’t know how to deal with this. One hit with his machete and you are dead.

Man i had to read up on like some strategy on the wiki, there isn’t much on there it just kind of details what’s going to happen. At least I was right about David being a gross molester. This battle is going to take forever though. I know it. Oh ok, the restaurant already caught fire so now it’s just a matter of time. We managed to get another quick knife attack in. You have to really hit him and run. You can’t stay around him after you attack or else you’re done for. Got another one in! but then it freaking switches back to Joel. It keeps the tension up but damn. But at least Joel is in the town and Joel has to kill the rest of the guys that are like around the town. Not gonna like I really just want to go back and see what’s going on with Ellie and David. I mean the freaking restaurant is on fire. I don’t have time to see Joel like kill these basic bitches. Joel enters a room and finds Ellie’s backpack. Probably all the stuff they took from people they killed. Yeah he runs into their human meat locker. I wonder if the people in the camp realize it’s human or if he continues to lie to them, but anyway-back to Ellie.

She’s slowly coming to but I have no idea where David is. You can pick up his machete though. She’s slowly crawling towards it but David kicks her. That child molesting bastard. omg is he gonna rape her now, he’s got her pinned down but Ellie gets the machete and she BASHES THAT MUTHERFUCKERS HEAD IN. FUCK YES. FUCK YES ELLIE!


OH GOD THIS PART GOT ME REAL GOOD. HE CARES SO MUCH ABOUT HER. OH GOD. He loves her so much, you can just tell how much he loves her.

Now it’s spring and they’re in Utah.

He’s even offering to teach her guitar. But I think that since they’re getting close to the lab, Ellie feels like their time is up and Joel will split up from her which is something she doesn’t want. Joel seems to be doing so much better now. he’s walking regularly now. She’s acting really strange, i think she’s just stalling as much as she can. Ellie sees a Giraffe though, omg look at that little baby.


look how precious they all are. She so excited. I would be too. I fucking love Giraffes. Like they’re one of my fave animals Omg there are more of them. Theres a little herd. Ahh it’s so cute. I love them so much. Joel’s giving her options which means he doesnt want her to leave either. Oh god they love each other so much. So many feels.

He said he’s not leaving with out her. Oh god. I love gray dad. Ellie took the picture of Joel and Sarah and this time he took it. You know he wanted it. You know he wanted to see his baby girls face one more time, it’s just so hard to see her after she died. Oh shit theres some bloaters around her. I know these are optional since theres like three of them in here. There’s bloaters and regular infected too. All over the place. Like too many to fight so I think being stealthy is the only way to get around it. Found some great supplies though. There are bottles everywhere so there are ways to distract the clickers and move them away from you but right at the end are the two extra bloaters. You can get around them but how. This is so ridic. He managed to set a bloaters on fire but then a stupid infected got on top of the truck they were hiding at and Ellie had to shoot which made them go crazy. This is just not good. This is really like bad bad bad. Used the flamethrower on the bloaters finally. That takes them down a bit easier and gave them time to escape over a truck. Phew that was a tough one.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 45/46/47]

Published July 16, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Let’s do this.

She get’s on Callus and gently tries  ride out but a guy grabs her. They’re gonna try and kill Callus omg. I don’t want Callus to die. I really hope they don’t shoot him. But they had the whole town surrounded. And just like I expected they shoot that poor baby in the head. I’m so fucking pissed. Fuck David. Fuck him and his people. I’m glad Joel and Ellie killed your guys because they were dicks and I hope they kill him too! I’m so upset. Ellie is running towards some cabins or whatever adn they are just coming for her. What jackasses. No one cares that this is a 14 year old go practically out on her own now that Joel’s hurt. I mean guaranteed no one really knows that but still. Like first of all, sorry your bitch ass friends got taken out by a 14 year old, they must have been regulars at Weenie Hut General but c’mon. You’re purposefully like tracking her down to kill her. Don’t you have better shit to do with your life??

She got a few of them down with her shot gun but more are coming. Dude she shot a gun with the shotgun at super close range and his intestines came out. Awesome. But we just have to like clear out our immediate surrounding. There’s a nature track. They’re by like some kind of resort area, kind of. There was a ferry, a snack shack and a bunch of cabins. But it’s calmed down just enough for Ellie to put some distance between herself and the rest of the guys.

So far so good. Oh we found a big pipe thing and went through it. No one really seems to be around, yet. Another pipe but something was blocking it. Ellie manages to move it though and head through the other pipe. I think that she’s heading back towards the house Joel is in. But now I hear some other guys  and we see one. Phew a couple are right near by but she manages to shiv one. threw a nail bomb and took them out. Sweet! The blood in the snow is really pretty too.

