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Favorite Pokemon from Each Type!

Published March 4, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget


Hey guys! So my friend found this meme (is it a meme?) where you can fill in your favorite Pokemon from each type in celebration of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Pokemon has impacted my life greatly. I’ve been playing it for about 11 years and it is one of my favorite franchises. It is timeless and I’ve played at least one game from every generation as well as almost everyone of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series. I started off with FireRed and chose Charmander as my starter Pokemon. Ever since then I’ve been predominantly a fire trainer. These Pokemon are my favorite and I’ve had them all on my team at least once (except Purugly, we’ll get to that later). I thought I’d expand a bit on why I love these guys so much. Hope you enjoy.

Bug: Volcarona

I’ve never liked Bug pokemon, ever. I don’t even like bugs in real life. But when Volcarona came out I was really excited and a little scared because it’s sprite was so big. It looked interesting and I really liked it’s Bug/Fire typing. Seeing it in Relic Castle was a bit of a shock and also something cool. It felt almost as intense as a legendary battle because there was only one and leveling up a Larvesta (in later games) takes forever! Now I’m not one to get technical with stats, battling, IV/EV training, etc because I believe it takes the fun out of Pokemon, so my choices are based on aesthetics and my own personal gameplay. I love having duel types on my teams especially ones where they are weak to their second type. I think it makes a Pokemon really special. At the time it was like getting a Lucario or a Zoroark. There was only one (per main game) and having such a high level pokemon that was also a dual type really set it in stone with my BW team.

Dark: Absol

My love of Absol came from playing Emerald as well as the first Mystery Dungeon game. Absol was cool, mysterious, and elusive. It was always difficult for me to find out and as soon as I saw it I had to have it. I loved the sleek design and how it was a bringer of destruction. When I got PMD: BRT (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team) I kind of put a personality to Absols. The Absol in game was misunderstood and wanted to help your team. Being able to play as Absol was also really fun. It was one of my favorite parts of the game. I wasn’t a fan of the Mega evolution that got introduced and since Pokemon Emerald I haven’t really had an Absol on my team but I remember my fondness for it well.

Dragon: Giratina

Oh man, if you knew me in life you would know that Giratina is my favorite legendary (Suicune comes in as close second). It was so scary and tricky to get in Diamond and Pearl and when it got it’s own entire world in Platinium I lost my mind! Platinum became my favorite game because of this as well. The lore, creepyness, and relation to Satan herself, has my love for Giratina going strong. As yes, I know almost all legendaries are genderless but I like associating Giratina as a strong, powerful evil lady, who will crush you in her six arms. Giratina’s entire being and secrecy was my favorite thing. I even stumbled upon Turnback Cave after I had defeated the Elite 4 and had to violently look up how to solve the room puzzles. Seeing Giratina for the 1st time scared me and I loved it. Again, lore takes over how much I love this Pokemon and I think until this day I have about 3 Giratina’s.

Electric: Ampharos

Ampharos is the most boss electric pokemon ever and no one can tell me other wise. I got this baby in Pokemon Silver and whenever it has been available I’ve caught it and kept it on my team. I always try to get the basic fire, water, grass, electric types on my team to keep balance. Ampharos will be my first pick for electric anytime. I like how you can easily get a Mareep and evolve it. It grows with you and has always helped me kick butt within game. I think the Mega Evolution was cool since it became a dual type (not cool that the first time I used the Ampharos mega evolution was against a dragon pokemonXD). It’s cute and cuddily but also deadly-like me!

Fairy: Gardevoir

Let me start by saying when they announced Gardevoir to have a Fairy type I was really pissed. I hate Fairy pokemon. I don’t care how great their moves are against dragons, I hate them. I like Gardevoir being a psychic type-a strong psychic type at that. But besides that I fell in love with Gardevoir after ferociously trying to find a Ralts in the wilds of Pokemon Emerald and raising my graceful little nugget to become the strong beautiful creature she is. Like Absol, I also gave Gardevoir a personality when I played PMD:BRT. Finding out that you had to reconnect with your Gardevoir and she was trying to help you the entire time, just to protect you made me love her even more. Gardevoirs are gorgeous and strong as well as loyal. Having a Pokemon stand by your side no matter what makes me love it even more! Not to mention that its Mega Evolution is even more beautiful and ever more awesome in its shiny form! Again, whenever Gardevoir is available in certain generations I will raise one and take it to the Elite 4 no doubt about that. The reason I chose it for Fairy is because, like I said earlier, I hate Fairy types so it was really hard to choose one. In the end I was able to squeeze another fire dual type in for psychic;)

Fighting: Blaziken

The first ever Fire/Fighting pokemon, the Torchic line was new and amazing. Being a chicken didn’t look cool at first but Blaziken took the cake being a powerful kicking badass. I liked that extra level of power-it adds on another move set pool and gives you more options. I love the design and power that comes with my little kung-fu chicken and I think it’s way better than Emboar.

Fire: Typlosion

Typlosion is purely sentimental for me. It was the first ever pokemon I ever raised to level 100. And I almost lost it. I had leveled it up to 100 after my billionth level grinding battle with Red and I was in the kitchen. My grandma had a sinkful of water and dirty dishes and somehow I managed to drop my Gameboy SP in there. I thought both my Gameboy and Pokemon Silver was lost. But thankfully after drying them both and repeating the battle, my level 100 Typlosion was still intact. He’s a warrior that’s for sure.

Flying: Charizard

Again, I got to cheat thanks to dual types haha! Charmander, like many other people, was the first pokemon I chose. I’ve loved that little fire lizard ever since. Charizard was even my favorite pokemon on Ash’s team because it was sassy and lazy just like me. Mega Charizard X made it even cooler while the Mega Charizard Y (the one I got) was a let down. Charizard X let Charizard be the cool badass dragon it deserved to be and because dragons are my favorite mythical creature I loved it even more.

Ghost: Misdreavus

Move over Ghastly and Gengar, my favorite ghost Pokemon is the cute and adorable little shit known as Misdreavus. I love ghost pokemon mostly for aesthetic reasons as I’m not very good with them in battle. I’ve had Misdreavus on my team before, for a short while, when I encountered it in Silver. Misdreavus’s Pokedex entries state that it’s a prankster and likes to scare people by screaming. Gengar is good for strength but I never got a chance to have one since you always had to trade it for it to evolve. At least with Misdreavus, she was by my side easily with her cute hair and necklace ready to help me kick some butt every once in awhile.

Grass: Torterra

Now as a fire trainer, grass isn’t my forte. I’ve rarely picked a grass starter over a fire or water. But there was once a rare time where I chose a Turtwig. Why? You guessed it, dual type. My love of Torterra is similar to that of my love for Gastrodon. Earthquake is an amazingly powerful move and that fat turtle will take down plenty of enemies and since grass and ground are both not effected by electricity it makes taking out any electric gym leaders as easy as 1,2,3. If we had Torterra’s around when we had to fight Lt. Surge you better believe that would’ve been the easiest battle of our lives. Raichu’s got nothing on this guy. I also chose it to fill the grass slot so my Roserade can cover Poison as I’m not good with Poison types either. Filling this out was hard!

Ground: Flygon

I love Flygon. You wouldn’t think much of it, especially when you first encounter a Trapinch but once it levels up and turns into the majestic and lovable Flygon you’ve got a great pokemon on your hands. With Trapinch’s typing and selective habitats it can be kind of hard to get one and level it up. Flygon was there for my first run of Emerald and has traveled though my Pokemon games since. It’s been awhile since I used one on my team so maybe I’ll let it make a comeback.

Ice: Froslass

I don’t really mess with ice types that much unless my water type ends up evolving into a dual type water/ice. However when Froslass first came out I wanted one instantly. Not only is Froslass beautiful, I really like that it was based on the legend of the Yuki-Onna. It helps up the creepyness factor while keeping a deadly beautiful exterior. I think it also gave some use to Snowrunt, especially since I really hated Glalie. They aren’t nearly as nice to look at as Froslass. She can also learn some cool moves and to be honest I love any pokemon who can learn Shadow Ball and Ice Beam.

Normal: Purugly

I hate normal types. I picked Purugly because it’s a fat grumpy cat, simple as that.

Poison: Roserade

Roserade is by far my favorite dual type grass pokemon. I’ve had one ever since Dawn stones became available and I think I even had one in Alpha Sapphire. Like I mentioned before I always like having elemental balance on my team. Though grass and poison aren’t effective to many types it works for some things. The downfall is that there aren’t many powerful grass type moves so I always have to teach Roserade TM moves. It is also usually the one that learns Cut on my team. So it’s helpful, good for fighting in caves, and really pretty. I don’t know why I keep going back to Roserade but it’s just become my favorite grass type and a staple on my team. I liked it way better than just sticking with a Roselia.

Psychic: Victini

Before GameFreak traded my beloved Gardevoir over to the Fairy side, she was my favorite Psychic type. Now I get to pick another dual type and one of my favorites. I was actually lucky enough to get BW in the time frame that Wal-Mart was giving out codes for a Victini. Victini was special to me because it was the first event Pokemon I ever owned. I loved it and I carried it on my team all the way until the Elite 4 (which is funny because it helped me be victorious! Good job, Victini!). Though the leveling up was slow I still felt like it was worth it. I’ve traded it over to my Alpha Sapphire game and haven’t used it since I’ve finished the game but again I’m a sucker for fire types.

Rock: Tyranitar

Tyranitar was a tank and a staple on my Silver team. A lot of care went into leveling up this bastard. I hate 3 stage dragon types (technically Tyranitar is Rock/Dark but it’s around the same as a Dragonite) since they take forever to evolve but I think my Tyranitar was worth it. It’s pre-evolutionary stages are a little worthless (mostly Pupitar) but once you get your pseudo-legendary, it’s a good one to have on your team. Tyranitar was my second strongest on my silver team behind Typlosion!

Steel: Lucario

Lucario was like like the OG Zoroark where you thought you were getting a special Pokemon and it turns out it only had the aura of a legendary Pokemon. Lucario is great with speed and would’ve been so helpful if it was available when you had to fight Norman in Pokemon Emerald. I think it’s one of the best fighting types out there and more flexible than most of its kind. And on top of that Riley was one of my Pokemon crushes, right after Steven. Getting a Riolu from him was a gift of our love. Well at least that’s what I told my 12 year old self.

Water: Oshawott

Ok so this was technically a tie between Pinplup and Oshawott. My top 3 favorite water types are those two along with Mudkip. The reason I chose Oshawott over Pinplup is mostly because i’ve been on this otter kick lately. They’re just so damn cute and you can’t help but love how adorable Oshawott is in the anime. He’s the cutest little nugget ever. Not to mention Samurott turns into a samurai narwhall that can probably kill someone with its horn in two seconds. Oshawott was part of the few times that I chose fire over water and I was completely happy with my decision.

So sure, maybe my reasons were a little dumb but at the time of their creation and ever since these Pokemon have had a special place in my heart. I’m not a crazy battler nor do I train hardcore. I like going with the flow of the game and treating these Pokemons as true companions. They’re my babies and having them besides me in a game series that I’ve been playing for 11 years makes me happy that I got to train them. So here’s to 20 more years Pokemon!