She moving a dumpster to get inside a house resort thingy? Yeah I think this is like a resort, there a cash register and restaurant area. We’ll probably encounter some more people-yep they know that we’re inside the lodge. Some stairs are caved in so if we wanted to get on the upper level we’d- THIS ASSHOLE JUST PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE. What kind of shit. Ungrateful mother fuckers I swear. Man i love seeing Ellie take these fuckers out. They totally deserve it. Knifed that fucker. You know we haven’t seen any military in awhile. It’s just been Hunters and infected for a long time. I wish she had more melee weapons like Joel had. She only has her little knife. These guys don’t even have melee weapons. They’re mostly punching and trying to strangle. She found an exit though so hopefully we can get out. Fucking David grabbed her from behind and choked her out just as she was trying to escape! What the hell does he want. He’s so weird. I don’t trust him. he put her in a fucking cage adn they are chopping up people!!!! Oh god is this where the cannibals come in. There’s always fucking cannibals. She better not ear that food. There’s like a person in there. No way. Stop it David. Lying ass saying its deer. He says it’s not human so ellie eats it but he probably tricked her ass. Poor thing was hungry.

But still this bastard is just weird. He wants to like keep her or have her join the group or something. I swear he’s a molester or something but Ellie knows what’s up she’s a smart cookie. She broke that fucker’s finger and tried to take his keys. Man i love this kid. I hope to be like half the badass she is.

Ellie. Tell them that Ellie is the little girl that broke your fucking finger!

Back to Joel though. He woke up. I thought he was okay to move, like he can move a little but he’s still in pain. Now we go back to playing as Joel. I’m guessing that he’s going to try and find Ellie now. But he’s like ok to move and I guess shoot at people. He’s still struggling to walk in like cutscenes and stuff but he’s moving just like slower. he just shouted out her name and I was like DUDE JOEL DON’T YELL. But I think everyone of David’s guys have cleared out for the most part.

Well we found some stragglers. People are shooting. Now we have to deal with these fuckers. I’m just mad. I’m mad at this entire game now. Fucking cannibals always gotta be in here. Like it seems so cliche. Like this game had such an original way to deal with zombies and then you have the typical power hungry fucker who eats people. I’m guessing most of this part will be just Joel trying to fight them off. He’s got to find the dead horse sometime and probably head in the right direction. we’re almost done with this episode.He can jump over windows and shit, damn someone caught him but Joel was able to kick, smash and take a hostage. So he’s healed up decently for the most part. He’s doing some old school torture and interrogation. Papa lubs his daughter. I think he just popped some guys kneecap off then broke his neck. Damn Joel is brutal. He is so badass. Oh god I think they’re gonna chop up Ellie but she saves herself saying that she’s infected.

At least being infected is useful for something. And she did just bite David so now he’ll believe her. She is literally so smart and amazing. She managed to get away from those bastards! Don’t worry Ellie, grumpy dad will be there soon!

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 41/42/43/44]

Published July 15, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Some sniper person saw them in the lab. Probably more bandits or something. I hope Callus is ok. Yep bandits. Why do they feel the need for this. At least the flame thrower is cooooolll. Finally used it on a dumbass bandit. Damn Ellie shived a guy hardcore. You go girl! But anyway just taking care of business. Using the flamethrower to our advantage. I got scared because some douchebag bandit kicked the door in right before Joel was going to open it and it had been pretty calm for the last couple of minutes, you know just regular shooting and killing. Man I jumped up so fast. He pushed u against a glass guard railing and when you shove him off you Joel falls from the second floor and a pipe goes threw his stomach. SHITTTTTTT. Not good at ALLLLL. fUCK THIS IS SCARY. Ellie manages to pull his off but like that’s teatanus right there man. How is he gonna make it?! Like i dont understand. I’m so worried. Like they don’t have supplies for this shit. What’s he gonna do? I’m so worried right now. I’m seriously like just at a lost. He’s gonna pass out soon and he’s being such a hard ass. Joel is trying so hard. He did it. He passed out and omg Ellie shot them all. You go girl! I’m so proud of her. She is a fucking trooper. She is honestly the best 14 year old ever. Idk what it is about zombie games and teenage girls kicking ass but keep doing it lil mamas. Now they have Callus, it’s starting to snow. They have to head to Utah. What is even happening. he is going to die. This is not good at all. here come the tears just as we enter Winter.