Review Dying Light

Published February 20, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

Hey guys, i”ve been watching another Let’s Play. I’v been hearing a lot about Dying Light especially since the expansion came out last week. I decided to watch the first part of it and see what exactly it was all about. If anyone wonders why I don’t just do the Let’s Plays on my own it’s because I don’t have a PS4, my laptop doesn’t have enough memory and I don’t have money, haha. I don’t mind watching other people play either. I think it’s fun seeing what other people do and what you would do differently. Of course I watched theRadBrad do the Let’s Play. I mentioned before he’s isn’t as annoying with voice over stuff (the main reason that turns me away from let’s Plays). He doesn’t play as well as some others, which can bug some people, I know it bugs me sometimes, especially with this game when he’s close to an airdrop and doesn’t pick it up.

Anyway, Brad was given the game in December of 2014 I believe, the game didn’t come out until January of 2015 so the first 6 or so episodes follow the main storyline until you get to Rais, then he does a couple side missions which are a little weird (Mother’s Day) before he’s allowed to do the full campaign. Obviously with this post I will be talking about things within the game. I won’t really do a full explanation of stuff, just wanted to do some over all reviewing but there will be some spoilers.

So storywise I think it’s fairly interesting. there’s a lot of back and forth stuff with having to do missions for Rais, the people at the tower, Spike, Dr. Zere, etc. The missions themselves don’t seem as fulfilling as the cutscenes which of course let you go more in depth with the characters. The missions just seem like missions, basic “I need to get this or I need you to do this so we don’t die because of these zombies” stuff. So i find that a bit lackluster. My two favorite parts of the storyline was definitely the Demolisher boss battle and Crane cutting off Rais’s hand as then when you have to go and rescue Jade. Those two scenes in particular really had me on the edge of my seat and I was wondering exactly what would happen next. The weird floating school thing with Jade was okay mostly because you can see like the virus taking over your brain but you don’t really know if Crane is passed out and dreaming or really walking into random places and he’s not aware because he’s trying to find Jade. The end battle of course wasn’t as thrilling. I mean in a game full of zombies when 2 humans fight it won’t be as scary or thrilling. Techland tried to make up for this I think by adding in the quick time events to try and keep up the suspense. I think as a player it would be frustrating since you have to button smash but it seemed rather lack luster. Overall I think there were some good plot twists and decent character deaths, this is also the first form of zombie media I’ve seen that actually comes close to a cure. There’s always talk of cure but this ending in particular makes it seem like it’s real.

Gameplay is thankfully more interesting than watching an FPS. I tried watching F.E.A.R. and I basically gave up because watching it is so boring (the storyline is interesting however). It’s got a lot of melee weapons and fewer guns, which I think is cool because if you’re traveling by yourself there wouldn’t be a lot of guns lying around anyway. My favorite melee weapon was the Heavy Rebar (sucks on stamina but kills easily) and Tahir’s Weapon (easier on the stamina and does a lot of decapitations.) There’s also a variety of physical actions like sliding, dropkicks, and stomps that you can acquire with the skill points. The skill points weren’t so bad, they definitely helped in the game and imprved your character. As for the scenery and stuff, I like that it’s open world and every section has great textures. The realism is a little ehh at times but overall I think it’s pretty amazing. The colors are really nice, especially for a crumbling Turkish town. There’s a lot of neutral colors but subtle things that make it pop such as the graffiti, water, and tunnels. The parkour aspect is very huge in this game, hell one of the main characters, Brecken, was a parkour instructor before the outbreak. I think it’s interesting, not my favorite since only a few of the zombies can climb and go after you so most of the action is down below. It’s great for when you’re doing things at night because you DEFINITELY need to avoid them them since about 2 or 3 new zombies only come out at night. The stamina part is an amazing addition but i can tell if I actually played it I would hate the hell out of this feature. It adds to the realism immensely but it sucks big time when you’ve got 3 or 4 zombies around you and your stamina is at zero. Some other amazing additions that are probably really annoying for gameplay is when you come out of the water your screen is all wet and blurs your vision, the blood on your face from when you camoflauge yourself with zombie guts is weird because it’s like you have blood in your eye, and the seizure parts since Crane becomes infected. Sometimes the seizures happen at the worst time and I just yell at the screen like C’MON NOT NOW! The seizure parts add suspense because it takes awhile for Crane to recover and your vision gets all blurry.

So let’s talk zombies. This is the only game or form of media that I think i’ve seen that actually refers to zombies as zombies. Sure they have their former name of Volitiles but there has been several instances where Crane says zombies. It makes me think that maybe there was zombie media and entertainment before the outbreak, you know like in real life. I kind of like that aspect as well. The zombies in this game are really itneresting too. I always like seeing how  each franchise no matter in books, movies, or video games adds their own spin to zombies. Dying Light has their weakness against UV rays, Bombers which are similar to Bloaters in The Last of Us (mostly in the sense that they are large, very mutated, and can damage you with their explosion). The only thing is that as soon as you get close enough they start wanting to explode and in about 3-5 seconds they can cause major damage. The good news is that unlike Bloaters, as soon as they explode (and they do so on their own) they’re dead, so you don’t have to have a big battle with them. Toads are weird because they remind me of like…if stereotypical fedora lords that lived in their mother’s basements got infected. I think it’s their dumb little backpacks, lol. I haven’t gotten far enough to see if there is any explanation provided as to why toads ended up looking like, well, toads. Obviously they all mutate (which is another cool thing about these zombies) but I want to know why.

As for characters, Crane is the same for every video game. 30-ish, white man who has to save the day, blah blah. What I do like is that this takes place in Turkey, and there are Middle Eastern people everywhere. We even have Dr. Zere who may be from a different place (I’m thinking England? He sounds a little british?) but is a person of color. And I like how they got Middle Eastern people to voice Middle Eastern characters. Jade I think has a lot of potential that I haven’t seen yet. Her face I feel is the most realistic out of all of them but I want to know why she wears makeup if it’s the apocalypse. Like, come on, people. Lena I don’t think wears makeup (i haven’t seen that many close ups of her) and she’s still smart and useful (-ish, there’s not that much of her either). Rahim was, well annoying. He played the annoying little brother role well and when he died I was like good. You were fucking stupid, reckless, and thought you could do shit, when the adults told him that he shouldn’t have. I feel old writing that lol. But Rahim was no skin off my nose. Another thing is that I’m not connecting to these characters as much as I connect to the others in zombie games(ellie in TLOU, Michone in TWD, Clem in TWD game, etc). I think Jade seems to be the most interesting and I think that’s because she’s a kick boxer so I know she’s badass. I just haven’t seen it yet. I was pretty upset when she was bitten and on the verge of death. I think that was like the only time that i felt emotion towards a character in this game. I think Crane over all learned from his mistakes and was trying to do the right thing but I can’t help but to think that most of this stuff was his fault. Eventually towards the end of the game I started liking him more and more, especially with the little quips he had towards Rais. Overall i don’t think he was a bad character just not as dynamic.

So pros: day and night cycle, with night time adding increased difficulty and new zombies that only appear at night, different weapon options that aren’t just guns (but why are there elemental throwing stars?), you don’t have to fight all the zombies and they’re more like obstacles but when they pursue you it can be scary, the storyline is more hopeful especially with the cure and Antizin being introduced, gore factor in nice.

Cons: Missions are pretty straight forward, there’s more traveling than doing things, the faces are animated a bit weird and the lip movement/talking animation doesn’t looks as real as it could be. There are some glitches with the zombies bouncing back and forth, floating body parts and getting stuck in scenery. Missions are kind of boring, traveling takes up too much time, 2 boss battles, not enough battles with the zombies (you mostly avoid them)

The common rating for this game is a 7-8 out of 10 and I would have to agree. It’s not bad but it could be a little bit better. I think it’s got some great parts to it. I’m hoping that with the Dying Light:The Following addition it will be even better and some of these things will be fixed and that we may get to see different characters get involved with the zombies more. It’s on my next thing to watch. I don’t think I would buy it for $60 on Steam though. I would definitely wait for a price drop. The game may have 20 hours (or so) on it but i don’t think it’s worth $60.

Alright guys, hope you enjoyed the review, I’ll be back once I get done watching the expansion! See you soon!



Ohayocon 2016

Published January 22, 2016 by makeuponatightbudget

Last weekend I went to Ohayocon in Columbus, Ohio. I’ve got to say that this con was fairly disappointing when it comes to panels. Out of 3 days I only went to around 5 panels, which is really bad for a 3 day con. For two out of the three days I dressed up; Friday was Lolita day and Saturday I dress up as Super Sonico. I made a post on my makeup blog on how I did the makeup for both looks. Friday was a decent day. After much struggling and going back and forth, my sister drove me to Columbus, two hours from where I live. My ex goes to school there so I stayed with her. Every year it always seems like a big mistake because she usually makes the con horrible for me but eventually things evened out. Neither I or my sister could afford an extra badge for her (i had pre-ordered mine) and so she had to wander around the con being bored for several hours while I did stuff. I felt really bad and annoyed that my ex wouldn’t let her stay in her place to rest while we were at the con. it just seemed really stupid. To make up for it I set out to get her a bunch of Sailor Mercury stuff from the dealer’s room and a few things from Bioshock (her fave video game franchise). I also paid for the parking ticket, our food, and gas (another reason why I didn’t have money for her badge).

Friday was a pretty chill day. I went to a panel about BJD’s (ball jointed dolls). It was my first BJD panel and I was super excited to meet other people who had the same hobby/interest as me. I haven’t been in the bjd hobby for long but I still love it. I made some new friends with Maria and her wife Gabi. I got to ogle her gorgeous Mini Me doll of Bill Kaulitz, too. The BJD panel’s were my favorite as well as the Steven Universe panel.

I was super nervous about dressing in Lolita too. Not only did I wear two sports bras, two pairs of spanx, and pantyhose, but I had a heavy wig on also. I was afraid someone was going to like say I didn’t make a good lolita or something. Not that I would’ve actually cared but i’ve heard that people in both the bjd and lolita community can sometimes be assholes. But i had a few compliments here and there and even got called a “pretty lolita” in passing. I was really happy. On Friday I also went to the Girls Generation Panel, which is my 2nd time going. I love that panel because it’s always fun to dance to GG, and i love Kpop. It’s a win win situation. But let me tell you, dancing in Lolita gear is no joke! I was sweating, my spanx kept falling down (layering spanx is apparently not a good idea as the materials slide against one another) and my feet were hurting in my 3 in heeled boots. I took them off during the dance but I had been wearing them all day so my feet were pooped.

Saturday I dress as Super Sonico. I hand sewed the vest from scratch (meaning I got yards of fabric and cut things out). It was the hardest thing i’ve ever done but also the best. it actually functioned, looked cute and I was very happy with my cosplay. I even got a few people to take my picture. The best thing was that I actually got 2 Sonico figures as well. That was my goal for the dealer’s room. Get a sonico figure. It was ahead everything else and I’m really happy with my purchases. I also got a lot of things from artist alley. Like I said, I didn’t go to many panels so I spent most of my time in the dealer’s room, artist alley, avoiding furries, and sitting down to rest my feet. I wanted to keep my sister company too, so I met up with her anytime I wasn’t busy.