Ellie’s hunting. That rabbit animation was so good but I knew someone was going to kill it so I didn’t watch. I bet you Joel is holed up somewhere in like a place they found and Ellie is out hunting for food for the both of them. Wait I think we’re actually playing as Ellie. Oh shit. This is cool but we’re just like hunting animals. and I’ve played hunting games before but I don’t really like seeing it, especially since this game has really good graphics. The first part is just trying to kill this poor moose/elf/deer animal. It does lead Ellie to a new area. Like a broke down fucking house barn thingy. So far ellie just has like a bow and arrow I’m not sure if she has any other weapons. Well the poor thing died. Wonder how her small ass is gonna carry that thing back. Oh new characters. David and James. They want to trade Ellie for some of the meat, the first thing she says is medicine so Joel is definitely alive. She wouldn’t need medicine otherwise.They seem like pretty cool people though. I’m hoping they will be of some help if Ellie isn’t such a dick the whole time. Fuck a clicker. David had another gun though lol. He helps take out the clicker but there are a lot more coming. This is gonna be bad.

I think there are mostly runners. They’re making a lot of noise so they’re not that bad. Damn more are coming and fast. Now theres another clicker but mostly runners. Ohh had our first scene of Ellie dying. She really doesn’t have a lot of ammo. She’s good at the shiv though and a few of the dead ones have ammo. This is a really tough area though. They come from all around  the house thing. I’m hoping that Jame isn’t going to run into these people or ran into them going back to the camp. Man they just keep coming!!

Still with David. I think this might have been a factory or something. that’s what it looks like. She falls through a gated bridge walkway thing and more clickers are coming so David has to run. She got down to an underground area but the clickers can follow her to the underground area, I just saw one jump down. These clickers are super sneaky though. You kill one and another will sneak up right behind you. Like more so that ever before. David found a door though so I’m hoping they’ll run into James or something. We need to get to a ladder to get out the door or whatever, the usually find a ladder business. Get the ladder, up the ladder, following David. There is just a crazy as infected just screaming her fucking head off. Like calm yo tits bro. well we’re gonna be in this factory thing just for a little bit longer.

Now some infected have found their way in to the area David and Ellie are at so it’s time to fight. This is ridic. They are coming from every angle. They’re apparently on the roof and finding ways to come in. Plus there are some Clickers mixed in. I swear everything is going wild as all hell. This is like a really intense raid. I haven’t been doing anything for hours but watching this. I have 10 more episodes to go an a DLC. It’s gonna get done tonight!

They just don’t stop man. Two nail bombs down. That slowed it down a bit but I think there’s a fucking bloater. I remember reading about him. I don’t think he’s optional. I think you have to fight him. Yep you most def have to fight him. This is not looking good at all. I’m hoping there will be some back up. Like James heads back to camp and tells people to come with him. They need backup and fast. I think Brad’s already died like 4 times and that’s just the times he’s chosen to show. There are probably much more than that. This is super stuff. if I was playing this myself I’d probably be stuck here for months. That happened to me with Fatal Frame. Shit@ We finally got the bloater! He got into a nail bomb and then there was a shot. Ohhh I think we’re in the clear! Shit! Thank god. That was really tough.

OHHHHHHHHH SHIT. DAVID…HE KNOWS WHO ELLIE IS. She and Joel killed some of his people. This is…THEY HAVE PROBABLY BEEN HUNTING THEM. OMG…. SHIT. I though they were gonna be good peoples. Damn. But David let her have the medicine. Probably because they still need the deer. Man that was fucked up. Super scary. I don’t know what scared me more. David saying he knew who she was or the whole bloater/infected thing. But I was right. Joel and Ellie are staying in a house and Joel is still alive. She managed to stitch him up but he’s still not looking to great. He got his first shot of penicillin though. They must be freezing half to death. Joel really doesn’t look good. And Freaking Ellie sleeps on the cold basement floor while Joel is on a mattress. She’s a fucking trooper. But it looks like David is back and probably not going to be as nice this time around. Ellie decides that she’s going to draw them away from the house she has Joel holed up in. I’m hoping she’ll come back soon. Joel won’t last much longer. I’m surprised he lasted this long.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 38/39/40]

Published July 14, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

I really can’t deal with crying over this game every two seconds. Jesus. I didn’t even cry this much during the Walking Dead (I think). Now bandits are in the house, great timing assholes. But we got rid of them, back to the ponies. I don’t blame Ellie’s sass. I feel for her. I really do. Ok Tommy says that the Firefly lab is in Eastern Colorado so they have to be close to there. They might be in Illinois possibly. But Joel does the best thing he can do! He’s gonna stay with Ellie. I’m so happy and the look on Ellie’s face is priceless. She seems happy too. I’m so happy. Happy tears now. And now we’re heading towards the University. So they were actually in Colorado this whole time because they’re still traveling by horse. Joel is being cute and teaching Ellie about football and they name the horse Callus. I like that name. We’re inside the University and just as we get inside Callus gets upset. There are runners around. And since Joel wants to keep the horse and doesn’t want it to freak out (and assuming that the runners will eat the horse ala the first episode of the Walking Dead) he goes off to find the runners and kill them.