Sunday I was in and out of the con really quick. it started to get colder and I had to be home to help my cousin’s girlfriend dye her hair. I had commissioned the awesome Consuelo over at Cogs and Creatures to make me and SD size beanie and t-shirt for my boy doll who had been naked ever since I got his body off layaway. She was super awesome! Anyway I ran in, spent a few more in artist alley then headed off towards North Market. North Market is my favorite place to it. It has the best pizza, pierogi’s and macarons! I just had to take my sister there to taste the awesome food. The guy working the parking lot ticket both was a prick though. He gave us attitude and a hard time because we didn’t get a stamp from inside, saying that we actually parked in the lot to go to North Market. I had forgotten you had to do this as I don’t freakin’ live in Columbus or go to North Market constantly. I would usually walk there anyway. Anyway he gave us attitude about it and was a complete dick. But after all that we were on our way home.

I wish this year had been better, panel and con wise. Last year I did a lot more stuff. I’m hoping to go to Colossalcon this summer so I have no idea if i’ll be able to go to ohayocon next year but we’ll see. I made a quick slideshow of some of the pictures and videos I took at the con. Hope you enjoy!

Until Dawn Review

Published December 15, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

I’ve been watching theRadBrad play Until Dawn. All my opinions are based on the actions he took and how his story played out. Obviously there are some variations because there are multiple endings and things that can happen. Also, of course there are spoilers ahead because I did watch the entire play through, so I will be discussing the ending Brad got.

Basically the story is about a group of college age friends that go to a cabin the woods and proceed to have every horror movie trope ever created bestowed upon them. Now graphics wise, I think the game is completely beautiful. The game play is good too. There’s constant reminders of the controls (Which i think is great) and quick time events that help build the suspense. There are a few jump scares but for the most part watching it all wasn’t that scary. It read mostly like a suspenseful thriller. Story wise, I’m not pleased at all. There were good bits and pieces here and there but when we get around Chapter 8 (total of 10 chapters) we see things come together that do make sense but it throws off other parts.

What I mean is that up until Chapter 8, Josh’s actions make no fucking sense. Okay, his motive’s make sense, yes. But how it ties into everything else…well it doesn’t. Josh’s actions basically read off as shit pulled from the Saw franchise. He captures his friends (under the disguise of a mask) and ties them up and makes them pretend to choose who will die and survive. Chris gets the first task. Ashley and Josh are strapped to these upright tables and a saw blade is coming towards them, aimed for the stomach. Chris is made to choose who will die by changing the saw blade’s direction. Brad chooses to kill Josh which we later find out he didn’t die and used a body dummy to have the blade go through. There is another situation where Chris is made to choose between him and Ashley, who should live or die. Around this part is where we find out that the “killer” (he never actually killed anyone up until this point) is Josh, “playing a trick” on his friends, scaring them to make them feel how his sister Hannah felt when they played the trick on her. Now I won’t go through every story piece as I want to give an overall summary and I hope my readers will watch and/or play the game.

The whole thing with Josh pretending to be a killer and pranking his friends to prove his point and reach his psychotic breakthrough was good, predictable but good. What makes me upset if that his stuff doesn’t fit into the overall picture. It just doesn’t!

Later one we learn about the curse of the Wendigo, how the miners were killed and how Hannah became one, Josh’s stupid little Saw traps make no sense. I honestly think Mike could’ve been the catalyst once he and Jessica were at the separate lodge and the Wendigo took her. I think he could’ve still gone to the sanitarium and did all his exploring and effected the characters so they would still find out about the Wendigo’s. This is the part that pisses me off. It really has no impact on the overall story especially since from the beginning we have the notions of the Indian tribes, the totem, and butterfly effect, as well as the story of the Wendigo. All the folklore and Native Indian aspects could’ve taken the story from point blank, especially since the prank still takes place and Hannah dies (and therefore becomes a Wendigo because she ate her sisters corpse).

I think the game would have still be amazing without Josh’s craziness and wanna be Jigsaw traps. He doesn’t really kill anyone (or for that matter, I don’t think he wanted anyone to die) and he’s just…unstable. I think the creators should have picked one story or the other, either Josh makes everyone do Jigsaw traps and keeps his insanity (extremely cliche and overdone) or they keep the Wendigo story, which I think would be the better choice. Josh’s actions driving the first half of the game could have been easily been replaced by the Wendigo terrorizing and going after the characters.

So we basically get a combination of Saw, The Cabin in the Woods, and The Descent. It would’ve been better if we have like one clear set path as to what is happening instead of a combination of things. I think Josh could’ve been a more prominant figure to the plot as Josh instead of as the “killer” and towards the end his insanity could’ve been pushed over the edge and he could try and get his friends to die by the Wendigo”s by saying basically, “it was all your fault my sisters died.”

Basically the story would’ve been perfectly fine without the dumb Saw traps and setting up Josh that way. Like what if Josh found Hannah had turned into a Wendigo and invited all the friends back to the lodge in order to feed them to Hannah and keep her alive. That would still keep his insanity failing and make the characters run away from a crazy figure. And then of course it would make since for like the friends to distrust him afterwards and you could still get the whole is Josh dead or the new head Wendigo thing. I swear that makes much more sense!

But other than that I think overall the bigger picture and the game play is great. Like I said the graphics, atmosphere, and locations are very nicely done. I especially like how the girls look. The lips are what always got me. I have no idea why but I think each pair of female lips had enough color, fullness, and shine that it made them look extremely realistic. Ashley’s facial design was my favorite honestly. Overall I would like to play the game for myself to make my own decisions but seeing the gameplay that Brad has done and the overall story and such, I’d give it an 8/10. I take points off for the random Josh story that I think could be edited out and I heard Brad say that some of the controls are inverted, as in Up on the D pad would go down, etc (which is the dumbest game mechanic in history I think). I think it’s cool to play things out like a horror movie too!

I’m off to watch Heavy Rain soon since people have said it is similar to this game. Hopefully there’s not a character’s actions that pisses me off as much as Josh 😛

*fun fact: My fave line in the game is “Jesus Hot Sauce Christmas Cake.”

Mortal Kombat X Let’s Play

Published August 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

MK has got to be my fave fighting games franchise. I love gore and MK always delivers with the gore factor. i did a review post a little while back about the fatalities and what i thought about them and i figured I’d actually sit down and watch a lets play finally.

Im not a fan of the factions exactly since i dont like playing with other people online. LIn Kuei faction is a about the ninjas with Sub Zero. The Black Dragon clan seemed cool but it was just having to deal with Kano and Sonya so i think the name might be misleading. Brotherhood of Shadow looks the coolest just because it has all the dark mages. Special Forces is lammmmmeee. White Lotus is about Raiden and stuff. Never liked Raiden. i think i would def pick the Brotherhood of Shadows since im always an evil villain.

The animation i think is some of the best ive seen from MK.  Shinnok is resuming his war on the elder gods as usual. Opening scene is that of like a war torn earth realm with freaky ass creatures killing humans. The gore is so beautiful. Sonya and Johnny Cage look like they’re being decent together for now. I swear they hate fucked like Bulma and Vegeta and that’s the reason Cassie was made. Kenshi is helping with this special task stuff and Scorpion decides to kill some bitches. He does his signature GET OVER HERE and Johnny catches chain!!Whoa!I’m so proud of him. He’s not a lame ass little shit haha.

Hes doing a great job handling Scorpion even though you technically start controlling Johnny. Sub Zero suddenly shows up and freezes two guys heads then smashes them together creating a waterfall of frozen gore. IT GAVE ME SO MUCH LIFEEEEEEE. I love it! Though I kind of hope Johnny is dreaming because he just did a split and punched Sub Zero in the nuts. It’s such a Johnny thing but I feel like maybe he’s just dreaming that he’s this good haha. I don’t trust it. The plan crash lands after Kenshi and Johnny kick the Ninjas out. First match up Johnny vs Scorp. let’s do this.

I mean we obviously know who wins since it’s part of the story So I’ll just focus more on my opinions of the story and what’s going on. These are kind of quick reviews and comments mostly. it’s hard to discuss a fighting game really. After the fight Johnny tries to go to the plane and get Sonya  out before it explodes but Sub Zero freezes Johnny a bit. He’s able to get out of it before SZ shoves his ice sword right through him. This cues the second match. Kenshi manages to get Sonya out and Johnny seems genuinely concerned. it’s kinda cute! Switch to the Raiden fighting a bunch of weird as crazy creatures. I mean what else is new. Raiden is fighting with someone but I can’t tell who. There are so many characters it’s kind of hard to keep track of the non main ones. Welp his name is Fujin so there’s that. Not sure if he’s playable or not. But all of a sudden Quan Chi interrupts the match. I looooveee Quan Chi. But omg he’s resurrected Kabal. Oh god my baby is a zombie. I’m so sad now. I love Kabal more then Quan Chi. He was my Absolute favorite in MK9. I’m so upset. I hope theres a way to save him somehow. Somehow Jax is working for the evil side or something? He got a total reboot in his design and looks pretty evil. Johnny was the first to recognize him. And then i think Nightwolf comes from a random portal? I think it’s just because they’re resurrecting all the dead people. Smoke is there too. I’m wondering since in the very beginning they said that the last tournament which im assuming was MK9 took place a few years ago this is the beginning part of the story and none of the kids are born yet. Which would explain why Johnny doesnt have his gray hair yet.

Evil jax attacks Sonya and Johnny steps in to save her, so we’re doing Johnny’s part first. I wonder how they get saved then? Like saved enough to have children? Jax has Jacqui so…what happened???Johnny leaves the battle saying “were gonna fix you someday” what does that mean??? I’m so confused and curious. Kenshi is doing something weird with his Sento or whatever. They open another weird portal and go in while Raiden and Fujin fight Kabal and the others. Suddenly shinnok appears with his cool ass skeleton hands and what not. After some fighting  Shinnok throws Raiden and Fujin into this weird room and Fujin is like Dont touch the Jinsei??? I think that’s what it was called. I’ll probably just call it Ginseng. Just Shinnok is sicking up Raiden into some talisman Johnny, Sonya, and Kenshi stop him. Sonya again gets hurt by Shinnok and Johnny jumps in front of her to take a power blow for her. Um…when did Sonya become so useless? She can take care of her own self… I mean Johnny is being super cute and caring but still. Now Johnny fights Shinnok. Johnny kicks the amulet back to Raiden who uses it to suck up Shinnok. Again why is Sonya so weak????? She isn’t that weak, This is kinda annoying.

Raiden and Fujin go to deal with the other Elder Gods in regards to Shinnok being in the talisman while Johnny’s all smiles because Sonya called him by his name. Awwww. Oh and Now we get our answer! Johnny was telling the story  about the past in the future! And Cassie’s there now with Jacqui, Jin and Takeda! Aww the gangs all here! Takeda giving Jacqui alllll kinds of bedroom eyes. They’re so precious together! The kids first mission is to go to the Lin Kuei temple to check on SZ. Welppp onto part 2!

Thoughts on FNAF 4 (Spoilers)

Published August 6, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

Thoughts and Gameplay:

Ok, I’m upset. I’m late to the party. I had no idea that FNAF was released towards the end of july. I mean I was under the impression that it was going to be released on Halloween but I should’ve known better. Scott Cawthorn never releases things on the release date. Instead the entire game was released and a DLC will be available on Halloween (or in Cawthorn time, next week). I watched Markiplier play every FNAF sequel (I played the first one entirely on my own). And while I don’t like Markiplier, because I feel he yells too much and is super loud and makes unnecessary noises, he usually gets the FNAF before everyone else because he’s a top gaming Tuber. So I dealt with his annoying tendencies and watched all 8 parts of his playthough…after midnight…with the lights off and headphones in. Yeah, i’m pretty badass.