Wow there are 6 runners like right there. This is NOT going to be easy. Man i would’ve turned off my PS3 and been like Bye Felicia. Strangled one of them. We did have a Molotov cocktail and I think they all caught on fire so…well that was easy. Good thing they were in one place. Another generator to try and get a gate open I think. It’s a gate to another area, not sure which area though. We got the gate to open and Ellie and Callus come on through. Apparently when Joel was younger he wanted to be a singer. Now I want to hear him sing lol. He probably has a grumpy country voice. Man this campus is big. Like my campus is big but I can only imagine this damn thing being full of infected. There are monkeys running around??? Like probably from the science lab but that’s fucking weird. we’re in some dormroom looking for stuff, some spores in one of the rooms and a gaping hole in the floor. We jump down and theres a fucking clicker. I really hate these bastard. Wow theres like 3 of them. I want to test out this flamethrower badly lol. And I saw a fourth one. So 4 clickers. Shived one of them so now down to 3. Making shivs.

Shived another one. There are just too many to keep up with. Fucking bastards. Fuck theres a GODDAMN BLOATER. What are you doing here you little shit?! Big shit really. I hate bloaters. I don’t think anyone likes bloaters. Like they’re just a pain in the ass. Mostly just shiving and being stealthy. That Bloater is the worse. I think maybe they can smell but i’m not sure. Like how do they always manage to find you even if you’re being stealthy af. I wonder if the flamethrower makes a lot of noise. IDK SINCE BRAD HASN’T FUCKING USED IT YET. I’m still waiting for this but I think all the extra clickers are dead and I think all that’s left is the bloater. And looking at the wiki the most effective way to kill them is with the Flamethrower. So get to it. Though this one is actually a bloater that is optional so you don’t have to fight it. But Brad is having a hard time finding the way like out? I don’t see any stairs or anything. Well yet. This one seems to have a set pattern of where it goes. So you have to wait for it to walk past and there theres a door that get stuck. So not only do you freak out because you have to button mash but this fucker starts walking towards you and my nerves were just going crazy!

Luckily Joel blocks the door and is able to find the stairs at last.

Oh right so the whole point of that was to open the gate so ellie could get in with the horse.  The huge gates block off areas and Joel has to like find ways to get Ellie though. SO still searching for the science building. I wonder how long we keep the horse…

I think we made it to the science building but there a locked gate. Big surprise. I just find it so fucking weird that Ellie was born 5 years into this apocalypse and has no idea what a fucking university is. Like that just honestly blows my mind. I understand that practically everything is destroyed but how did she learn to read? How long were her parents with her. I just NEED TO KNOW. So many things are left unexplained. But anyway we have to get around this stupid locked gate.

Moving a dumpster for something. Well it slide down the hill and crashed open the gate. so that’s good. We’re leaving Callus behind and I don’t like that. What if he gets eaten?! But we’re finally in the science building.

I bet everyone’s dead.

And going to this science building was a waste of time.

Ohhh shit heard a noise upstairs.Who or what’s up there? Another noise but we can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Ok so maybe there’s like 1 person that’s still alive. Maybe. Or some…monkeys. They were fucking monkeys. Dammit. Poor little guys. They were testing on monkeys of course. Good job science. I fucking hate animal testing and this just makes me even more upset. We get to a door that was blocked. Theres a skeleton inside and another tape recorder. The FireFlies are gone but now they’ve got to head to fucking UTAH.

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 35/36/37]

Published July 13, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Ahh What  great day to realize your favorite characters are dead. Isn’t this great? Dead brothers-DEAD BROTHERS…. Anyway, it’s fall. We’re in a forest area heading towards Tommy’s. Oh they were like in Jackson County or something so I’m thinking either Ohio or Florida. Not sure where exactly. There’s some tension between Joel and Tommy and hopefully Tommy will help them. There’s a hydroelectric power plant? I mean that’s pretty cool especially since all other electricity is down and this uses a natural source of energy, Found a secret area with lots of supplies in this power plant. I’m just going to call it a power plant. We’re trying to get across to another side of this river area and we can’t swim because the waves are too strong. The current will just take you. So we have to maneuver to a place of calmer water and of course Joel has to find a palette for Ellie. theres a wooden palette under the water.