I do have to say that right before i found out that FNAF 4 had been released I had a nightmare about the game. I dreamt that i was in the FNAF 4 house and and had all those damn animatronics chasing me. I am afraid on animatronics, furries and mascots in general (yes it’s stupid for me to play FNAF but whatever) and this dream was based off of what I had seen in the FNAF 4 trailer when it was first released. So odd premonition or something.

Anyway I’ve got to say that this game was fairly interesting. It kept the basic mechanics of the original games but with a little bit of added movement. The child protagonist can run across the room and shut doors, where as in the original games you just pressed buttons on the flashlight or to close doors and check cameras. There are no cameras in this game, only audio cues. This makes it I think much more difficult as it is not always easy to hear the sounds. This game is one that you HAVE to play with the headphones on. It’s the only way you’ll be able to hear the cues. I had the headphones in and I could barely hear the cues, even when Mark was being quiet. It might be different if I had played the game myself but holy hell that is not on my agenda at all. I think this game would just accelerate my anxiety to the max. Even when I felt like”got used” to the jumpscares (after watching 5 6 episodes in a row) most of them still caught me off guard. There’s a lot more anticipation because you have to listen closely. When I played the first FNAF I would see Bonnie or Chica already close by and you had time to flash the light and then close the door. Here, you dont. If you flash the light at an inappropriate time and keep the door open, you die. Even if it’s just a fraction of a second. If you open the door before the animatronic has fully walked away, you die. If you don’t check the bed behind you fast enough you die. it’s really tough.

Setup and Animatronics: The set up of the game itself is similar to the originals but more so closely related to FNAF2 as there is two doors on the side (similar to the vents) and a closet (similar to the main hallway). The two doors lead out into the hallways where the animatronics come from. Flashing the light on them while they are far enough can push them back and make them retreat around the corner buying you some time. The closet is fairly simple as well. it has mini jumpscares with Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare. I’ve mostly seen it with Foxy as when you get to the closet door and shine you light on it the head will pop out. This does not kill you however, especially if you shut the doors fast enough. It’s simple and fairly easy to catch it from what I’ve seen. But it will still surprise you. The bed is behind you so every once in awhile you’ll have to look back and shine the flashlight on it. 1-3 small nightmare freddys will appear before the already stationary Freddy plush that sits a top the bed. Waving your flashlight over them will make them disperse. However if you dont then Nightmare Freddy will seemingly manifest from the bed and kill you. And yes there are three Freddy’s in this game. Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Fredbear, and Nightmare. Nightmare Freddy seems to be the easiest to ward off since you just have to check the bed periodically and keep the smaller Freddies at bay. Mark himself never got the death scene from Nightmare Freddy. Nightmare Freddy also has two different jumpscares, one where he comes from the bed itself and another where he appears in front of the protag like the other animatronics.

Nightmare Bonnie: Oh the devil rabbit is back. He’s actually the most tame looking of the 6 main animatronics. His teeth are sharpened and most of his internal skeleton is exposed. Every animatronics however has the sharp claws and teeth, their internal skeletons are all at various stages of decay. Bonnie appears in the Left Hall only and can jumpscare the player from the door or in the middle of the room. His cues are breathing and footsteps. If breathing is heard you must keep the door shut for around 3-5 seconds or until the footsteps are heard signaling that Bonnie has walked away. If you open the door too quickly then the jumpscare will happen. Bonnie can delayed by flashing the light if he’s at the end of the hall. He becomes inactive on Night 5 and does not appear.

Nightmare Chica:

Stupid chicken. Honestly I think the bulk of the scares-like what really gets the nightmare fuel going relies heavily on Nightmare, Foxy, and Fredbear. Though Chica and Bonnies jumpscares happen more often if you mess up in the slightest than it could be game over. The teeth is what really get me about Chica. They’re almost on the same level as Fredbear and Nightmare. As usual she acts the same way as Bonnie but on the other side. Chica is the only animatronic to have a completely different jumpscare in that her cupcake actually does the second jumpscare. This is the first time that the cupcake has been an attacker, this is probably because we are playing from the child’s perspective and he finds everything about the animatronics scary, including her cupcake.

Cupcake Jumpscare

Nightmare Foxy:

Nightmare Foxy can be fairly easy to avoid as long as you get to the closet in time. he becomes active in Night 2 and can be seen on either right or left hall but most of his attacks comes from when he sneaks into the closet. I have only ever seen his jumpscare from the closet but I’m assuming that he can attack from the hallways as well. If you neglect to check the closet enough then he will jumpscare you. When you initially go to the closet his face will pop out resulting in a mini jumpscare. This doesn’t end the game however. You must keep the closet doors shut until his body retreats, usually if you see he hook or he has returned to his plushie state then you are good to go. His hiding is similar to that of when he hid in Pirate Cove. Apparantly you can summon Foxy as stated in the Wiki.

  1. “Nightmare Foxy is the only animatronic in the series that can specifically be summoned by the player. This is done by clicking the nose of the Freddy Plushie on the bed some number of times greater than 20.”

Though I have no idea why you would even want to summon him. You can also easily hear him getting into the room as there are footsteps and the creaking of the closet door as he goes in. At this point you would have to check the closet and close the doors.

Nightmare Fredbear/Nightmare:

As you can see Fredbear and Nightmare are very similar in design. It can almost be treated as a palette swap. Fredbear appears in Night 5 and 6 after 4 am, replacing the other animatronics. When he laughs (there are about several different laughs that he also shares with Nightmare) then that means he will appear on the bed or in the closet and will attack from there if the flashlight isn’t shown or the closet doors aren’t closed, respectively. He can also attack from the right or left hall and the player will have to listen closely to figure out which direction he’s coming from. Nightmare appears in Night 6 and 20/20/20/20 mode from 4 am on, replacing the other animatronics, including Fredbear during 4-20 mode. The difference is that instead of being down the hall like the other animatronics he will appear right outside the door in the players face which will most definitely scare the shit out of you at least once.

Appearing in the left Hall

A face only a mother could love

Nightmare also doesn’t have a jumpscare where he lunges at the player like the other animatronics. A picture just sort of appears followed by a static like “scream”.


This has got to be I think one of my favorite installments from the franchise. Seeing as how we went from very 2D like Bonnies and Chicas in the doors of FNAF1 to literal 3D jumpscares and better designs and animations i think it’s safe to say that FNAF has come a long way in just a short year. I think that this one is more terrifying since it’s seen from the perspective of an abused child. The timeline of the games seem to go 4,2,1,3, with this final installment being the first one. there is a lot of speculation that the minigames where you move the crying child around his home and what could be Fredbear’s Family Dinner (though it looks more similar to Freddy Fazbear’s pizzaeria) tells the story of the ‘Bite of 87’ Though in the minigames, or rather pseudo cutscenes there is a TV. Clicking enter repeatedly will my an advertisement appear showing Freddy and Friends 1983. A lot of people thought that this meant that this took place in 83 but it could also just be an old advertisement as well from 4 years earlier. it would make much more since that this was during ’87 since we see the actual bite taking place. this video explains that perhaps the bite actually took place in the Establishment know as Fredbear’s Family Dinner and then it was rebranded to try and cover up the bit incident by renaming it Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. We also have reasons to believe that the child is either dreaming or in a coma because of the damage done to him by  the bite. Periodically you can see an IV bag, a bottle of pills, and flowers near the bed symbolizing recovering from the injuring. The Game Theorists believe that this couldn’t possibly happen because the damage to the front lobe would be so severe. Honestly I think he’s going to much into the science side and not appreciating the fact that this is a GAME. Horror games are meant for all kinds of speculation, things don’t also have to be concrete. In short, bruh, it ain’t that serious. And to be quite honest I’m fine leaving it up to speculation. let’s enjoy the ride, the four games we have and leave it all up to mystery. isn’t that what makes it so fun in the first place?

The Last of Us Let’s Play [Part 52/53/54]

Published July 17, 2015 by makeuponatightbudget

This is it guys, the final leg. We’re gonna end this game soon. I’m not really excited for it to end. Like I’m not sure if I want it to. Though this does mean I can finally watch the DLC even though it’s kind of a prequel to the events in the story.

But they have to get away from this underground area where the bloaters were. There’s some deep water so you know the drill. Well ok this time we have to get her a ladder to climb over a truck and then theres a shallow edge where Ellie can walk. ran into another jammed gated door so we lift Ellie up so she can open the door from the inside but there was a fucking clicker in there! Shit that was scary, It happened so fast. I heard it but I didn’t know where it was. But we are close to the hospital. Super close actually. There are fishes in the water XD I love how animals survive here. And it’s also a little weird that the giraffes that we saw weren’t infected. Usually in other zombie movies the animals can get infected. There was like a few minutes of exploring just to get a palette. Goddamit. Ellie got a ladder for Joel but it broke off the wall and joel had to find another way to get up top to wherever the hell theyre trying to go. I know they’re trying to get out this weird building, factory, plant thing. This whole place is flooded though but there are like trucks and stuff to climb on so Ellie can past through easily. They walk across an old buss though and joel falls through. I’m hoping they don’t get separated but Joel always has to find a way around things and he’s always falling. He fell and got hurt, fell off a bunch of ladders, fell through stuff. Get it together Joel. Damn.

The current is too strong and the bus ends up like tipping over so now Ellie is underwater. She passes out really quick so maybe she hurt herself when the bus tipped over. So Joel tries to do CPR on her and some fucking douchebags knock him out. Like they appeared out of no where with guns, you see him trying to save this kid like what are you doing. He didn’t care about attacking your dumbass he was trying to save his almost daughter. God i fucking hate the people in this game.

Joel wakes up next to some lady. they’re at the Firefly lab finally. Ellie is ok. And they’re trying to-whoa wait, Ellie is going into surgery??? What the fuck!?! Theyre trying to get the growth inside her brain to do the vaccine but they’re gonna kill her doing the surgery!!! OMG. I CANNOT HANDLE THIS

No, she can’t fucking die. Whoa this lady knew Ellie since she was born. She was a friend of Ellie’s mother. Now this lady tells Joel-wait is this Marlene, or whatever her name is. I think so. She looked a little different so I didn’t know. I didn’t realize she was also going to travel to the Firefly place since she sent Joel and tess to do it. Woooooo Joel just shot some guy in the dick!!! God I’m dying. That was fucking great. Or wait it might’ve been his stomach but I’m going to pretend it was his dick. It was close to the crotch. Now the other people in the lab heard the gunshots and Joel has to try and get to the surgery room because he wants to find Ellie, but now the rest of the, I assume Fireflies, are trying to get Joel and kill him.

Just a bunch of shooting and evading. SO eventually we clear the area for the most part and keep on trying to head to the top floor. The flamethrower has got to be my fave weapon though.

Joel manages to get away and block off the area with a chair. He went in a stairwell with double doors, so hopefully that will hold them off. Headed towards surgery and still fighting guys, not much to comment on. Entered the pediatric wing. We see them! We’re in the room with Ellie. Ok now stuff is going down. Joel is trying to get close to Ellie but he just kind of shoot everyone lol. Maybe you were supposed to. The doctor was holding a scalpel to Joel and wouldn’t let him pass and nothing else was going down. He picks Ellie up from the operating table and is carrying her. He wants to save her so bad. God the sad music is not fucking helping. I’m already tearing up. God I hope he makes it. He’s in an elevator now. FUCK!!