Looks like a house type thing sunk underwater. I don’t know but hey we got a palette. This is a short episode and it’s kind of slow but they got across the river. They’re bantering and bonding and this is literally the best thing ever, They’re so cute!!. We got the powerplant map and I googled where Jackson County could possible be at and got North Carolina, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Colorado, Oregon, so honestly they could be anywhere. My top 2 areas would be Illinois and Ohio since they are both close to PA, where we last left off. But NC is kind of close to, if they wen’t south. So let’s see. Whoa, got a new gun, El Diablo. Lol. It has like a sniper attachment thing. Like you know what I mean, you can zoom in and shot better. Oh wow we get to a gate and as Joel’s tryng to open it there are people already in there!WE FOUND TOMMYYYYYYYY. UNCLE TOMMMM. Tommy has a wife!!! omgggg. And now we get to go inside to safety!

Lots of bandits in the area. They were trying to get the plant back up and running but a turbine went out. They had electricity and are looking for ways to get it back up and running. Ohhh they’ve got ponies! How cute. Tommy has to check to see if the turbines will be back and Joel goes with him. it’s the first time that Ellie has been like away from him for awhile (minus the time in the sewers) but this is like, Joel saying it’s alright. Not that they were forced to separate. Tommy gives Joel a picture of him and his daughter and i am just sobbing. oh god. Joel gives it back though. it just must be too much to much for him. Poor Gray Dad.

Maria and her father started the town and now they have 20 families in there. They even got construction workers and everything. The turbine’s up and running! Yay, now we got electricity. This will be great especially with fall getting colder and stuff. Now joel is going to talk to Tommy, probably about Ellie and Firefly stuff maybe. And I realized that the place we started in was in Boston, so that’s why Ellie kept mentioning it. Now these dumb brothers are arguing. I hope they can figure out something soon. Joel doesn’t plan on staying but if it were me I’d try to stay. I don’t want them to fight but they get interrupted by some bandits that have infiltrated the plant. Now some of Tommy’s people are gonna die, there’s already a dead construction worker. These bandits are everywhere, it’s ridiculous. Smoke bombs upgraded. Bandits are breaking into the building where Ellie and Maria are so this is bad. I don’t think she took a weapon with her. She told Ellie to hide. They’ve surrounded the building and everyone is firing , We’re all low on ammo except for pistol rounds. We’re getting some good headshots though for the most part. Slow going as we just try and take these guys out and stuff. Btw throwing bricks at these AI’s give me life. And now that the path to the building is clear we can move on.

Now they have to try and find Ellie and Maria.There are more guys inside the building so Ellie and Maria are probably hiding. Hopefully we didn;t really like loose anyone important. Ok so we found the girls. Tommy sees how Joel and Ellie interact with each other after the raid and I think he reconsiders keeping Ellie but Maria doesn’t agree with it. Maria’s pissed because she thinks-well she’s afraid she’ll loose Tommy. I don’t blame her. But it looks like Tommy is going to direct them to where the Fireflies are. Or like Tommy is going to take her by himself but anyway, Ellie steals a horse and takes off. Tommy and Joel take two horses and try and follow Ellie’s tracks. It’s so cool because you get to ride a horse!! Pony up bitch.

It’s just a matter of trying to find Ellie now and how to get around some obstacles. They keep finding more horse tracks so they might find Ellie easier. Joel is stupid though. They’re like why would Ellie run away, uh dumbass she’s hurt. You just passed her onto your brother without really telling her and she started to care about you. Men are idiots.

They run into some bandits so I’m hoping they didn’t catch Ellie or anything. I keep thinking Tommy is a bandit sometimes! He just sneaks up behind you. It trips me out. But anyway back to the horses. Time to find Ellie again. There’s a ranch nearby and they spot the horse that Ellie took. There’s like a house thing where they find Ellie and she answers all calm and shit. Like you little shit! You could’ve been hurt! What they hell you doing running off like that! Seriously. Cutscene!

She is giving that 14 year old sass. She brought up Sarah O.O. Holy shit. But Joel is all like you know nothing about loss. Damn right she does! She lost her fucking girlfriend Joel! She trusted you because you were the only one that didn’t leave her. Goddamn. I’m crying again.

You’re right, you’re not my daughter, and I sure as hell ain’t your dad. And we are going our separate ways.